Harem Life of the Former Monk
-2 Characters Descriptions:
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Harem Life of the Former Monk
Author :airam_aerdna_eyahk
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-2 Characters Descriptions:

Yamamoto Sato (MC's Mother)

– A bespectacled beautiful woman in her early thirties with an oval shaped head and short black hair, although in her thirties, she looks like in her late twenties….. Perfect for a MILF material with a huge and elastic rack without a hint of sagginess

*Character Reference: Body of Rangiku Matsumoto with the face of Rukia Kuchiki (Both Bleach)

Tachibana Reiko (MC's Teacher/Class Adviser)

– A woman in her early twenties with a pretty, delicate face and a head of long ash brown hair, she was tall, had slender and beautiful long legs, was young and had smooth and beautiful skin, like a goddess who lived in the moon. Her chest was huge, firm and perky, especially her T H I C C thighs plus her jade-white pair of long and slender legs that they made up more than half of her height.

*Character Reference: Body of Moka Akashiya (Rosario + Vampire) and Inoue Orihime (Bleach)

P.S. her face and hair style is similar to Orihime. And Reiko is a little bit naïve something like pure, innocent and klutz… who knows nothing about sex and stuff…

Yamamoto Azu / Chun Qingyu (The MC)

– A grade schooler with a head of short navy blue hair, sharp eyebrows and nose, his physique is very average for the same grade and age… he wore glasses before the pervert monk Chun Qingyu transmigrate into his body..

P.S. As for the detailed description of his body and face and stuff like that i leave it too your imagination as i still don't have any idea but we'll see as the story goes on...

For example, if i describe the MC as a good-looking boy, you have your own perception of handsomeness so i don't have to make it clear and just leave it to you guys, as the reader....

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    《Harem Life of the Former Monk》