Monster Paradise
945 I Didn’t Know Everyone Love Fighting Monster Hordes
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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945 I Didn’t Know Everyone Love Fighting Monster Hordes

With the previous killing experience, Lin Huang's second kill was very successful.

Bloody found the newly refreshed coordinates for the Queen Mother and bug guardians on the Stairway Tree.

Lin Huang used the old way of getting Grimace to open a path with his illusory forcefield.

However, the difference this time was that he crushed a Lucky Card and a Double Reward Card when they arrived two to three kilometers away from the Queen Mother without her even noticing Grimace. He then summoned the Ninetails Lynx directly.

The imperial-level purple gold-rank Ninetails Lynx had an ability that was nothing less than a demigod's. It suppressed everyone as soon as it appeared.

With its suppression, Bloody did not even need to control with its Leech Pods. All of the bugs within a radius of 100 kilometers, including the Queen Mother, could not move at all.

Upon witnessing that, Grimace, who was standing before Lin Huang, could not help but have envy flash through his eyes.

The Ninetails Lynx stepped forward silently and disappeared all of a sudden. Almost at the same time, Lin Huang saw the Bug Tribe Queen Mother and the 12 bug guardians being sliced into pieces.

Before he managed to blink, he noticed that the Ninetails Lynx had returned to his shoulder without him even realizing. It licked its paws with its little pink tongue.

Until then, the Bug Tribe Queen Mother and the 12 bug guardians' sliced bodies began to turn into pieces and faded a few kilometers away. Xiao Hei's notification came into Lin Huang's ears.

"You've obtained Bug Tribe Queen Mother (Mythical-level) Card Pieces x2!

"Congratulations, you've obtained Bug Servant (Pseudo-mythical-level) complete card x12

"Congratulations, you've obtained Bug Tribe Incubator(Mythical-level) x2"

Noticing the bugs becoming chaotic since they lost the Queen Mother, Lin Huang pressed down his urge to look at the Bug Tribe incubator card. He recalled Grimace and Bloody, then said to the Ninetails Lynx, "Bring me back!"

The Ninetails Lynx tapped on Lin Huang's shoulder, and the human and the cat vanished from the hive in the next second.

Without the suppression of the Ninetails Lynx's aura, the bugs that lost their Queen Mother fell into a complete frenzy and rushed out of the hive's exits in madness.

Lin Huang, who had logged out of the Genius Union, sat in the living room of the hotel room and took out the two Bug Tribe incubator cards.

"What the hell are these two cards?" Doubtfully, Lin Huang began studying the cards.

There was a three-dimensional spider web with white cocoons hanging on it on the front of the both of the cards.

He recalled the similar web that connected the two Queen Mother's tails when he saw that.

"So, this isn't a part of the Queen Mother's body…" Initially, Lin Huang thought that the web was part of the Queen Mother's body. Now, it seemed like this item called an incubator existed in the name of the Queen Mother.

Lin Huang turned the card around and began to read the details.

"Special Item Card

"Rarity: Mythical-level

"Item Name: Bug Tribe Incubator

"Incubation Direction: Cold weapon

"Starting Level: Imperial-level Crimson Gold-rank (affected by the owner's combat strength)

"Insertable Data: Various cold weapon battle data

"Starting Skill: Cold Weapon's Gene Extraction, Bug Steps…

"Application Authorization: Passive.

"Card Remarks: Pretty good special item.

"Remarks: Only for the use of the Bug Tribe Queen Mother"

"Special Item Card

"Rarity: Mythical-level

"Item Name: Bug Tribe Incubator

"Incubation Direction: Hot weapon

"Starting Level: Imperial-level Crimson Gold-rank (affected by the owner's combat strength)

"Insertable Data: Various weapon battle data

"Starting Skill: Hold Weapon's Gene Extraction, Bug Steps…

"Application Authorization: Passive

"Card Remarks: Pretty good special item.

"Remarks: Only for the use of the Bug Tribe Queen Mother"

"Only the Bug Tribe Queen Mother can use these? So, I can't activate these two cards before I get the complete Queen Mother card…" Lin Huang was speechless after he finished looking at the card details.

However, he roughly knew what the function of the two cards was. Those were indispensable special items to make a Bug Tribe army. He was determined to hatch Bug Tribe Queen Mothers with this.

Lin Huang only glanced through the 12 Bug Servant cards quickly and put them aside. Together with the 14 that he had obtained earlier, he had 26 pseudo-mythical-level Bug Servant cards now.

Looking at the current progress, he would be able to build a pseudo-mythical-level bug guardian army soon. However, the Bug Tribe Queen Mother's complete card seemed far-fetched at the moment.

Lin Huang put the cards away and pushed his messy thoughts aside. He took out the wooden sword and began practicing his sword skills again.

On the checkpoint 63 of the Stairway Tree, a bug horde broke out again since Lin Huang had killed the Bug Tribe Queen Mother and her bug guardians.

Without the Queen Mother's control, the hundreds of millions of Bug Tribe fighters streamed out of the underground hive like water. They headed down the branches below on checkpoint 63.

In less than an hour, Bug Tribe fighters of various forms took over half of the human foothold.

The people did not panic as they did before since they had experienced the same thing yesterday. They soon formed a defense, blocking the bug horde.

One must say that those who made it to checkpoint 63 of the Stairway Tree were the best of the best in the Genius Union. They had compelling personal ability whereby they basically had the ability to fight fairly with imperial-level black gold-rank powerhouses.

Compared to other checkpoints, the powerhouses on this checkpoint had high self-esteem.

Most people on any checkpoint below this would choose to avoid involving themselves if they encountered a monster horde. Only a minority of them who were desperate for points would stay at night to fight the monster horde.

However, the people on checkpoint 63 were cultivated by major organizations as candidates with the potential to get to the core circle. They did not lack any resources, hence, they were not desperate for points on the Stairway Tree and did things based on personal interest.

To most people on checkpoint 63, a monster horde during the day was something interesting.

One must know that they had never encountered a monster horde during the day since the climb from checkpoints 1 to 63. It was only natural for them to join the fun since this happened out of nowhere.

Many of them who were offline logged in immediately to fight the monster horde after hearing the news of the monster horde breaking out during the day.

Meanwhile, those powerhouses who were caught off guard on the first day of monster horde were in agony. Some of them were killed by the monster horde right away since they were unprepared. They could not even last for a minute and ended up being the laughing stock of their organization. They were eager to return and show their real ability off in the monster horde.

Lin Huang heard the news from the Heaven Alliance group chat. They were discussing the monster horde on checkpoint 63 enthusiastically. Some of the Heaven Alliance members were pumped up after hearing the news and logged in just to join the monster horde. They even sent live videos to the group chat.

The expression on Lin Huang's face was weird after he read the messages in the group chat. "I didn't know that everyone loved fighting monster hordes during the day. Very well then, I'll kill the Queen Mother every day for all of your sadistic killing pleasure."
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    《Monster Paradise》