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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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42 Auction 1

The day of the auction...

The streets of the Clear Sky City was busy this day. Several carriages and people were lined up in the front gate of the Emerald Lotus Auction House. Several figures that came from different sects, city and family are here to attend the auction.

"Your highness eldest princess, please follow me and I will escort you to your room" said by a middle aged man with a mustache. He was the general manager of the auction house and the one in charge of receiving the VIP's. Earlier he received a report from a guard in the front gate that the eldest princess of the empire was here to attend. He immediately left what he was doing and came running here to receive the princess.

"I guess we separate here for now" the city lord said as he left with his daughter. They have their own separate room that's why he leave them.

The princess ignore the city lord while Bai Shen nodded to him. Yun Yi, Bai Shen and Bai Mei then follow the general manager inside the auction house.

When the three arrive at their room, the general manager bid farewell to them. Their room was huge and decorated luxuriously. There were maids inside ready to serve them whatever they wanted. There were several chairs inside facing towards a huge platform. Bai Shen could feel the Qi of the people in the auction house.


Inside one of the VIP room, a huge man with a scar across his face was sitting while beside him was a fat man.

"Brother I saw the b!tch earlier, she was accompanied by the general manager of the auction house inside and there was other two person with her" the fat man was Bu Chang who Bai Mei encountered in a store days earlier.

"Brother it seems that woman came from a known family to be personally escorted inside by the general manager" Bu Chang said, "Do we still continue our plan brother?"

"It looks like you're underestimating our power and connection too much. Even if she have a powerful backing behind her, that will not stop us on taking revenge on her as she kill our men. Do you think I, Bu Ya is scared of them?" the huge man with a scar on his face said. He looks like a savage beasts that was hungry for a kill.

Bu Chang smile widely when he heard what his brother just said and say to him, "Brother you're right, there is no need for us to be scared because we have the Black Sky Organization behind us" with a laugh at the end, Bu Chang started to imagine the things he will do when his hands were on that woman.


In a another VIP room in the auction house, a handsome young man was surrounded by beautiful maids who was feeding him fresh fruits. In another seat just beside him was an old man wearing blue robes with lightning pattern on it.

"Elder Zu, why did you suddenly decided to attend this auction. Didn't you said that we're in a hurry towards the capital, so why stop here?" the young man said while he make the maids go away.

"Well, I just wanted to see if there is anything here that will take my interests. Maybe we could even find some items that will be useful for us" the old man said with his eyes closed.

The young man just stare at the old man and shrug his shoulder and return to what he was doing earlier. The two of them came from the Thunder Dragon Sect, they travel here to attend the tournament which will be held at the capital. Being a core member of the sect, he was assign as one of their participants along side with the other two core disciple.


Time slowly passed and the auction house is almost full of people who was ready to participate, while the other were just to watch. Bai Shen was already getting bored of waiting when suddenly a beautiful music rang out taking his attention.

"Is it gonna start now?" Bai Shen said as he look at the platform. Then he saw a beautiful lady gracefully walk up to the platform. She was wearing a red dress with short skirts which expose her long and slender white legs which attracted the gazes of several men including Bai Shen.

The two women beside Bai Shen furrowed their eyebrows when they saw him staring hungrily at the woman on the platform. The two stretch out their hands and pinch Bai Shen at both sides which make him cry in pain.

"If I can have her as my wife, I am willing to exchange all of my wealth just to have her" a fat man wearing golden clothes and accessories said.

"Pahh!! Even if you exchange your wealth, you must still ask her if she will agree" another man spat venomously at the fat man, "Did you ever look at yourself? With that fat body of yours, can you even see your little brother when you look down!?"

"FVCK YOU!! Look at yourself, do you think with that old and dry body of yours you can still move in the bed. I believe that even a dry tree was much more sturdier than you" the fat man retorted angrily.

"Ahhh, I'm willing to cut ten years of my life just to have one night with her" an old man said while daydreaming.

"Fvck this old man!! What cut ten years of your life? I say there is not even a week remaining in that old life of yours. Will you please just die quietly in some corners" the fat man and the dry man said to the old man.

"Welcome to Emerald Lotus Auction House, I, Li Na will be the auctioneer for tonight auction. Tonight there will be many items and treasure to auction, I hope they will draw your attentions" the lady named Li Na said while looking at the people at the seats.

"Now without wasting any time, let's start the tonight auction. The first item for today's auction is a rare Earth System book. We already inspected it and there was a total of 4 abilities inside which specializes in defense" Looking at faces of people who were eager for this book, Li Na smile, then a staff walk over behind her holding a small box in his hands. He gave the box to Red Lady and withdrew.

"Everyone, inside this box is the Earth System book" Li Na open the box and showed a dusty brown book inside and said, "The starting bid for this book is 1,000 gold coins, and every bid should be increased by at least 500 Gold coins. Let the bidding begin"
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