Harem Life of the Former Monk
1 New Beginning
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Harem Life of the Former Monk
Author :airam_aerdna_eyahk
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1 New Beginning

"Waaaaaa....Aaaaaaahhh...Haaaaaa!!!" with the sudden fall in his dream he woke up, opening his eyes gazing up at the ceiling, you can clearly see a hint of astonishment in his eyes...

"Where i am?" looking at the unfamiliar room he clearly remember that he died on the plane.

"Is this a dream?" He shift his vision on his left corner of the room he saw a full length mirror, walking to the front of the mirror from the bed, looking down he now then realize that his steps are small, now looking at mirror in front of him he could not believe what he sees.

He looked like a grade schooler around 10 years old or something, he thought that he must be dreaming so he tried to punch his face.

"Owwwwwww!!!" he screamed, It really hurts a lot, he really could't believe that he is inside of a grade schooler's body.

He's recalling the events of what happened on the plane when the door opened.


A bespectacled woman in her early thirties with an oval shaped head and short black hair (similar to Rangiku and Rukia + glasses) perfect MILF material for those who have glasses fetishism.

"WOAH! HUGE TITS!" they're GIGANTIC he exclaimed.

"What did you say, YOUNG MAN?!" while pinching the cheeks of Qingyu.

"Anyway..... Have you done your daily practice?"

'huh? what's that daily practice and who's that Azu? is that me?'


Chun Qingyu's on the study table while that busty lady is monitoring him...

"I'll check that answers for you so, hurry up and get them done."


Whatever, they're just questions for grade schoolers anyway, i'll just get them done quickly he thought.

'Huh?.....What The.... These questions are hard...! Crap i don't even know what it's asking... Damn It... These must be questions for some special exam!'

"Are you done?" the busty lady ask, while drinking some water in a plastic bottle.

"Y---Yeah, I think" he answered looking discomfort while scratching the back of his head.

The lady looked at his papers, she furrowed her brows and blurted, "What?! This is a simple trick

question! I can't believe you fell for it!.... DO it again! you're not getting any sleep until you get it all right."

"Uuuugh?! What?!" Damn It...


By the next moring... a quarter before 8.

"Azu! do you realize what time it is right now?! Wake Up already!"

"You're going to be late!"

"A-aaaah, yes!" Qingyu, seeing his note books wet, probably because he's drooling while he's sleeping, realizing that he fall asleep while trying to answer all the question that was given to him.


*While walking up going to school...

'Uughh, Yaaawn~, I'm so sleepy... I kept doing it until it was 2 in the morning...'

"Goodmorning Azu!"

"Oh dear, you've got dark circles under your eyes" A woman with an ash brown hair in her early twenties walked to Azu, she was tall, had long legs, was young and beautiful, Her chest was firm and perky and it was tightly covered by a shallow pink dress shirt with a gray cardigan, holding them high and tight it was eye-catching indeed.

'Woah! she's so cute, she's got huge tits too!!'

"Goodmorning Tachibana-sensei" As some of the students passed by, they greeted the beautiful lady

'! Tachibana-sensei?'

"Ah... Yes I've been studying all night" he answered.

"Oh dear, Don't push yourself too hard." replying back with gentleness and care.
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    《Harem Life of the Former Monk》