Monster Paradise
1529 Yang Ling In Trouble
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1529 Yang Ling In Trouble

Yang Ling was in trouble!

Lin Huang frowned hard. 

He remembered clearly that Yang Ling said he might have been targeted by Raiders when he helped Lin Huang create his fake identities a couple of months ago.

At that time, he had mentioned that he wanted Lin Huang to take care of Hong Zhuang if something really happened to him.

Lin Huang thought for a moment, then tapped into the contact page again. He looked at the unknown number of the missed call.

This number was different from the one that had been used to send the message.

However, when he checked the date of the call, it was April 4th—the same day the message had been sent.

Not only that, the time of the call request was merely two minutes before the message was sent.

Lin Huang guessed that the number was most probably Yang Ling's. With hardly any hesitation, he returned the call.

However, the same response message soon played again. "The number you have dialed is not in service…"

The same thing happened with both numbers. This made Lin Huang certain that something had definitely happened to Yang Ling!

It was May 21st now, one and a half months since the message had been sent. Going by the Raiders' modus operandi, Yang Ling might already be dead.

Even if he were still alive, he most probably had been captured by the Raiders, otherwise, he would not be out of contact.

However, judging by the message that Yang Ling had sent, Hong Zhuang should still have been safe one-and-a-half months ago.

Even if that were the case, though, Lin Huang had no way of ascertaining if she was still safe or not, since one-and-a-half months had already gone by.

What left him speechless was that Yang Ling had not left him any clues to her whereabouts at all.

As Yang Ling's girlfriend, there was a high possibility that Hong Zhuang had been targeted by Raiders as well.

Therefore, she might already be dead, or she might have been captured by Raiders.

If either of these two possibilities occurred, naturally, Lin Huang was not under any obligation to look after her.

After all, at his current level of ability, there was a high possibility that he might be killed too if he were to provoke the Raiders.

He did not like Hong Zhuang very much, as the woman was just too secretive and unfathomable. One never knew which of her words were truthful and which were lies.

However, no matter what, she and Lin Huang could be considered familiar with each other. Moreover, she was Yang Ling's girlfriend, and Yang Ling was a man from Earth, Lin Huang's home.

Lin Huang felt that if Hong Zhuang really did manage to escape from the Raiders, he would certainly be willing to fulfill Yang Ling's dying wish that Lin Huang take care of her.

Many thoughts flashed through his head, and he called both unknown numbers once more. However, the response message was the same each time—the numbers were not in service.

With no leads to go on, Lin Huang had no option but to give up.

"Given Yang Ling's character, if he left no clues behind, it was probably for the sake of Hong Zhuang's safety. However, since he asked me to take care of her, he might have left something for her so that she could find me…"

If Hong Zhuang did manage to escape, she would likely follow Yang Ling's plan and look for Lin Huang.

After all, it was just too difficult for her to survive in the great world alone, given her previous imperial-level combat strength.

Lin Huang put aside the matter of Yang Ling and Hong Zhuang and logged onto Death Sickle's official website.

It was less than a month away from the arrangements he had made with Virtuoso to go to the Abyss.

This was not enough time for him to go into another round of closed-door cultivation, nor was it sufficient for him to make one more trip into the ruins.

For this reason, he decided to take the opportunity and use this period to accept a few Death Sickle missions.

For Death Sickle's authorizations, his identity as Xiu Mu was already a Gold Sickle member, and his corresponding authorizations had all been activated.

However, he clicked on the information section first before checking the available missions.

As he glanced through, a trending hot topic caught his attention.

The subject was "Will the Little Princess of the Nephilic Judge Tribe Manage to Escape the Fate Of Marriage Since She Has Elevated to Heavenly God-level?"

Lin Huang clicked on the link immediately. After reading through, he felt slightly more relieved.

The Nephilic Judge Tribe was shrewd enough to have revealed only that Kylie had elevated to heavenly god-level. They had not disclosed that, in reality, she had elevated to Pure Spirit rank-6.

The more outstanding one was, the more one would be targeted for destruction.

Although all the organizations in the God Territory were eagerly anticipating that the God Territory would produce a Pure Spirit rank-6 powerhouse, they all hoped that this powerhouse would be someone within their own organization.

As soon as the news of Kylie's elevation to Pure Spirit rank-6 leaked out, the other organizations would outwardly show goodwill, but the entire Nephilic Judge Tribe would secretly become a target on all sides.

The several grade-7 organizations, in particular, would not watch helplessly as Kylie grew to lead the Nephilic Judge Tribe in elevating to a grade-7 organization as well.

After all, there were only so many top-notch resources in the God Territory. One more grade-7 organization appearing would mean that the resources given to other grade-7 organizations would lessen correspondingly.

Not only would the Nephilic Judge Tribe be targeted, but Kylie would also become the target of many assassinations.

Therefore, the shrewdest way of going about things was to underplay the matter, saying that Kylie had elevated to heavenly god-level.

However, Lin Huang also knew that it might be difficult for the Nephilic Judge Tribe to continue concealing the matter.

Kylie's status would be exposed sooner or later—it was only a matter of time.

Lin Huang felt a little more relieved as he glanced through the comments below. At least nobody suspected Kylie's elevation at the moment.

After all, she had been at ninth-rank true god-level before this, so it made sense that she would elevate to heavenly god-level after closed-door cultivation. Moreover, the announcement that the Nephilic Judge Tribe made for the little princess was also a normal occurence.

Lin Huang was not worried about Kylie's current situation. For one thing, she had Bloody with her. For another, given her current status, the Nephilic Judge upper echelons would take good care of her.

As for the matter of her Pure Spirit rank-6 standing being exposed, that would be something to worry about in the future.

When things reached the point where the Nephilic Judge Tribe really could not handle it, Bloody would definitely contact him immediately. The worst-case scenario would be Lin Huang recalling both of them f.o.r.c.i.b.l.y into card form when that happened.

After closing the thread about Kylie, Lin Huang noticed that there was a Gold Sickle symbol on the first thread pinned on top of the information section.

The thread had been posted half a month ago, with the subject "Regarding the Conquest Expedition to the Abyss."

It was only after spending a minute or more to finish reading the thread that Lin Huang discovered Virtuoso had invited him to team up and go into the Abyss because they had found out about this piece of news ahead of time.

The mission was a small-scale conquest expedition into the Abyss organized by the God Territory.

There were only a few major grade-7 and grade-6 organizations as well as a handful of top grade-5 organizations participating in this.

Of the seven Blood Sickle members of Death Sickle, five would participate this time.

Buried Heaven and a few top Heavenly Gods from Death Sickle were on the list too.

It was the same for the other organizations.

The participants were the Lords, half-step Lords, and top Heavenly God powerhouses from the various organizations.

The reason for pinning the thread on top was to inform all Gold Sickle members that the Abyss would be extremely dangerous during this period, and everyone should not attempt to enter.

At the same time, it was mentioned that the rest of the Gold Sickle members should follow the orders of the remaining two Blood Sickle members and assist in handling all Death Sickle matters, maintaining Death Sickle's usual operations.

After he finished reading, Lin Huang could not help secretly exclaiming that Virtuoso was bold and reckless.

Virtuoso had invited him to enter the Abyss on the second day that the powerhouses from the major organizations would be there.

Clearly, Virtuoso wanted to take advantage of the conquest expedition and gain more benefits amidst the chaos that ensued.
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