Harem Life of the Former Monk
2 Understanding Situations
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Harem Life of the Former Monk
Author :airam_aerdna_eyahk
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2 Understanding Situations

*Inside the classroom

Seeing that the beautiful lady from earlier is his homeroom teacher he cannot wish for more....

Qingyu being lost in his thoughts while partially listening, he's staring up in the calm blue sky through the window when a ball suddenly passed through the window, directly hitting him, making him fell from his chair…

With his experience being trained in martial arts from a young age, he instinctively feel the incoming threat, with his keen eyesight he saw the incoming ball, but the thing is, his body cannot keep up with his mind making him slow to react…

"Fwuuuaaagghghh, owwww" he screamed.

'Shit, this body is really weak as hell'

"Ohhh my, dear are you okay?" her adviser, Tachibana-sensei run towards him, after being disrupt by the scream seeing the boy crying out in pain while on the floor..

He now became the center of the whole class's attention, meanwhile, his neighboring classmate helped him to stand up, Tachibana-sensei who run towards him slightly bend her knees to check his face, arms, and limbs to see if there's any bruise…

"Dear are you really alright? Why don't we go to the infirmary so you can rest?" Tachibana-sensei said worriedly

"No it's fine, I'm alright, and the ball just hit my face."

'Whoa!, Her, bending her knees just to keep up with the same height level as me, I can see it from this angle' she sure have a proper nourishment since you can see the evidence, in front of him, he caught a glimpse on those two rosy white colored humongous mound.

"We can't let your head unchecked as it is connected to your brain, especially that you're our top student, your mom will worry." she said jokingly as she spoke while suppressing her an anxious tone.

"O—okay" I agreed as I have nothing to do inside the classroom.


*In the infirmary

The nurse is here, she went to a nearby drug store to restock some ointments, gauze pads, alcohols, medicines, etc…

I am current sitting in the bed while Tachibana-sensei is in the classroom to give some seat-work before she go back here to attend me here.


The door opened, i see Tachibana-sensei walking up to me from the door. seeing me just sitting around, she present herself to check my head she went behind me, then, I suddenly feel some gigantic pressure.

'Whoa! those pair of mounds is pressing against my head, it feels like I'm really carrying a mountain, hmmmm, but at the same time it feels good, ahhhh.'

'I can't be the only one who feels good'

"ACHOOOO!" he sneezed, making his head propel to her bewbs, controlling in which area the force is pressed, he can't wait to see the result.


"Sorry Tachibana-sensei I can't hold my sneeze" his eyes glint while saying that.

"No, it's okaaay"

'Uhhhn, my chest suddenly feels tighter, I want to squeeze them right now, but i can't, my student is here beside me'

Qingyu can clearly tell from the expression of Tachibana-sensei that she's slightly aroused. he's now imagining her masturbating in the bed while playing with her pussy pushing her finger in and out, licking her tits...but his thoughts are disrupted by the sudden voice...

"Aaaa-anyways, are alright now? It's good that there's no bruise or any injury on your head, what do you feel right now?" Tachibana-sensei asked.

"I feel horny." I subconsciously replied.

'Shit, WHAT THE FUCK! I really told her that I'm feeling horny, Damn It!'

Hearing his reply, Tachibana-sensei flustered as she thought. 'What The Heck, that boy really knows some vulgar words'

Qingyu not waiting for her reply, he immediately ran out from the room planning to go home.


*In his room

Qingyu laying down on his bed, pondering if he is really alive or it is just an illusion. Seeing that there's no point pondering about it, he tried to recall the memories of the previous owner of his body...seeing that he cannot recall any information and details, he tried to search in his room.

Bingo! Hahaha... I found a journal like notebook... but it is not really a diary, it's just like a log book where he vent out his emotion.

'xx day, xx month; even though i score 92 in math test, mom wasn't happy with it'

'y day, x month; dad came home today, I'm so happy to see him... even though I scored 74 in my exams mom was happy and praised me'

'x day, y month; it's been 5 months since dad left for work... and even though I've only got 2 mistakes in my exam, mom still scold me'

'xx day, yy month; I cannot take it anymore, I mixed the Clorox and Hydrochloric Acid i found in the bathroom when I clean it last time....

'xy day, yx month; I've decided that this will be the last time I'm writing because I will drink the poison i created last time, and i am resolved to do this.'


Woah! That's something, i did not know that this boy is something, who would

Have thought of committing suicide by drinking a mixed Clorox and Hydrochloric Acid...

Damn that sure hurts... I would rather kill myself than commit suicide (just kidding)

Then, if I'm not wrong the moment i woke up in this body is obviously the same time he died.

So this is not an illusion.... FUCK! I'm really in japan, and I've become a kid...

Anyways, aside from that... He he he... her mother surely needs some medication... I know this symptoms... this will be fun.
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    《Harem Life of the Former Monk》