Monster Paradise
1505 Stitch
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1505 Stitch

Stitch was an evil spirit type born in the Abyss. When it was born, it was puny, and its form was a puddle of flesh the size of a fist. It did not even have teeth or claws and could be called the bottom-most organism of the Abyssal food chain.

It still vividly remembered that its ascension had originated from devouring a section of bone fragment during its childhood. 

It was a section of bone fragment with Divine properties. Perhaps this fractured bone fragment had slipped out of the mouth of a random God, who was being hunted by a stronger existence.

The remnants of the Divine properties within the bone fragment allowed Stitch's life form to miraculously transform during its childhood.

Not only did it completely break away from its original life form, but it also strengthened its inherent instincts.

It could swallow and transform the flesh of all living bodies, turning them into a part of its own body.

While this ability allowed Stitch to become stronger, it also caused its body to develop in increasingly aberrant ways.

Nine eyes of different colors and even different shapes grew from its head. It had plundered these eyeballs from other monsters and turned them into a part of itself.

Below its own head were several other pretty heads—men and women, Protoss, humans, and angels as well…

Meanwhile, there were dozens of wings of different shapes and sizes on its back.

Some had colorful feathers, and some had scales of various shapes. There were even some that resembled hairless bat wings…

In front of the bat wings, there were more than ten tentacles of varying thicknesses and forms.

Some were covered with sticky fluid, some were as smooth as jade, some had needles all over, and some had hidden poisons within…

Below the tentacles, there was a huge mouth full of fangs, dozens of them.

Further down were lower limbs of varying forms. There were forefeet and hind legs, but all of them had terribly sharp claws.

All its limbs and even the majority of its body structures, it had plundered.

On the whole, it looked like a toy that someone had randomly and even somewhat maliciously piled together.

Nothing on its body appeared to match at all, but the strange thing was that it could function perfectly.

Stitch had been locked up in this secret prisoner territory by God Capital for over ten thousand years.

However, as a third-rank Heavenly God, it had never been challenged by a trial participant.

Yet, on this day, it suddenly sensed a weak aura appearing within the boundaries of its territory.

"This aura… it's only ninth-rank true god-level?"

"It can't be a trial participant, can it?!"

"A trial participant is coming, a trial participant is coming…"

"A trial participant actually came to provoke us of their own accord, that's just too interesting for words!"

"Which part of their body should we collect?"

Stitch was beyond excited, its several heads conversing with one another, shouting and making noise.

A while later, the trial participant finally arrived.

Stitch carefully sized up this intruder, filled with curiosity.

This was a male trial participant, his entire body enveloped in black robes. His face, barely visible below the brim of his hat, was unshaven. He looked somewhat dispirited.

It was Lin Huang disguised as Xiu Mu.

"He's ugly. Don't collect his head."

"His hands look nice. Let's collect his hands!"

"His legs are also quite long. Worth collecting!"

The several heads argued and discussed among each other.

This was also a habit that Stitch had. Each time it killed its prey, it would take at least one item from the other party as a war trophy for its collection and make it a part of its own body.

Once they saw Lin Huang choosing Stitch as his first hunting target, the Heavenly Gods watching from outside the secret territory were all talking about it as well.

"Stitch isn't easy to deal with. Although it's not that smart, among Heavenly God prisoners, its overall ability can be ranked in the first tier," the team leader of God Capital commented by way of introduction.

"This is the legendary Patchwork Monster, right? I seem to remember this fellow mastered something like seven or eight god sequence chains but couldn't put them to use freely," the team leader of Combat God Temple enquired.

"Yes. It can rob other people of their god sequence chains. However, it can only use the power of three god sequence chains simultaneously at most. Also, its exploitation of sequence power isn't very good. Its combat method leans toward overwhelming others by force." The team leader of God Capital nodded.

"To an extent, the two of them restrict one another. This Patchwork Monster is skilled at hand-to-hand combat, and this can be restricted by Xiu Mu. On the other hand, this fellow's patience seems endless. If Xiu Mu doesn't have any big guns in hand, Stitch could very well wear him out." The team leader of Xeno also expressed their opinion.

As the few of them were giving their comments, some people stole glances at Buried Heaven, trying to see how he would react. However, Buried Heaven remained as expressionless as ever, and his face gave nothing away.

In the secret territory, upon seeing Stitch, Lin Huang could not help but take stock of it for a moment.

He had seen his fair share of monsters, but this was the first time he was seeing such a peculiar Patchwork Monster like Stitch.

Various organs of different types were matched up together on the same body, with no sense of harmony whatsoever to look at.

However, the really strange thing was that this Patchwork Monster's aura did not have any contradictions, anomalies, or chaotic areas, which gave others the impression that it was born like this.

"We've never seen a trial participant before!"

"We've decided to collect your entire body as a specimen."

"Although you're ugly, as the first trial participant who's challenged us, you're of great collectible value."

"Trial participant, you should feel honored. We rarely collect whole corpses."

"Yes. Under normal circumstances, we'll only choose one or two of the prettiest body parts for our collection."

"The remaining parts get thrown away!"

Several heads spoke in turn, and Lin Huang could not help being curious about whether each of his opponent's heads was operating individually, or whether essentially only one brain was functioning, and these heads were all mere puppets.

The information about Stitch had been mentioned in the material sent over by Buried Heaven.

Although the information in the material was not detailed, it was sufficient for Lin Huang.

He knew that this monster could swallow up its opponents and rob them of the God Rule Power and god sequence chains within their bodies. He also knew that this monster had currently mastered eight god sequence chains already but could only simultaneously put three to use at most.

The reason why he chose Stitch as his first third-rank hunting target was because he felt that the number of rules within its body should be higher than that of an ordinary third-rank Heavenly God. Killing it would enable him to plunder more rules, and speed up his efficiency in advancing his combat strength.

However, in the eyes of the Heavenly Gods outside the secret territory, Lin Huang had undoubtedly picked a very tough opponent for himself.

Although Stitch's IQ was not high, it had concrete power to display. No matter how one looked at it, Stitch was still a first-tier powerhouse amongst the third-rank Heavenly God prisoners.

Almost all the Heavenly God team leaders watching the battle felt that Xiu Mu had not made a wise move in choosing such an opponent.

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    《Monster Paradise》