Magic Industry Empire
Chapter 65
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Magic Industry Empire
Author :Eight O'Clock At Night 晚间八点档
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Chapter 65

You can only want it if I give it to you

Thoughts passed through Wella’s mind before she quickly bent down, hiding her body behind a small tree.

Her magic activated and used two small Wind Gathering Spells by her ears, allowing her to hear the sound of Rem and Cimirot’s discussion.

“Give me a bit more time.” She first heard the familiar voice of Rem, “I have basically won their trust right now and recently Evita has given me some important projects, so I already have quite a bit of important material in my hands. As long as you give me some more time, I can definitely get the most important technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

When she heard the last sentence, Wella’s heart turned cold.

What did Rem want to do?

He wanted to take the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s most important technology and then what did he want to do?

Based on his tone, it clearly wasn’t anything good.

“The problem is that you’ve already had enough time.” This time it was Cimirot who spoke, “Rem, you’ve already been at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for two months? But in these two months, you didn’t do anything and didn’t bring out anything useful. I can wait, but the people behind me can’t. Do you know how many times those important people have urged me on?”

“I know.” Rem’s voice sounded a bit difficult, “But Cimirot, you should know that technology is the most important thing at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they clearly place importance on it. I haven’t entered the research lab for long and I’ve just gained their trust, so it’s good that I can even get any technology out. If you want it, you need to be a bit more patient.”

Cimirot was silent for a bit before suddenly saying, “Rem, it can’t be that after working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for a while, your heart has changed and you’re now loyal to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce? Don’t forget, I still have the things you took from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce last time. You should be clear that if I were to announce these things, you know what kind of consequences you’ll face.”

Faced with this bare threat, Rem was silent even longer before saying with a sigh, “Relax, I already have no path of retreat. If I can’t beat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, everything I’ve done has no meaning. But Cimirot, are you certain that as long as you can get the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s technology, you can make better magic machines?”

“Why not?” Cimirot asked back, “Don’t forget, we had no experience before and we could still make the Magic Fans for the Leo Chamber of Commerce. Now that we have the technological foundation of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, of course we can make better magic machines.”

Wella saw from the distance that Rem seemed to be shaking his head, “I have already been at the research lab for two months and I’ve found that everything is related to Xu Yi. Without him, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can’t develop all those magic machines, or make magic machines with such good quality. So I feel that even if we obtain this technology, at best we can only make copies of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines.”

“No courage!” Cimirot scolded in a low roar, “Rem, could it be that you’re admitting defeat? Don’t you feel anything after having Wella being stolen away by Xu Yi? Or do you plan on never lifting your head in front of Wella ever again? Ah?”

Wella eavesdropping on them was stunned.

Why did the topic suddenly come to her? Moreover, what was he saying by “stolen away by Xu Yi”?

This was simply nonsense!

Rem was silent for a bit before slowly nodding, as if making up his mind.

“Alright, I understand. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is currently developing an important piece of technology, so wait for my good news. When I obtain this technology, we’ll use it to develop the magic machine before them and use it to suppress the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Rem gave a cold laugh, “Humph, when the time comes, I want to see if that fellow Xu Yi can maintain that loathsome smile.”

“That’s more like it.” Cimirot patted Rem’s shoulder, “Good, let’s leave it like this for now. We shouldn’t be together for long, it’ll be easy for people to find out. Speaking of, Rem, you chose to meet by Wella’s village, you still haven’t given up on her. You aren’t afraid that if Wella sees us together, she will become suspicious?”

“She won’t see us. She should be playing with a friend somewhere else, she won’t be home.” Rem said.

Wella was stunned before remembering what happened. When she said that she was taking today off, Rem had heard it and asked her for the reason. She was worried that Rem would want to come together with her, so she didn’t want to tell Rem the truth and told him that she was going out with a friend.

She never thought that Rem believed her and secretly met with Cimirot here, allowing Wella to accidentally discover the secret between them.

Cimirot and Rem talked about a few more things before Cimirot left first.

Rem looked at Wella’s village for a while before turning to leave.

Wella slowly stood up as she watched Rem leaving with eyes filled with rage.

When she split up with Rem, the reason was because his personality had greatly changed after he came back. He was no longer as confident and open as back at the Camilla Magic Tower, rather he had become silent and timid. He didn’t have any opinions and was a small man that always tried to flatter others.

Wella hated this kind of personality very much, so she finally couldn’t help deciding to break up with Rem.

But she never thought that Rem joining the Frestech Chamber of Commerce this time was for another goal!

Thinking about how pitiful Rem looked before when he said that he had no place to go, so he wanted her to help him talk to Xu Yi and let him join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Wella was filled with disgust.

Everyone said that people would change, but she never expected that Rem would become someone like this!

“No, I have to immediately tell Xu Yi!” After her anger passed, Wella woke up. She had tell Xu Yi about this important matter.

If they didn’t put up their guard and allowed Rem to steal the company’s important technology, it would create a large loss for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If this really happened, it would mean that the person who introduced Rem to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would have made a large mistake, which was Wella.

When Wella was about to tell her parents that she had to leave, there were rustling sounds from a tree not far away from Wella as a person jumped out.

Wella was stunned, surprised to see this person suddenly jumping out. She revolved her magic and a fireball gathered in her hands.

“Young miss Wella, please stop!” That person waved his hand and shouted to Wella, “I am a reporter from the «Banta Times», I’m not your enemy!”

“A reporter from the «Banta Times»?” Wella was stunned before instantly reacting, “You were just following the two of them?”

Thinking of this, Wella’s expression couldn’t help changing.

If this person really was a reporter from the «Banta Times» and he was following Rem and Cimirot, that meant that Rem and Cimirot meeting in secret had already been noticed by the «Banta Times»

When thinking of Xu Yi’s relationship to the «Banta Times», Wella’s expression became even more ugly.


“Ha, ha, Wella, you don’t need to have such an ugly expression.” Xu Yi laughed as he pointed at the chair in front of him, signalling to Wella to sit down, “Your guess is right, I had already found the problem with Rem. So I entrusted the friends from the «Banta Times» to help me watch him. I never thought that you would actually accidentally encounter Rem and Cimirot meeting. What do you think about this matter?”

Wella saw the relaxed Xu Yi and thought that Xu Yi had already noticed this, as well as preparing to deal with it.

It was no wonder that after the reporter from the «Banta Times» found her, he took the initiative to come out to tell her that he hoped she wouldn’t confront Rem because Xu Yi had other preparations.

“What do I think?” Wella thought about it before saying with a serious face, “Chairman, Rem has stolen the important secrets of our company and according to our company’s rules, I advise you to immediately fire him.”

“Fire?” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He signaled to the reporter from the «Banta Times» that brought Wella here and that reporter tactfully retreated.

Seeing that it was only him and Wella left in the room, Xu Yi gave a sigh.

“Wella, although I understand that you want to protect Rem…..”

“Wait, when did I want to protect Rem?” Wella cut Xu Yi off in surprise.

Xu Yi looked at her and said with a faint smile, “If you don’t want to protect him, why do you want me to fire him? Wella, could it be that for the things he’s done, just a simple firing would be enough?”

Wella was stunned, but after thinking about it, she found that Xu Yi was right.

They were certain that Rem was working with Cimirot to steal the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s secrets and to bring them down.

If they just simply punished him by firing him, it would be too light.

“Then…...chairman, what are you planning to do? Will you follow the contracts that we’ve signed and make him pay compensation?” Wella shook her head, “He won’t be able to take out that much money.”

“He can’t pay it? The people behind him can pay for it.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

Wella knit her brows, “Cimirot isn’t willing to admit that there are people behind them, so how can you get them to pay the compensation?”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “Wella, you still don’t understand. Actually in this matter, Rem is just a small pawn, the main thing is the people behind him and Cimirot. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t willing to pay for Rem, I have many other ways to make them suffer a large loss. This time, I want those fellows to understand that it isn’t a problem if they want to benefit from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I’m even willing to share many things to let everyone benefit. But there is something they have to understand, which is that they can only want it if I’m willing to give it. If I don’t give it, you can’t steal or try to snatch it.”

Wella looked at Xu Yi’s smile in a daze, like it was her first time meeting him.
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