My Vampire System
279 Blue crystals and a teacher?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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279 Blue crystals and a teacher?

A knock was heard on one of the doors in the VIP dorm area, and while waiting for Logan to answer, Quinn started to look around the place. The area around them covered the same size as the area of the boys' dorms just underneath.

Roughly two hundred and fifty students were living below. So it made Quinn start to wonder just how many VIP students were possibly at the school. The rooms were far larger, but still, whenever, Quinn came up here, he never saw anyone come out from their rooms.

It made him think that maybe most of the rooms were empty or they just liked staying indoors all the time like Logan. Maybe there were some students they still hadn't seen or met that were just as strong as Logan and Vorden.

While in the middle of his thought, Logan had opened the door and immediately pulled Quinn in by the sleeve before shutting the door behind them. To his surprise, Peter was already in the room as well.

"I don't sleep, remember?" Peter said, seeing that Quinn looked confused.

"Don't mind him," Logan said. "He was just helping me along with my research." When looking at Peter, it seemed like he was more being used as a human vending machine. In his arms, he held multiple sandwiches and drinks and was just standing there in one place.

If he didn't know any better, he would have thought Peter's master had been Logan rather than himself.

'When did the two of them get so close?' Although this wasn't a bad thing. It was good if Peter could listen to others without the need for Quinn to use his blood or force command on Peter.

Logan had quickly gone to one of his workbenches, where it looked like he was analyzing something. He placed a strange looking digital monocle on one eye and had his tool glove on the other.

"So, what did you want?" Logan asked.

"I actually came to give you a gift..." As Quinn said those words, he stopped midway. When walking over to the bench, he had spotted that Logan already had what Quinn was about to give him.

Currently, on the workbench was the blue crystal, it looked identical to the one Quinn was just about to give. The crystal was placed in a strange device and had multiple wires and crocodile clips attached. Information was being processed from the crystal to the computer.

After placing the crystal down by Logan's side, he let out a big sigh. "I should have known you would have taken one already." Quinn remarked and proceeded to ask, "Well, what is it? Have you figured it out already?"

Logan spun around in his chair and lifted his monocle from his left eye. It was slightly red as if he hadn't blinked for a long time while inspecting the crystal.

"I'm not 100 percent sure but I can tell you one thing. These crystals radiate and give the same energy as a beast crystal." Logan explained.

"What, but there were thousands of them underneath the planet. Is this the first time something like this has been discovered?" Quinn asked.

Logan then proceeded to pick up the crystal. Quinn handed him and replaced it with the other crystal. After confirming that both of the crystals were indeed the same type, he began his explanation.

"I don't think so, I have a little theory of mine you see. I always found it odd that the military was so concerned about conquering the beast planets before the Dalki did. It didn't really make any sense to me. Sure the beasts could be used to make better weapons but why the need to beat the Dalki to the punch?

"I think that the military doesn't just want these planets for the beasts but quite possible for these crystals we found as well. Maybe these crystals are also the answer to where do the magical beasts come from in the first place. They don't mate like normal mammals. We have confirmed that much." Logan explained.

"You said the crystals were like beast crystals, do you know what they do?" Quinn asked.

"That will be part of my next phase, when I find out more information I'll come tell you. Thanks for the second crystal. Honestly, I was afraid of melting the only crystal I had down, so this will be a big help to my research. Oh by the way, did you find anything in the tower that might be interesting?" Logan asked.

Since coming back from the portal outing, Quinn had never mentioned he had gone to the tower. He was always amazed how Logan was able to guess things, and after lying to him before it felt a little harder to lie to him again.

He looked down at his hand and saw the ring, in truth, the only thing he had obtained from the tower was the ring. There were other items, but he didn't get any of the others.

"I only got this beast ring," Quinn said. "There was other stuff there, even a strong looking sword, but we were unable to get it."

Quinn went on to explain further about specific details to Logan. He didn't say it was a vampire tomb, but did talk about the blood crystal he had in his hand and how it got taken away.

"It's a shame about that blood crystal, that might have also helped us out with these blue crystals as well," Logan said as he went back to inspecting the blue crystals.

Looking around the room, Quinn spotted the VR machine. He hadn't used the one in Logan's room for a while now, especially since Logan gave him the stick that allowed him to connect to the private servers from any of the VR capsules.

"Hey, you don't mind if I use that, do you?" Quinn asked.

Logan wafted his hand in the air, not even saying a word. There was no need to ask Logan anymore if he could use it. There was now quite a bond of trust between everyone in the group.

They had experienced a life-threatening event together, and that always seemed to bring people closer together.

After entering the VR pod, Quinn logged into the private server and was now in the white training space.

[System skill: Shadow eater]

[Info: ?????]

For the first time, when unlocking a skill, there was no information on what the skill could do or it's effect. When trying to use the skill, it was the same result.

Before he could use the system to activate the shadow skills, and this was the same with his blood skills. He would only have to think of the skill before using it, and his body would slightly start to react on its own. After repeating this a few times, Quinn got used to the feeling of each action and eventually was able to perform them on his own without the system's guidance.

This made the timing of the skills a lot faster and the flow better. There were some skills that took more time to do that with, such as the Daze, and influence skill which he still relied on the system for its help.

So when he had unlocked the Shadow eater skill, he had assumed the same. Only this time, when trying to use it, nothing would happen at all, and with no description of what the skill did, he was at a loss.

Inside the game and room, he repeatedly tried everything he could with the shadow. Imagining in his head what the skill would be and would try to initiate it using the shadow. After a couple of hours of trying though he felt like giving up.

"System, why can't I activate this skill, it's unlocked, right?"

"Once again, I don't really know. Remember I wasn't the one that created the system, I only helped design it." The system said. "However, I do think there is a way you can still learn it. The only thing I can think of is to find a teacher. Another person who uses the shadow.

"Although, there might not even be anyone that knows how to use the shadow skill that is alive."

Other than skill books, this was another way one would be able to pass down skills to others, by teaching and showing them how to use it. Family members and originals would often do this.

"What do you mean by that?" Quinn asked.

Once again, the system had decided to remain silent about his second question.

"Isn't the shadow an ability only compatible with Vampires though? Where the hell would I find a teacher for that, especially if you're telling me there all dead. Does that mean I will never be able to use this skill!"

Quinn was a little frustrated at the situation he was in. The skill had cost him one of the rewards he had obtained for completing the quest. Also, by being the most expensive shadow skill to unlock in his system he thought that it would be something amazing. Something that might even greatly increase his power for the next outing or even if unknowns were able to come after him.

"Who knows..." the system replied. "I said there might not be anyone alive. That doesn't mean there isn't anyone there."

Somewhere, out on one of the beast planets. Arthur was walking by ruby's side, when suddenly, his nose felt itchy, and a big sneeze came out.

"Whoa, someone must be talking about me," Arthur remarked.


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    《My Vampire System》