My Vampire System
758 A vampire healer
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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758 A vampire healer

Those who had watched everything on the platforms were left confused by the sequence of events that had unraveled. Whatever the case or actual outcome of the fight itself, they didn't think it would lead to this.

One of the Pure leaders was lying there on the floor, still, while another one, who they had just heard being called her daughter, was in a pool of her own blood barely clinging on to life.

"An upset once again that has been hidden behind the shadows." Oscar said.

"Not only that, but it seems like there is a greater story to all of this, something that we are unaware of completely." Mona added, seeing Quinn look uncomfortable about the whole thing happening.

Void and Bonny were unable to film the fight, but as soon as the shadow dome started to disappear, the camera was pointed right at the duel taking place once again. The viewers were in for a surprise as they saw Lucy looking defeated while Quinn stood there fine.

When the dome fell, he also unequipped his equipment, he wasn't even sure if he had the will to fight at that moment if Lucy had tried to attack him. Then the viewers heard the great cry Lucy had done as she saw her daughter.

"So the Cursed faction, they won? Doesn't this mean they are the new era power? They will be invited over to the leaders table with the others."

"I can't believe it. I put all my life savings on Pure winning, how could they lose!"

"Don't you think he went a bit far, he tried to kill the girl. He could have just beaten her. Maybe that's why she gave up."

"Did you see what happened at the end, why did the woman turn into a granny, it looked like she's dead."

Soon after the stream had ended there, and later on an announcement was to be made about the rest of the outcome. While things weren't very clear Bonny and Void thought this would be for the best.

With the duel coming to an end, the place was cleared and the Pure members and Daisy members were told to stay on the planet to remain on standby. Later on they were to negotiate the terms and hand over everything that would now belong to the Cursed faction.

For the time being, the leaders and all the groups returned to their ship, and none of them were to leave. The original plan was to set a meeting inviting the new leader to the table to discuss plans on hunting the demoin tier beast.

However, Quinn wasn't in the mood to talk at the moment, and they could see that by his actions that they had considered strange.

Hayley had confirmed the death of Lucy, and her body was handed over to the Pure group. On a ship there would usually be a place where one could store bodies, freezing them to preserve them for burying later, but when they tried to grab Layla as well, Quinn refused.

He stated if anyone touched her, he would deal with all of them. They stayed back with no leaders and most of them not being from Pure, they didn't care about her that much to get involved.

He then grabbed Layla in both arms, and began to move her while Hayley followed. She wanted to make sure Layla was all okay.

Quinn didn't quite know what happened, but he knew that her mother had given her life in order to save Layla, but they were unsure if that was enough.

After some emergency treatment provided by Hayley, she was placed on one of the medical beds next to Peter. The two of them lied down side by side, and Peter was being much more responsive but he was still weak.

No amount of food was allowing him to heal, but Hayley said it didn't look like he would be dying soon either. It was clear he couldn't fight in the current condition he was in, and his arm was still missing as well.

With Lucy gone, he was starting to wonder if he would ever find a way to get Peter back to normal.

"Is she okay?" Quinn asked.

"As a doctor I have to tell you the truth. I know her mother has given up her life for her, but all she has done is give her more time. The wound won't close up, her heart is still partially beating, but if we try to put an artificial one in there, to get a doner. I'm afraid it will put too much strain on her body and we will lose her. It's not something she can go through in the condition she is in."

While looking at Quinn's saddened face, and seeing him stare at Layla, a thought had come into Hayley's mind. She knew she had seen something similar before. When she was working at the school, the two of them had come in and she thought they were both an item at the school.

It was strange, seeing the two of them like this again. It was a small world. She wondered how these two came to be on opposite sides. She just wished the world didn't need to be this way.

Footsteps could be heard coming up from behind, and when she turned around she was surprised to see that it was her father Paul, but he wasn't alone, and there was someone else with him. A young looking female.

"Hayley why don't you come with me, these two need to talk about something." Paul said and the two of them were off.

There was silence between the two of them and Quinn didn't even look at Kazz but continued to stare at Layla.

"What do you want? Have the vampires asked you to do something?" Quinn asked. Thinking about this, it also reminded Quinn of the strange quest he had gotten during the fight. He now had multiple things to worry about.

"In the vampire world, there is a leader who can probably heal them both. I know the humans can't do anything, but I'm confident one of the vampires can." Kazz said.

"And why should I trust you, why would you choose to help me?" Quinn replied.

"Quinn, I am not here to sabotage you, I am only here to keep an eye on you. Both of these two here are part of the vampire world as well. They will get treatment for being injured on this mission. I can tell they don't have time.

"Although I am a vampire under another family leader, right now my job from the king is to help you. Everything I do is for the vampires. And these two here are vampires."

He didn't know if Kazz was a good actress, or if her words were genuine, but she was certainly very convincing about the whole thing. He didn't know what other choice he had. According to Hayley, Layla would soon die and Peter was now unable to do anything.

"Can I come with you?" Quinn asked.

Kazz shook her head.

"It's not that you can't but I suggest that you don't. There are people who don't like that you are here in the first place. If you go, there is a good chance you won't make it back, or at least stop you from returning."

When saying these words, she was wondering herself why she was telling Quinn this, but at the end of the day, she really was just following her orders as she was meant to.

"Can you do me a favour when you get back?' Quinn asked. "Find out what happened to the Tenth family and report back to me. Keep me updated."

In the middle of the fight, the progress bar for the quest had stopped going down and had disappeared. Quinn was unsure what the number it had stopped at was, he was only sure that it wasn't zero, which meant they were still alive. At least some of them.

His system also still stated that Leo was his selected vampire knight and could still summon him, so he could only assume Leo was okay.

"I'll try." She replied.

Bringing over the teleporter, Kazz held Layla carefully in both arms, while Peter steadied himself onto his two feet. The three of them went through, travelling to the vampire world.

"I hope you can get better." Quinn said.

With a little bit off his mind, there was finally something he could look at that had happened as soon as the match had ended.

[Quest complete]

[Become the new era power]

[Please select your reward…]


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