My Vampire System
972 The missing person
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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972 The missing person

Chapter 972 - The missing person

The head general Robin had just left the room, not saying much, saying hardly anything at all, which just added to the confusion of everyone around.

"Did general Robin just lose a duel to a student?" One of them asked amongst the silence.

"I wouldnt say lose, but kind of refusing to fight him."

"Forget that, did you see what he did, he just used two different abilities at the same time. How is that possible?"

"It might be some type of replicating ability, or an illusion, but I dont think the general would act that way if it was an illusion."

The students had many questions to ask, but with the head general not being there, they all turned to look at one person who was. It didnt take long for crowds of students to start rushing over to where Sil was standing.

"That was amazing, who are you?"

"Whats your ability?"

"Do you and the general know each other?"

Seeing the crowds of people rushing towards him, while asking a million different questions, Sil had just frozen in place and didnt know what to do. It looked like the wave of people would consume him just like he had done with Lin using the Earth ability.

However, before the crowds of people could get close, two people started to block them from getting to him. Shiro, and Chucky. Predicting something like this would happen, and seeing Sils awkward character they knew he would freeze.

Stretching out their hands, they were able to block a few of the students but they would soon be trampled by the wave of people.

Hey, you didnt happen to get an ability that can get you out of here did you? Chucky asked.

Hearing this, Sil immediately closed his eyes, and soon he had completely disappeared from sight. No one could see him in the room, but he was still there. One of the abilities he had gotten was an invisibility one, thinking that it might come in handy when trying to get other abilities as well.

With that, Sil managed to get out of the interrogation from all the others. The students quickly gave up after not being able to find him, but when the class ended they wouldnt let up, and soon the news of what happened started to spread around the whole school.

The rest of the day, the students who were looking for Sil never could find him, but there was one person who was more determined than all the others.

Shiro, while everyone was looking for Sil after the class ended, instead Shiro thought it was best to follow Chucky. The two of them had been together not once, but twice now and he didnt think it was just a coincidence.

Yet, for some reason Chucky was incredibly hard to find.

What did that guy even look like again? Did he have wild hair, long hair? Wait, what colour is even his hair? Why is it so hard to remember that guy? Shiro thought.

However, eventually he would run into him, as the two of them attended the same class. When having returned to the classroom, it seemed like news had reached the ears of the classmates as well. They twisted and turned trying to look for Sil but he was nowhere to be found.

"Hey Shiro, is it true that Sil beat Robin Graylash?" Venus asked, approaching him with Swin. The two of them always seemed to be together like another pair.

"Um, I mean not quite, the two did have a match, and the general all of a sudden forfeited, so I guess you could say he won." Shiro replied, but this wasnt why Shiro was interested in Sil.

It was his ability, somehow he not only had the Graylash ability he had another. Which meant there was a way to learn abilities without being a part of that family, Shiro thought. Or a stronger ability.

Eventually, Chucky had gone into the room but the lesson had begun. It was tutor time, so Quinn only needed to take registration and catch up on what all the students were doing or how their day was going.

"Teacher, where is Sil?" One of the students asked.

"Sil is sick for the time being." Quinn replied.

Hearing this, Shiro was starting to think something was up.

Hardy is part of the Cursed faction and at the end, Robin said something about saying hello to the Cursed leader? Is Sil already a part of the Cursed faction? He started to think. Maybe Hardy is covering for him.

Shiro didnt want to admit it, but the Cursed faction was getting more interesting by the second. When class had ended, Shiro decided to stay behind, he waited and saw that Chucky was waiting as well.

In the end, everyone had left the classroom, and now only Chucky and Quinn were left there.

"Shiro, do you need help with something?" Quinn asked.

"I wanted to speak to Chucky if possible, its about Sil. I know you guys are working together, youre all a part of the Cursed faction, arent you? Including Sil." Shiro claimed. "You dont have to lie to me, and I just wanted to say thank you. Sil saved me back then and I wanted to know more about him?"

Both Chucky and Quinn looked at each other for a second.

"Alright Sil, if you want to, you can come out now, I think we need to rethink this whole plan in the first place." Quinn said.

A few seconds later, Sil seemingly seemed to appear out of nowhere standing by Quinns side.

"Quinn, Im sorry, things just got out of hand, I was trying to do everything I can." Sil said.

Now Chucky was visibly shaking his head as well, and Shiro took a step back while trying to look his teacher Hardy in the face.

"Quinn…" the name seemed to sound oddly familiar and it took him a minute until he had realised.

"Quinn? As in the leader of the Cursed faction Quinn Talen?" Now things were starting to fall into place about who he really was. Why did their teacher have so many connections and power?

Now, he was standing in front of the world leaders. Equal to a president or prime minister in past times.

However, it was only through the few interactions he had that he was starting to learn just why the Cursed faction was allowed to be on the leaders table.

The first thing Shiro did was get down on one knee and bow his head down.

"Thank you grand leader for looking after me as a student. You protected me from punishment and at the same time your men have protected me again."

What Shiro was doing now was all natural, he didnt know how to react but thought he should at least be this respectful.

"You can get up. Dont worry, here I am just a teacher, and I dont make those in the Cursed faction do that type of thing so why would I make my students? The only thing I ask of you, is if you can be a little tight lipped about this whole incident, as for Sil, well it seems like the whole school already knows about him now." Quinn said, sounding a little disappointed.

He wanted Sil to make some friends while being here, but he had only been in the school two days, and if others thought he was still a student after his display, it would cause a lot of problems for Sil.

There would be students challenging him to fights, others asking for details about his family and more, it just wasnt worth the trouble.

"Actually?" Quinn said realising there was another solution. "Why dont we start again, head over to Peter, and ask him to change your appearance. Ill have to transfer you to another class, I wont be your teacher anymore but Ill get Chucky to transfer as well. Im sure no one will realise hes no longer in this class, he seems to have that effect." Quinn said.

They had talked about what to do when Sil had come to him. Sil was the first person to explain what actually happened before Quinn had heard the rumours and the two of them were trying to figure out what he wanted to do, and surprisingly, Sil had said he wanted to stay in school.

"If this is the best way, then so be it." Sil said, ready to go invisible once more and head over to where Peter was.

"Wait!" Shiro shouted, as he could see Sils legs disappearing.

"I wanted to ask you, your ability is strong and I currently dont have an ability, so I was wondering if you could teach it to me?" Shiro pleaded.

Sil looked at Quinn who did nothing but smile back.

"Let me give you some advice. My ability is not suited for just anyone and I wish to never spread this further, but if you are chasing after my ability because of strength then dont. Remember what I said about there being abilities stronger than that of the Graylash family, well you have one of them right in front of you now." Sil said, pointing towards Quinn.

"The shadow ability?" Shiro said.


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