Monster Paradise
87 Life Skill Choices
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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87 Life Skill Choices

The next day, the Demonic Crystal Spaceship arrived at Baqi City in the afternoon.

After getting off the spaceship, Lin Huang went to the Hunter Association along with the carcasses he had with him to redeem credit points. He redeemed a total of 500 million credit points from 1,300 bronze-level monsters. These carcasses were ranked from bronze-level rank-1 to bronze-level rank-3.

Lin Huang did not stay any longer at Baqi City and left the city from the south gate of the foothold once he had redeemed his points. He summoned his Alexandrian Eagle and flew towards Wulin Town.

Lin Huang finally arrived at Wulin Town at around 2.30 p.m.

Upon arriving at Street No.101, Lin Huang saw the house but he was not used to the newly furnished house.

He scanned the Emperor's Heart Ring before entering his house. Lin Xin's shoes were not there as she was at school.

Lin Huang put on his slippers and entered the house. He realized that his house was quite clean, which means Lin Xin did the house chores while she stayed alone at home.

He took a bottle of green leave juice from the fridge and returned to rest on the couch in the living room.

He had been extremely busy for the past 20 days.

He did not have sufficient rest for the past 10 days as he was preparing for the Reserve Hunter assessment. After returning home for around three days, he went to the level-4 wild zone of Wangyou Forest so that he can level up to iron-level. Furthermore, he spent six and a half days at Grimace Valley to polish his Life Power. He would leave early and come home late every day like a machine.

Now that he finally got home, he decided to take a good break before leveling himself to bronze-level.

The Life Power in his iron Life Wheel overflowed and it was not completely stable yet and so he considered upgrading to bronze-level after a few months of rest so that things could settle down.

Upgrading to the next level when the Life Power in his body was unstable would cause a leak in Life Power. Even a mild leakage could cause failure in the upgrade, leading to substantial reduction in Life Power. For serious cases, it could range from a violent rage to an explosion increasing the chances of death.

Of course, there must be a way to reduce the settlement period of the Life Power. It could be done by practicing Life Skills. Higher leveled Life Skills will accumulate Life Power quicker shortening the settlement period of Life Power.

"It seemed like it's the right time to choose a set of Life Skills now." He placed the green leaves juice back on the tea table looked for information on various Life Skills.

There were only three types of Life Skills available in the markets which were low, medium and high level.

The low-level Life Skills were so expensive that one would have to buy it with at least a few million credit points. The price for a mid-level Life Skill was around 30 million and above and high-level Life Skill would cost between 300 to 500 million credit points.

If there were attributes associated with the Life Skill, the price would be 10 times higher or even more.

There was a piece of news he heard about an auction on one of the web pages. It was a high-level Life Skill: Ice Tactics . An anonymous person bought it for 880 million credit points.

As reported by the news, the Life Skill was described as a high-leveled Life Skill imbued with the element of ice. Practicing Life Power with this kind of Life Skill would allow one to use the elemental power with one's Life Power. Once it reaches a certain level, the Life Power would turn enemies into ice., one would carry its ice feature in his Life power. When it reached a certain level, the Life Power would turn enemies into ice.

This description reminded Lin Huang about Xue Luo. However, he was sure that even if Ice Tactics  was trained to its ultimate level, it would never be on par with Xue Luo's abilities.

Life Skill that beyond these high-level Life Skills would be the ultimate Life Skill. Life Skills of this level would not be available on the market. It was an item that the members of the royal family would usually fight for. Lin Huang had no clue about its price. It should be at least 10 times the price of a high-level Life Skill or possibly even more.

Lin Huang did not find a suitable Life Skill even after browsing the net for more than an hour.

Lin Huang hesitated for a while and called Yi Zheng as he was best qualified to speak on this issue.

The notification rang twice and a video feed of Yi Zheng’s appeared.

"Hey man, are you calling the wrong number? Aren't you supposed to call my sister?" Yi Zheng was wearing a white robe and looked like he just woke up.

"There's something that makes you seem better looking." Lin Huang said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Yeah, I like this. I didn't know that you're such a good flatterer!" Yi Zheng looked pleased and said, "You can ask me whatever now."

"I want to know how I should choose a Life Skill and you're the best person to ask for advice about these kinds of things," Lin Huang pleaded.

"I have forgotten that you're iron-level now. Did you kill the Six-Armed Demon or the other monster?" Yi Zhen asked.

"It is the Six-Armed Demon" Lin Huang replied. In fact, the monster that Lin Huang killed was the mutated demon that wore a purple dress.

"I didn't know you were capable of that. You're quite the skillful man!" Yi Zheng sounded surprised.

"Okay, back to the topic. It's actually not difficult to choose a Life Skill. First of all, you have to test the Life Power on your body to check what element it leans towards. Then, choose a Life Skill compatible with the element of your Life Power. However, most people have Life Power without any elemental attributes and will only obtain it later by practicing with Life Skills. In some cases, choosing a Life Skill with similar attributes would be an advantage.

"You must have read the news about the Life Skill Ice Tactics yesterday. For instance, both of them were training for Ice Tactics . If one was born with the Life Power without an elemental attribute, his casting speed for  Ice Tactics would be one. Similarly, the speed of Life Power accumulation and the power of Ice Tactics would also be one. However, if another person was born with Life Power imbued with the element of ice which would allow it to sync with Ice Tactics , the cast speed for Ice Tactics would be increased by three-fold or even more by three-fold or more. The same goes for the Life Power accumulation and the activation. Therefore, compatible elemental attributes and Life Skills are pretty important."

"If your Life Power naturally does not have any elemental attributes, I would recommend you choose Army Attack Tactics . Though it is only a high-level Life Skill, if you're able to reach the sixth level, its power would be on par with that of an ultimate Life Skill." Yi Zheng‘s explanation was very detailed.

"How much would this Army Attack Tactics  cost?"

"Why are you asking about the price? Isn't it there's an "Army Attack Tactics" training crystal in the reward given to you earlier? Did you not receive the parcel?" Yi Zheng was curious.

"Which parcel are you referring to?" Lin Huang asked, confused.

"It's the reward for the monster horde incident given by the Hunter Association and the government. It's rewarded to everyone who stayed there to help. Yeyu and I intentionally reported that you're the one who helped out the most in the incident. The leader heard that you're going to upgrade to the iron-level and rewarded you with an Army Attack Tactics training crystal." Yi Zheng explained patiently. "It was sent out a week ago and I just received mine last week. I'll ask for you if you haven’t received it yet."

"It's okay. I'll ask my sister about it later because I just got home today. She might have kept it for me. If she didn't, I'll check the location of the parcel via the courier service database." Lin Huang responded and then further added, "Oh yea, you mentioned about the innate attribute of Life Power just now. How do I test it?"

"You're a Reserve Hunter now. It can be tested for free at any of the footholds of the Hunter Association or you could purchase a tester from the net. It's user-friendly and cheap. It only costs tens of thousands credit points. However, I would recommend you take your test at the Hunter Association's foothold because you'll get a detailed report after you do. At the same time, your abilities will be updated as well. Since you've upgraded to the iron-level, you might as well update your personal information." Yi Zheng adviced.

"Alright. I'll spare some time to test the attribute of my Life Power and then decide if I should choose Army Attack Tactics . I'll call you again if there's any other problem."

Lin Huang hung up the phone and immediately bought a Life Power tester from the net because he did not want to update his combat abilities at the Hunter Association. He had been upgraded to iron-level rank-3 without any Life Skills. It would be a big problem to him if the others found out about this.

After placing his order, Lin Xin arrived home from school.

She was so happy when she saw Lin Huang as she entered the house. "Brother, when did you come back?"

"I arrived here at around 2.30 p.m." Lin Huang closed the web page of the news, stood up and walked towards the kitchen." What would you like to eat for dinner? I bought you only the most delicious dishes. Come, have a look and choose which you like."

Lin Xin changed her slippers and saw 10 takeaway boxes as she entered the kitchen.

"What's that?" She pointed at one of the boxes and asked.

"It's fried snake. Its main ingredient is the snake flesh cut into pieces. Its fried and spicy."

"How about that?" Lin Xin pointed at another box and asked.

"Weird tasting Takoyaki. Its main ingredient is squid tentacle with seasonings and are ball-shaped. It's baked and not fried, though."

"How about this?"

"Ghostwhisper. It's ghostwhisper's tongue, cut into thin slices before being fried."


After asking about each dish’s ingredients, she picked her top three favorites. Lin Huang cooked some rice and heated up the dishes for dinner.

After having their dinner, Lin Huang asked, "Xin Er, have you received any parcels lately?"

"Yes, three of them. One of them is from the Hunter Association while one is the Gun Master game ring. I've unwrapped it. The third parcel only came in yesterday and the sender is a girl. Her name is Leng…"

"Where're the parcels then?" Lin Huang was excited to hear her name.

"The Gun Master game ring is in my room. I've been playing with it these days. I didn't unwrap the other two. It’s on your bedside cabinet."

"Oh, I'll have a look at it then." Lin Huang sprung to his room at once.
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    《Monster Paradise》