Monster Paradise
1171 Misery’s Secre
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1171 Misery’s Secre

Lin Huang commented while he looked at Killer after getting out of the dreamland, "There's space for your battle skills to improve. However, you're pretty skilled overall. After all, your opponent this time is pretty powerful and you're improving fast."

The giant sword in Killer's hand disintegrated slowly. He then nodded at Lin Huang lightly. Indeed, this battle had exposed his flaws.

Lin Huang extended his hand subsequently and pressed it on Killer's hat to share over 300 sword skills that he promised.

"This is the reward that I promised you. Take your time to digest them." With a flourish of his hand, he recalled Killer back into a card.

Later on, Lin Huang looked at the three bodies that were in Dynasty's meeting room. The three of them from Misery had lost their vital signs completely, but they remained sitting just like how they were before the Nightmare Tapir pulled them into the dreamland. They had not even closed their eyes.

"How's the progress of retrieving their memory?" Lin Huang asked the Nightmare Tapir all of a sudden.

"It's done."

Lin Huang summoned Bloody again after hearing the Nightmare Tapir's response.

Donning a red dress, Bloody was a beauty no matter one was admiring her body or her face. However, she never had any expression on her face. Even Lin Huang had never seen her smiling in this form.

Bloody knew why she was summoned. She leaped and appeared before the Nightmare Tapir, then pressed her hand against the Nightmare Tapir's chin.

She retrieved the memory within two to three breaths while sorting out the information at the same time. She bounded as soon as she let go and appeared before Lin Huang, pointing her finger between his brows.

Lin Huang received the information some ten seconds later. He finally figured out Misery's biggest secret after scanning through the trio's memories.

"So, this is how Misery grew!"

According to Jie Sha and Zhi Lu's memories, Misery discovered a ruins unintentionally over 500 years ago. The ruins had been a Buddhist city back in the ancient era, and it accommodated up to a hundred of temples of all sizes. Many inheritances were left behind in almost each of those temples. There were even many methods that could get one to True God level.

Misery depended on those methods to cultivate many powerhouses and soon became No. 1 among the underground organizations.

Meanwhile, the Demonic Buddhist Telekinesis that Ku Zhen cultivated was the quickest to be acquired among those methods. Therefore, it became one of the main methods that Misery members cultivated throughout centuries.

However, apart from cultivation methods, there were all sorts of Buddhist techniques exclusively for battles among the other inheritances.

Apart from the inheritance, Misery also obtained many resources from the ruins. There were hundreds of god relics, let alone demigod relics and other equipment.

"Never had I thought that such a ruins would have been left behind by the ancient Buddhist era!" Lin Huang could not help but exclaim. It was such a waste for the ruins to be discovered by Misery. Had it been the Union Government or the Hunter Association who found it, many Buddhist cultivation inheritances would be passed on and spread, churning out a few times more powerhouses compared to Misery.

Lin Huang had picked up something about the ancient era unintentionally when he was reading a lot back when he was a teacher. He only found out during that time that the ancient era was between 80,000 to 30,000 years ago. Buddhist cultivation was the main cultivation direction the powerhouses practiced during that era.

However, until now, there were limited ancient era ruins that were excavated in the entire world. Even if there were, those were just medium or small ruins, and no inheritances were left behind.

Never had Lin Huang thought the ruins Misery discovered 500 years ago had so many Buddhist cultivation inheritances.

Apart from that biggest secret, Lin Huang also found out many hidden secrets from scanning the trio's memories.

For instance, there were actually 13 virtual god-level powerhouses in Misery. There were actually not that many demigods more than Virtual Gods as there were only 18 of them. If not for the lack of resources, Misery might have had more than 30 Virtual Gods throughout the years.

Meanwhile, among the 13 Virtual Gods, the one with the highest combat strength was on Virtual God rank-9. There was only one, who was the actual leader of Misery, but he was only a demigod and had only been assigned the position for publicity. However, he basically did nothing.

Apart from the Virtual God rank-9 powerhouse, Misery had two high-level Virtual Gods on Virtual God rank-7 and rank-8.

Below them were seven mid-level Virtual Gods from Virtual God rank-4 to rank-8 and three on Virtual God rank-3.

Among the 13 Virtual Gods, 11 of them broke through by cultivating while only two Virtual God rank-3s elevated through refining Godheads.

The number of Virtual Gods Misery had alone had made them the king of the entire gravel world.

However, Lin Huang found out about a secret that had nothing to do with Misery, but with the Union Government.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The reason why Misery had been refraining from attacking the Union Government was that they knew the Union Government had a technique to kill Gods. It could kill all powerhouses below True God almost in just one blow.

However, Misery had no idea how exactly the technique worked, which irritated Lin Huang. He could only speculate from all sorts of limited information that it might be a weapon that was similar to the God Crasher.

Even though Bloody had filtered the memories, the data in the trio's memories were almost endless. Lin Huang only scanned through them roughly, studied the parts that he was interested in and saved that part of the memories temporarily.

Lin Huang walked to the trio calmly after snapping back to reality. Then, he began searching for loot from their bodies. He found eight god relics from them alone and five Emperor's Heart Rings.

With his Divine Telekinesis, he scanned through the three bodies carefully. He then looked at Jie Sha and Zhi Lu's chests after making sure that he had not missed anything out.

"I wonder if I can refine those inked relics in their bodies."

"The form that was consolidated is different due to different cultivation methods. In reality, inked relics and Buddhist cultivators' warrior relics are pretty much the same in nature," the stone tablet initiated its explanation after hearing what Lin Huang said.

"Since I can refine them, I won't leave them behind. I happen to need Godheads," said Lin Huang and turned his head to look at the Nightmare Tapir. "Dig out the inked relics in their bodies for me."

The Nightmare Tapir nodded and appeared before the three bodies in a flash. He unsheathed his claws.

A moment later, two round, pitch-black gems floated out of Jie Sha and Zhi Lu's bodies and hovered before the Nightmare Tapir. 

Lin Huang watched closely and discerned that the two gems were merely the size of an adult thumb. They were like two pitch-black glass spheres that had faint golden patterns on them.

"The one in his body has disintegrated." The Nightmare Tapir pointed at Ku Zhen.

"It's okay. Two will do." Lin Huang stretched his hand out and grabbed the two inked relics in his hand. He played with them for a while and flicked them into his body.

The two inked relics were like meteorites shooting into Lin Huang's Life Palace one after another.

Lin Huang lifted his head and looked far away to the west after snapping back to reality. "It's time to visit Misery…"
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