My Vampire System
1020 Fex“s Secret Part one
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1020 Fex“s Secret Part one

Chapter 1020 - Fex's Secret (Part one)

While running through the destroyed shelter, Fex and Samantha realised that more destruction had been done then they first thought. There was hardly a structure that was still left standing in the area they were in. Even if one of the buildings hadnt been directly hit, the shockwaves of fights and ability users all over had caused them to crumble.

The only thing that was still holding strong was the shelter walls that surrounded the whole place. This was due to part of them being built out of Glathrium. However, for a shelter as unimportant as this one, there wouldnt be much put into the walls.

While running through the destruction, Fex could suddenly hear someone shouting for help, the voice was weak and faint. He quickly changed direction from where he and Samantha were heading and headed to where the noise was coming from.

"Theres someone under this rubble!" Fex said.

How did he hear that? We were so far away and there was so much noise around us. Samantha thought, but carried on helping Fex. She was going to use her ability to move some of the rubble, but before she could, using his b.a.r.e hands, Fex had moved the rubble until he had eventually found a mother and a young boy.

I almost forgot that this boy had strength to match the Dalki, theres also the string ability he used, his strong red aura along with that soul weapon of his. This teacher, hes from the Cursed faction, right? Why is everyone from that faction so… strange.

Fex didnt know the way to the emergency centre but lifted them with ease and went to Samantha who was deep in her thoughts.

"Tell me where I should take them." Fex said in a rush.

"Oh, follow me." Samantha led the way. Even if Fex was strange, at least he seemed like he wasnt a bad person.

When arriving at the emergency centre, Samantha noticed that there were a couple of Mechs there standing guard next to a giant trap door that led underground, and there were a few men in military uniform dotted around.

"Head General Samantha!" The general said after one of them went to guide the injured into the emergency centre. "We couldnt locate you so we thought something happened, Im glad youre…" Before finishing his sentence, the military man noticed that General Samantha wasnt okay at all, she was out of breath and sweating with torn clothes.

If they didnt find her straight away, it could only mean she was dealing with a Dalki of her own and now the soldier was reluctant to tell her, but continued anyway. It was his duty.

"Report, the Mechs along with sergeant Mark of the shelter have been able to defeat one of the invading Dalki. They are currently moving onto the next. However, there is an issue. A two spiked Dalki has destroyed all the forces we have sent out to it.

"We havent been able to get in contact with Mark since he went off, we are hoping for some orders based on the situation. For now, we have guarded the two emergency centres." The soldiers said.

Guarding the centres was good and a bad thing at the same time, Samantha thought. In a way it was telling the enemy that all the humans were hiding in this place, but if they didnt defeat the Dalki, how long could the humans survive in the shelters without the teleporters being turned on?

Because of this, Samantha took charge and made the decisions.

"You guys, come with us and we will head off to face the two spiked Dalki."

When she said these words, she could see the worried look on the soldiers faces.

"But Maam, are you able to fight? I know you are strong, but against a two spiked Dalki you will need to be in top shape."

For a second, Samantha looked at Fex.

"We can both fight, she said. "We just need you for support."

Soon, the group of them were off. Two mechs, five soldiers, Fex, and Samantha were heading to deal with the two spiked Dalki. While two remained to help any more injured that would arrive.

While running ahead, Samantha had many questions on her mind.

"When you stabbed yourself with that black needle, you got stronger and you said the same thing would happen to me, right? Then will it give me a little boost with my MC cells?"

Samantha had recovered some of her cells, but not all and she was afraid of just how long she could fight for.

Fex looked at the needle in his hand with the green liquid. He was sure the green liquid would do nothing to empower her, so it was best he injected the liquid with the needle in himself first and then used the needle to control Smantha.

There was one big problem however, even if the needle did give her additional MC points to use, Fex couldnt make much use of her. The main reason for this was because having the needle in the human also made it so he could control that person from a single point.

However, controlling Samantha wouldnt do much at all. Since she wasnt a physical fighter and was one who relied on elemental powers. Fex couldnt control how one could use their elemental powers but only their body.

This was why he preferred hand to hand combat, or weapon fighters like Erin and Dennis.

"The Dalki, you were trying to kill it in one shot right?" Fex replied. "When I stab this needle in you, you will be on your own. You will have enough energy to use your nine tail trick one more time. At that point, you need to do what you can to kill it." Fex said.

It didnt take long for them to find out where the two spiked Dalki was, as the ground started to rumble as it caused meaningless destruction. It had punched a partial building causing it to completely collapse. It also hadnt moved too far from the crater of the black pod that it had landed in.

Fex went ahead of the others and the first thing he did was stab himself with the green needle. The green blood effect would last a while but the power of the needle would only last while it was in ones body, so he couldnt have both effects of it while using it on Samantha.

"Fire shots only when you think they are necessary, try to injure it as little as possible!" Fex shouted.

The soldiers and the two mechs looked at each other.

"Listen to him, he will be in charge of this fight." Samantha said.

No questions asked, if Samntha ordered it they would follow this stranger to them.

"So Im really going to be doing this again." Fex said, walking forward and looking at the giant Dalki that had lifted both its arms in the air and slammed it into the ground.

Fex had moved out of the way and placed red pieces of string on the ground, there was the perfect chance to hit it but he didnt and the others in the mech and soldiers were itching to fire.

"Dont, trust him!" Samantha said, seeing they were about to attack.

Fex then climbed on its back, passing red string over the back of its body and attempted to go through the gap between its shoulders and arms. However, he wasnt quick enough as his legs had been grabbed and he was slammed to the ground.

The Dalki was then ready to stomp on Fex, but the ability users and Mechs fired first, hitting the Dalki. Even if it didnt pierce its skin or hurt the Dalki much, it did give a split second so that Fex could move out of the way.

The others seeing this were surprised. A human had just been slammed into the ground by a two spiked Dalki and was fine. Taking the flask out on him, Fex drank a bit of the blood he still had left. He had injuries and he needed blood to heal them.

"Why is he taking a drink during his fight?" A soldier asked. When the Dalki prepared to kick Fex, he managed to dodge this time, moving to the side and getting closer. When he reached its body he slid underneath the Dalki.

The big guys are fast and strong, but with the power of the needle Im just as strong! Fex thought, finally his preparations had been made, to take down the Dalki.


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