My Vampire System
856 Ham“s warning
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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856 Ham“s warning

'How long has it been? Being stuck in this goddamn room, it's impossible to tell whether I've been here a day, a week, a month, or longer!' Fex cursed internally, as he looked blankly at the cave walls.

"And worst of all, this is all so BOOORRRIIINNNGGG!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. "Come on! Where's that ugly bald monster from before? I can't even remember anything about my past, so at least give me someone to keep me company! You don't want me to die from boredom, do you?!"

However, no matter how much Fex shouted or how often, he didn't get any reaction from his captor's side.

'I hope that Pig manages to find someone soon. Maybe he already did and I'm just stuck somewhere really far out.' Fex pondered.

Just as he thought that the doors opened and another creature walked in. It was hard to tell if it was the same one he had seen before, or if each time they came it was a different one with just a similar look.

His only company had been these monsters who would come after certain periods of time feeding him blood. Next to them was always a hooded person with their face wrapped up, ready to take care of him.

"What's the bloody point?! How many times do you intend to give me blood, only to take it away immediately after?!" Fex loudly complained. He was no longer afraid of them. The first few times they had arrived he had been worried they had come to finish him off. However, since they merely come to take his blood each time, he soon enough realised that they weren't going to kill him at least for the time being.

"Boy, you have done very well up to this point. Only a few more times and after that, well… Let's just say we haven't decided what will happen." The person answered for the first time, as they went over to inject Fex with a syringe.

The tube was large so they took quite a lot of his blood. As soon as he was within reach, Fex jerked his arm hoping to whack his hand and hit the syringe away, but just like all the other times before he failed.

The accompanying Bloodsucker had grabbed onto one of his arms, while the hooded person grabbed onto the other. Their strength was enough to overpower him, preventing him from moving even an inch. He was forced to endure their bizzare treatment once more.

When they were done, they left the cave, leaving Fex on his own again.

"Hey, where are you going?!" Fex shouted. "If you CAN talk, then at least tell me what you need my blood for! Answer me!"

Fex continued pulling against the chain, but it continued to be in vain.


At the tenth castle, Ham had just woken up, and the first words had been an appal for Quinn to help Fex. They had all known that Fex was in trouble, but deep down they had been hoping that it might have all been some sort of misunderstanding and something else was going on.

"Quinn, please help Fex! Pleeeaaaasssseeee!" Ham urged him, flapping up and down, hovering just above the bed.

"Ham, please calm down first! We don't want you to tire yourself out again! You've been out for days already! If you want us to save Fex, tell us everything that happened to Fex!" Quinn instructed the familiar.

"But you don't understand!" Ham continued to panic, instead of calming down.

"He said, CALM DOWN!" Silver shouted as she placed her hand on top of Ham's head, and forcefully pushed him back onto the bed. She had made sure to keep herself in check, yet the frustration was making her do strange things.

Still, the effectiveness spoke for itself.

"Alright, Ham, do you know where Fex is? What happened to him?" Quinn asked.

"Fex, well I don't know where exactly that place is, but it's not in the Vampire settlement. It took me days to reach here by flying. I was so tired, but I continued on as I was worried about master!" Ham revealed on the verge of tears.

"But I can show you! I remember the way there! Let me guide you and take you back! Only we have to hurry! Fex is trapped in a cave, and chained up! If I've been out for a few days, I don't... I don't know if..if..he's still alive!" Ham started to burst out in tears.

"Stop being so silly." Silver replied annoyed and flicked the familiar's forehead. "If Fex was dead you would no longer be here. If he's far away it's no wonder we couldn't find him. Do you know who captured him? Have you seen what exactly happened after he left the thirteenth castle?"

After realising that Fex must still be alive Ham started to calm down, lying in the soft comfy bed.

"I'm sorry, at the time when Fex was taken away I was hanging around back in our own world. It's been a while since he called for me, so I was just relaxing. However, I could tell something strange was going on. My Porky sense was tingling!"

"I didn't see what took him or what happened, I just know he ended up in a cave filled with Bloodsuckers!"

Hearing this, Leo's ears perked up. After hearing Ham had woken up, he had come into the room.

"Those must be the vampire beasts that attacked the tenth castle!" Leo concluded.

"So Dwight was right!" Quinn commented. "Someone is working with them and for some reason they're after Fex… but why? Ham, are you absolutely sure you don't know anything else? Anything that could give us some clues."

Ham gulped before answering.

"I….I don't know what happened to Fex. I couldn't even ask him. For some reason he's forgotten everything. He's forgotten about who he is and how he got there. He's forgotten about his family and he couldn't even remember you Quinn! Which was why, when I escaped, I came towards you for help."

"He can't remember anything?! Are you sure about that?!" Silver shouted.

"Look, he didn't even know who I was when I appeared before him, ya hear me! I'm not lying! Why would I ever make stuff up in a situation like this? So what are we waiting for. We have to go now!"

'Vincent, Fex had his memories removed… is that really possible?' Quinn asked.

'Fex may be a strong vampire, but it's not like it's completely impossible. The person responsible would have to either have an ability related to doing so or be someone with a very strong influence skill, which could only be.."

'One of the other leaders!' Quinn finished off his sentence for him. This was already predicted since someone had attacked Kazz a vampire knight.

"Quinn." Leo interrupted his train of thought. "I fear that this is part of whoever is behind this plan. The ceremony is important, and from what I have heard, all the leaders must attend. We got some more information, and it seems like you have to be part of the ceremony for an important reason. Maybe they want you to not turn up. Whatever the case I don't want us to play into their hand!"

'Wise words from your vampire knight, Quinn, if he wasn't going to suggest it I was." Vincent agreed.

'I understand, but what about Fex? I can't just leave him there!'

"I'll go!" Silver volunteered. "He is my brother in the first place. Leo is right. The leaders are needed at the ceremony but the Vampire knights not so much. Us being there is more of a formality. I can be replaced."

Even though Silver had volunteered, Quinn still wasn't sure. Silver was strong, but whoever was involved in this had been not only been able to take Fex without leaving any evidence behind but had also taken out Kazz, whose strength should be around Silver's level.

"Quinn, I would also like to request that you can find someone to take my place. Those Bloodsuckers were the ones who attacked the castle, I just know it! I wouldn't have volunteered before but we have Paul and your contraptions, also if you need me in an emergency you are still able to use that skill. If you are afraid I might not be strong enough, don't be. Thanks to you, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with my current strength."

Clenching his fist Quinn needed to make a decision. It would be Ham, Leo and Silver going off on their own, while Quinn was to attend the ceremony, either one could have been a trap, but it was more likely that they hadn't realised Ham had escaped.

"Fine!" Quinn agreed. "Just stay in contact with the mask at all times, I will be keeping mine on during the whole ceremony and will contact you as soon as it's over!"


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