Monster Paradise
322 Sister Luo Li
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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322 Sister Luo Li

At the submission spot of the second round of training, Zang Bing frowned as he heard about the Molten Dragon from Lin Huang. With the proof of the Fiery Swordfiend’s carcass and no loopholes in the detailed descriptions, Zang Bing was sure that the three of them were telling the truth. There was no benefit of them lying anyway. Although he had no idea what the intention of the Molten Dragon was, Zang Bing took out a Transmission Snail and contacted the other examiners.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Transmission Snail was a timid mutated monster and was fed mainly algae, which was completely harmless to humans. Such a monster colony usually consisted of a mother and many children. All the offspring of the mother would have the same telepathic sense with each other. Armed with that characteristic, they were cultivated by humans as a communication tool when the Heart Network was unusable. It was easy to use. As the speaker’s voice was sent into the mother Transmission Snail, the message would be delivered to its offspring.

Soon, two-dimensional relics opened at the same time. The examiner with squinty eyes from the first round of training arrived from the green dimensional relic on the left, while on the right was a girl who looked like she was thirteen or fourteen years old. The three of them were stunned to see the girl. Lin Huang and Li Lang were guessing the girl’s age. She looked like she was even younger than Lin Xin. She was a couple of centimeters shorter than Lin Xin and did not look like a day over fourteen.

Meanwhile, Yi Yeyu was puzzled. When the girl noticed Yi Yeyu, she floated to her.

"Xiao Yeyu? Is that really you?" The girl floated closer to Yi Yeyu and started studying her.

"Sister Luo Li…" Yi Yeyu greeted the girl while looking at Lin Huang and Li Lang as if she was asking for help.

"Sister?!" Lin Huang and Li Lang’s eyes flew wide open when they heard how Yi Yeyu addressed the girl. The girl did not look like she was older than Yi Yeyu.

"So, you’ve leveled up to holy fire-level now?" Luo Li got even closer to her while staring at her boobs.

"You have bigger boobs now." Luo Li poked Yi Yeyu’s boobs and fondled them.

"Why’re you here, Sister Luo Li?" Yi Yeyu asked helplessly.

"Master Yi was worried about you leveling up to holy fire-level, so he asked me to look after you. I’m the head examiner of the third round of training. Little did I expect that you have already leveled up before the third round even began." Luo Li still had her hands on Yi Yeyu’s boobs.

"Master Yi? This girl…" Zang Bing looked at Si Kongjian in curiosity.

"She’s Master Donglai’s great-granddaughter," Si Kongjian smiled as he explained.

"No way, I thought it was just a rumor that Master Yi’s great-granddaughter would join the training…" Zang Bing had just found out about Yi Yeyu’s identity. The news that the three of them told had to be true then.

"Are these two fellas your boyfriends?" Luo Li switched her topic of interest as she turned around and looked at Lin Huang and Li Lang.

"No, they’re just friends." Yi Yeyu wrung her hands.

Luo Li ignored her while looking at the both of them. She looked at Li Lang for a while, then stared at Lin Huang with an intimidating vibe until he felt uncomfortable. A unique force was masking Lin Huang’s body to isolate him from Luo Li’s detection.

"This lady is dangerous. Stay away from her," Xiao Hei warned. Clearly, it was Xiao Hei who had created the layer of protection.


Luo Li smirked after a slight pause, then she looked away from Lin Huang.

"Alright, let’s talk business," Luo Li then addressed Zang Bing.

"Xiao Bing Bing, was the news that you told me about Xiao Jian Jian conveyed to you by these three? There’s nobody else here anyway."

"Yes." Hearing her addressing him ‘Xiao Bing Bing’, Zang Bing was unhappy but he did not say anything.

Si Kongjian’s eyes twitched but he remained expressionless.

"Xiao Yeyu, could you tell me exactly what happened?" Luo Li then smiled at Yi Yeyu.

"I think I’ll let Lin Huang tell you. He explains better than I do." To avoid Luo Li from messing with her, Yi Yeyu pushed the responsibility to Lin Huang.

"Sure, let me tell you then." Lin Huang nodded.

"This little brother will tell me, huh?" Luo Li looked at Lin Huang while smiling. The way she looked at him was overwhelming.

Li Lang, who was standing next to Lin Huang, walked next to Yi Yeyu. Zang Bing, who was standing not far away, sympathized with Lin Huang while Si Kongjian looked arrogantly at Luo Li. To him, as long as Luo Li did not trouble him, she could do whatever she wanted. Despite Xiao Hei’s masking, the way Luo Li looked at him still felt uncomfortable. Lin Huang decided to ignore her staring and told her what happened.

"You mentioned you guys killed the double mutated Fiery Swordfiend. Can I look at the carcass?" Luo Li asked with a smile. She continued to stare at Lin Huang like she was sure that the carcass was with him. Lin Huang did what she asked and took out the carcass. Si Kongjian walked closer and inspected the carcass with Luo Li.

"It seems to be killed by a powerful force. Did you kill it?" Si Kongjian asked Yi Yeyu.

"I don’t think it’s Xiao Yeyu who killed it. It was probably this little brother." Luo Li looked at Lin Huang again.

"Yes, it was I who killed it with some tricks," Lin Huang admitted right away.

Si Kongjian was shocked.

"Although I have no idea what the motive was, this carcass is real and these three kids won’t lie, so the thing about the black dragon must be true too," Si Kongjian voiced out his thoughts.

"Didn’t you guys sense the monster with the God's Blood aura last night?" Luo Li looked at Si Kongjian and Zang Bing with her eyebrow raised.

"Monster with the God's Blood?" Zang Bing was stunned.

"Do you mean the aura that was like a double mutated monster’s?"

"I sensed that too. I thought the aura was too powerful but I didn’t think too much about it." Si Kongjian frowned.

"No wonder, you guys couldn’t tell as you guys have never encountered any monsters with the God's Blood in their bodies." Luo Li soon realized how the both of them failed to figure that out.

"The black dragon showed up almost at the same time the monster with the God's Blood appeared. I’m sure that it was going for that monster. As for killing humans… Perhaps, somehow, it found out that the monster had been captured by humans… Or maybe this triple mutated monster with God's blood is a summoning monster belonging to a human Imperial Censor!"
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    《Monster Paradise》