Monster Paradise
1471 Devil Hunter Star Zone
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1471 Devil Hunter Star Zone

Pfister Star was an ordinary remote planet located in the border region between the human world and the Abyss.

Lin Huang choosing this place to be the first stop in the great world had been Bloody's suggestion.

This was mainly due to the fact that although this planet was far away, it was located within the administrative zone of the grade-6 Hunt organization—Devil Hunter Star Zone. 

Initially, when Devil Hunter Star was established by the Hunt organization, its main function had been to guard the border between the human race and the Abyss, as well as provide members of the organization with a foothold to use for transactions and temporary lodging.

However, with the ever-increasing number of people coming and going, Mysterious Item Pavilion—which was also a grade-6 organization—saw that there was money to be made and established a branch in the same star zone as well.

After that, the entire star zone became more prosperous until even the White Robes specially set up a branch there to maintain order in the entire star zone.

Devil Hunter Star Zone also became a unique scenic route between humans and the Abyss.

Currently, in Devil Hunter Star Zone, including Pfister Star, 38 planets were inhabited by humans and had formed a complete ecological chain.

Pfister Star was merely one of these ordinary planets.

Even so, the level of prosperity was comparable to that of a grade-A foothold in the gravel world. It was just that the buildings were not so densely packed, and the population was slightly smaller. 

However, cultivators were much more commonly seen here than in the gravel world.

Looking around, Mr. Fu and his group could see Virtual Gods almost everywhere, and there were a good number of True Gods roaming the streets as well.

Apart from Lin Huang, everyone else was stunned when they saw this.

"Are True Gods this frequent in the great world?" Mr. Fu could not help asking Lin Huang.

Lin Huang could not help but smile and shake his head when he heard this question. "Actually, no. Devil Hunter Star Zone is located on the edge of a battleground, so there are more cultivators coming and going.

"Moreover, in addition to the three large grade-6 organizations—the Hunt, Mysterious Item Pavilion and the White Robes, a good number of other grade-4 and grade-5 organizations have also established their branches here."

"You're thinking of choosing this place as a foothold?" Chan Dou asked.

The others also turned to look at Lin Huang immediately. 

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded calmly. 

"This place is very close to the Abyss battleground. It's very suitable for hunting abyssal monsters.

"Moreover, Demon Hunter Star Zone is comparable to top-tier grade-5 star zones. Whether it's purchasing supplies, obtaining information, or organizing hunts, and handing over missions, everything is very convenient. There are also White Robes in charge of maintaining order, so, needless to say, it's very safe.

"In the entire human world, the number of star zones that possess this kind of environment don't even add up to five fingers."

"What should we do next then?" Lin Xin could not help asking.

"Let's register our identities at the White Robes' foothold first, otherwise we won't even be able to stay in a hotel," Lin Huang finished speaking, then continued, "When filling in the registration forms, don't reveal that we are from the gravel world—just fill in the mini world number NF404. As for the other pieces of information, you can fill them in normally."

"Is NF404 the number of our gravel world?" Lin Xin asked, unable to restrain herself.

"No, our gravel world isn't officially registered. This number is that of a mini world relatively near here that has connections to the human race."

"If that's the case, won't we be found out?" Lin Xin inquired hurriedly.

"Under normal circumstances, we won't be. Many people from the human world register their identities every day. As long as we don't cause a major incident, normally, no one will check."

After giving his instructions, Lin Huang quickly led the group toward the planet where the White Robes were stationed—Evil Extermination Planet.

The identity registration process was very smooth. After the forms had been filled in, a round of simple physical examinations was conducted to confirm Lin Huang and the others' human identities. The staff members of the White Robes then gave them each a ring that resembled an Emperor's Heart Ring. With that, Lin Huang's group successfully became official citizens of the human world.

After they had obtained their identity rings, Lin Huang then brought a few of his group to the Hunt foothold to register a small hunting team.

Once all of this was finished, Lin Huang found a hotel for everyone to settle in. 

"Now that we've already formed a small hunting team, everyone can enter the battleground," Lin Huang finished speaking and glanced at Huang Wuji. "Master Chan and Xiao Mo, your combat levels are about the same as Huang Wuji's, so you can bring him with you and explore around the outer region. At the same time, you can all familiarize yourselves with the environment while you're at it.

"It would be best if all of you can upgrade your combat levels as soon as possible. Don't waste time specifically trying to understand Rule Bending Power—once you've reached Virtual God rank-9, it's still not too late to spend time on that."

After he finished, Lin Huang then turned to look at Lin Xin, "Teacher, Da Xuan, you can team up with Xin Er and explore a little further in."

"What about you?" Lin Xin asked hurriedly.

"I have imperial monsters." Lin Huang smiled.

"Let me briefly give you a rundown now of what the current situation is with the humans in the great world."

"The human world has three Saints and seven sects.

"The three Saints are Daluo Temple, Leiyin Temple, and Sanctuary. They are Holy Land grade-7 organizations and are guarded by Lords. They are also the three most powerful organizations in the entire human world, and they are at transcendent status.

"The seven sects are Taiqing Sect, Tranquil Temple, Mysterious Item Pavilion, the White Robes, Asura, Xiaoyao Sect, and the Hunt.

"Taiqing Sect is an organization that split from Daluo Temple. I won't go into details about the specifics; you can read the information later on your own.

"Tranquil Temple is not a nunnery, but an organization established by a powerful female cultivator. This organization only accepts female members.

"Mysterious Item Pavilion is the largest commercial organization in the entire human world, as well as the largest intelligence organization.

"The White Robes are a management and law enforcement organization jointly established by the three Saints. Practically all the top executives are from Daluo Temple, Leiyin Temple, and Sanctuary.

"Asura is an assassin organization and is extremely mysterious.

"Xiaoyao Sect is a rogue cultivation alliance established by a powerful rogue cultivator, and its administration is a bit more relaxed."

"There's also the Hunt. It's the largest hunting organization in the human world and issues the largest number of hunting missions."

"Is this Hunt organization connected to the Union Government of the gravel world and the Hunter Association?" Mr. Fu was finally unable to restrain himself from asking.

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded. "It's that hunting organization."

Seeing the others' mystified expressions, Lin Huang explained again, "The Hunt is the power behind the Union Government, as well as the Hunter Association in the great world…"

After this round of explanations, Lin Huang continued again sternly.

"Although we have already formed a team, I suggest that you don't hunt first these next few days. Thoroughly read through all the information that I'll be sending to you. Pay attention especially to the great world's monster guide—it contains many more times the number of monsters in the gravel world, so it would be best if all of you can memorize all the monster information."

Everybody nodded one after the other.

All of them were also aware that the great world was certain to contain many monsters that they had never even heard of before in the gravel world. If they were to encounter unfamiliar monsters during the hunting process, it would be extremely dangerous.

"Apart from this, there are also several social media platforms that you should register on. Normally if there's any news or information, it can be found there."

After Lin Huang finished speaking, he put together the various pieces of information and sent them to everyone…

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