Monster Paradise
181 The Assessment Ends
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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181 The Assessment Ends

After some arrangements, Zhu Nian brought the 10 dead bodies of the heretic members that Lin Huang and Mu Lan killed to the headquarter. Since the incident, everyone built their tents accordingly and rested inside, including Mu Lan. However, Lin Huang headed to the middle of the Little Devil Island on the next morning. After activating one Double Card, he started killing gold-level monsters with Tyrant's help.

An hour later, he did not only obtain 20 Cross-Ranking Reward Cards but he even managed to accumulate two complete gold-level Monster Cards. They were the Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion which was an enchanted monster and a Gold-Armored Skeleton of the undead species. He decided to combine the card pieces into cards as he wanted to keep them to replace his epic cards during emergencies.

Before heading back to the assessment location, Lin Huang got Xiao Hei to list all his cards:

"You have 14 Monster Cards as below."

"Epic Monster Cards: Charcoal, Bai, Tyrant, Ghastly (Ghastly Clown), Bloody (Demonic Dandelion Vine)"

"Rare Monster Cards: One-Eyed Swordfiend, Alexandrian Eagle."

"Normal Monster Cards: Gold-Armored Skeleton, Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion, Ox Devil, Lion-Headed Troll, Viridian Wolf, Demonic One-Eyed Ape, Spectre."

"You have 21 Skill Cards as below."

"Talent Card: Superhuman Strength (Rare)"

"Life Seed Card: Sly Hands (Rare), Life Replacement (Rare), Sensing Circle (Rare)"

"Combat Skill Card: Great Sword Scripture (Epic), Wildfire Sword (Epic), Fatal Tactics (Rare), Thunder Sword (Rare), Mountain Blade (Rare), Hundred Flowing Blades (Rare), Spectral Snowsteps (Rare), Cloud Steps (Rare)"

"Monster Skill: Blood Spirit, Immense Strength (Intermediate), Advance Disguise, Super Robust, Magic Eye Deterrence (Intermediate), Absolute Defence (Beginner), Blood Hunt (Beginner), Boundless Vision (Beginner), Third Eye (Beginner), Mask - Control"

"These are the 20 cards for your cross-ranking reward:"

"Advance Card x3, One-Time Skill Card x3, Double Card x2, Item Card x3, Provisional Transformation Card x2, Provisional Summoning Card x1, Healing Card x1, Skill Combination Card x1, Treasure Card x1, Mission Card x1, Challenge Card x1, Transportation Card x1"

"You have 40 Functional Cards as below:"

"Provisional Transformation Card x7, Advance Card x5, Healing Card x5, Treasure Card x4, Double Card x4, Prop Card x3, One-time Skill Card x3, Mission Card x2, Flawless Card x2, Skill Combination Card x1, Provisional Summoning Card x1, Transportation Card x1, Challenge Card x1, Small Destruction Card x1"

Seeing a couple of Functional Cards that he had never seen before, Lin Huang read the detailed description.

"One-Time Skill Card: It can seal the skill that is being used before you (monster and human combat skills) and release the skill upon reactivation of the card."

"Remark 1: Your ability is restricted, the highest skill that you can seal at the moment would be holy fire-level skills."

"Remark 2: This card is limited to one use only. Once the skill is activated, the card will disappear."

"Provisional Summoning Card: One monster can be randomly summoned upon activation. Summon limited to one hour only."

"Remark 1: The combat strength of the random monster will be one level higher than the highest level of monster the user owns."

"Remark 2: A monster that is related to the monster that the user owns will also have the highest chance of being summoned."

"Remark 3: Consumable upon activation, each card can be used once."

"Transportation Card (3): You will be sent to the location you specified for one time upon activation."

"Remark 1: 10 seconds waiting time upon card activation."

"Remark 2: Can not be used when you are moving."

"Remark 3: The location has to be somewhere you have been before."

"Consumable, each card could be activated for three times. The card will disappear after three uses."

"Challenge Card: You will be transported into a challenge dimension upon activation. There would be a random monster in the challenge space. Once the user kills the monster, the user will obtain a Monster Card of the monster that he killed."

"Remark 1: The monster that will appear in the challenge dimension would be exactly the same combat strength as the user. The monster species and rarity would be randomly chosen."

"Remark 2: The user would have to fight using his own strength in the challenge dimension, no Monster Card or other Functional Cards are allowed."

"Remark 3: Each Challenge Card will disappear when the user defeats the monster. The maximum number of challenges is three times. If the user fails three of the challenges, the Challenge Card will disappear."

"If the user dies in the challenge dimension, the user will actually die. Therefore, if the user encounters an invincible monster. It is recommended that the user backs out from the challenge dimension."

After looking through the new cards, Lin Huang was in a good mood as the cards had strong practicality. As usual, Lin Huang activated three Item Cards. Whenever he received Item Cards, he would activate them without hesitation. However, there was nothing useful as he only got weapons. This time, he obtained two weapons and a bottle of elixir.

He then took a look at the green elixir.

"Insanity Elixir (For monster use only): After the summoning beast is injected with the elixir, it will go insane. Its strength, defensive abilities, and speed will be increased tenfold. Effective Time: One hour."

"Remark 1: After the elixir is injected, the summoning beast will completely lose its mind. It will attack everything it sees, including its master."

"Remark 2: After the effect wears off, the summoning monster will be exhausted for 100 hours. It will fall into deep sleep."

"I got a bottle of elixir!" Lin Huang raised his eyebrows while looking at the remaining cards.

"Oh, I have a Skill Combination Card!"

"Activate Skill Combination Card!" Lin Huang instructed.

"Skill Combination Card has been activated"

"Choose from the packages below."

"1. Combine Sword Skills: Great Sword Scripture, Wildfire Sword, Thunder Sword, Mountain Blade, Hundred Flowing Blades"

"2. Combine Movement Skills: Spectral Snowsteps, Cloud Steps"

"3. Combine Vision Skills: Magic Eye Deterrence, Boundless Vision, Third Eye"

"Please choose one."

"I would like to choose the third one." Lin Huang decided without hesitation as the monster skills that he could manage were limited to 10. Combining the monster skills could give him empty slots to obtain more monster skills.

"Skill Combination Card has been consumed. Monster skills Magic Eye Deterrence, Boundless Vision and Third Eye has been consumed. The new Skill Card is on the way…"

"Congratulations, you have received a new vision card: Kaleidoscope "

"Kaleidoscope: With the combination of many vision skills, it will combine more vision skills automatically with increasing vision strength."

"Remarks: The basic functions at the moment would be Magic Eye Deterrence, Boundless Vision, Third Eye and Illusion." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Besides the three original skills, there was one extra skill - Illusion after the skills were combined. Besides, the skill could improve as time goes by." Lin Huang smirked while looking at the new skill. He then took a look at his monster skills which had reduced to eight skills from the original 10 skills so he had two empty slots. However, he was not in a rush to extract the skills. He then rode on the Alexandrian Eagle and headed back to the assessment location.

Mu Lan did not ask Lin Huang where he went as she knew that he was safe with Tyrant. As long as he did not encounter any transcendents, he would be safe. For the following days, Lin Huang followed the rest and set up a tent on Little Devil Island while waiting for the upgrade.

On the fourth day, the news finally came. As Mu Lan reported on time, it had lessened the damages of the Hunter Association. There were 63 assessment locations that were invaded but only participants from 11 footholds were completely captured. A part of the participants from 37 assessment locations was captured while the participants from the remaining 15 assessment locations were all rescued. There were more than 12,800 participants that were captured which were close to 30% of the total number of the 63 assessment locations.

All of the 63 assessment locations that were invaded had been suspended. The Hunter Association headquarter announced that all of the remaining participants in the 63 assessment locations would not have to go for the next assessment and they would officially be Regular Hunters.

When Mu Lan announced the news to the participants, the participants of the assessment location where Lin Huang was in were cheering. However, Lin Huang did not care about that. To him, there was no difference if the assessment was suspended or not. The only thing to be happy about was that he would be able to head home to celebrate the new year.

As the assessment was over, the Hunter Association sent a Demonic Crystal Spaceship and brought all participants back to foothold No.7B24, Beixuan City. Many in the Hunter Association division in Beixuan City were watching as Mu Lan brought 489 participants to the registration.

"Is the passing rate so high this year? It's usually less than 300 people." Someone was skeptical.

"Yeah, I think there were 12,000 participants this round. The passing rate is 4% this time around. It's usually only 2%."

"Perhaps the assessment was easier this time?"

As the Hunter Association had yet to disseminate the news that the assessment was invaded, many were discussing the high passing rate. Although there were many of them, the registration did not take too long as they were all Reserve Hunter, the Hunter Association had a record of their personal details. All they needed to do was to update their personal information and re-test their combat strength. Each registration would take less than 10 seconds. There were three registration counters which made it quite fast.

Lin Huang waited in the queue for less than 10 minutes. Just as he was leaving, he was called by the person who registered him.

"When you registered in June, you were not even iron-level. It’s December now and your combat strength is already silver-level rank-1? This means you only took six months to level-up to silver-level?" The person was in disbelief. What she did not know was, Lin Huang was holding back his strength during the test.

What the person said was heard by all of them in the hall, they looked at Lin Huang. It was terrifying for an ordinary person to level-up to silver-level in six months. Even if a talented person who was trained in a high-level Life Skill, filling up iron-level Life Power would take at least one month per circle and three months for three circles. It would then take at least two months to stabilize the Life Power. Leveling-up to bronze-level rank-1 would take almost six months.

When one reached bronze-level, the speed they filled their Life Power would be slower, approximately three times slower than it was before they got to iron-level. It would take at least nine months to fill three circles of their Life Power while the stabilization would take at least another two months. In total, that would take them at least 16 months to be able to reach bronze-level. This was someone who was trained in a high-level Life Skill. In reality, most of the people would take more than two years while those who were talented would take around one year and six months.

However, the fact that Lin Huang only took six months stunned everyone.

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded in certainty.

"Then I shall report your puzzling training speed to the management. Somebody will be evaluating your performance." The person said to Lin Huang. She was concerned that Lin Huang was cheating. If that was so, the punishment would be terrible.

"Sure." Lin Huang nodded, he knew what did the person mean.

"It’s there’s nothing else, I'll make a move."

"That will be all." The person waved her hand, "Next!"
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    《Monster Paradise》