My Vampire System
1299 An old enemy
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1299 An old enemy

Finally, after what seemed like endless fighting to Quinn, he could tell that the Masked were starting to settle down. More so, he also noticed that none of the other Cursed faction members seemed to be in trouble. For now at least, which was why Quinn was able to continue thinning their numbers while strengthening himself.

He checked his status which now displayed.

[2643 MC cells]

'Fighting all of these Masked hasn't been too bad for me. Not only was I able to increase my maximum MC cells, but also recover some of my MC points so I can use my shadows to fight again. After gaining some of my MC points back, using the dome to speed up my recovery and fight the rest of them was a good idea.' Quinn thought to himself.

After learning that those Masked were merely clones of Jim, Quinn felt a lot more at ease killing them, and during his little massacre he had also discovered a few other things about the Masked.

For one, none of the Masked seemed to have a blood crystal inside of them, despite them clearly being vampires. Quinn had asked Vincent about this, but unfortunately the other had never been able to successfully clone one, so he lacked the necessary knowledge to be able to answer him.

Nevertheless, that didn't stop the Masked from using their Blood powers, so the best explanation Vincent had on that matter was that it might have been one of the drawbacks of the clones, potentially even the very reason why clones didn't really enjoy a long life expectancy.

Regardless of this, Quinn was happy to use the clones to increase his MC cells, allowing him to block stronger attacks with his shadow, gain more shadows to fight with and lastly use the Shadow Overload skill for a longer period of time.

It was then, when the Masked that had surrounded Quinn were down to the last thirty, that they had stopped engaging him, rather they remained on their place. This approach made it seem as if they were buying time for something.

It was at that moment, once again Quinn could feel the ground slightly vibrating. His ears were the first to catch the loud noise and the next second he could see a large beam of blue light off in the distance.

When the Dragon had been attacked it had come from behind Quinn, yet this new attack had come from his front, which was why the Cursed faction leader was heading there.

'Damn it, it looks like I might have wasted too much time on you guys!' Quinn thought, no longer caring about using the Shadow eater to improve his MC cells marginally and instead went to finish them all off quickly instead.

And then finally there was only one. This one felt different to the rest of the Masked, as he was shaking and Quinn had left this one on its own on purpose. Quinn took a step forward, and immediately hit both of the hands that had been raised in order to defend the masked man.

"I knew from the beginning of the fight that you were different. I'm surprised you didn't run away until this point." Quinn said as he lifted his hand pulling the mask off from the person's face and threw it on the floor, quickly stomping on it breaking it to pieces.

The person behind the mask had tears already running down their face, and for once it wasn't Jim's face that greeted him like all of those others he had unmasked.

"Please don't kill me, we were forced to come here, We were told to fight! Otherwise if we didn't we would be killed!" It looked like a fairly young man, older than Quinn himself in his late twenties.

Seeing this, there was something bothering him, why would the humans be working with Jim in the first place.

"Tell me who you are. What do you know about the person you are working for and why are you here?" Quinn asked, since the person already seemed to be willing to speak, Quinn didn't feel the need to use the Influence skill at all. Especially since he was pressed for time.

Often, the influence skill would be more direct with extracting information from one, causing Quinn to ask multiple questions.

"T-truedream! Y-you must have heard of our family name before, right?" The man stuttered slightly in fear. "No I'm sure you have, we, the humans, all of us here are those that used to belong to the Truedream family! "

Hearing this, Quinn was so surprised that he almost dropped the person to the ground, but another voice soon snapped him out of it.

"What did you say?" Vorden asked from behind. "I thought the Blades were the ones that had gotten rid of the Truedream family? Didn't they retaliate after attacking?"

Quinn still hadn't yet recovered from the shock of the news, as he saw Vorden here but at the same time he too was interested in what the person had to say.

"It's true, we were attacked by the Blade family. However, a few of us had managed to escape back to Dreamland city, but what surprised Trudream, and the rest of us, was that while we were away another group had attacked us as well, they captured Jack and the rest of us."

Quinn had a feeling that Truedream was still alive, but for him to also be working for the other side was not what he had expected, just what Jim was planning to do with him.

It was then while in the middle of these thoughts, Quinn had also ran into Peter, and his two Lesser Wights, from the part of the jungle that was still left.

"Whoa, I mean I thought I had killed a lot, but Quinn what did you do?" Peter asked as he went through a field full of dead bodies.

Quinn didn't really know what to do with the person from Truedream but thought that they could perhaps get more answers from him about Jim, and maybe more details about where they were or what they were planning.

In the meantime, the rest had told Quinn what they needed, Vorden had informed him of what the rest of the Cursed faction were doing, and Peter had updated what was happening with Eno and Richard.

"A six spiked Dalki?" Quinn questioned, having trouble believing it. He clenched his fist, trying to think about what he could do against one, if he had already been powerless in front of Slicer without the help of the Blades. How would he fare against the six spike?

"Quinn, I think it's obvious that we won't be able to fight them on our own. With that kind of power they might really succeed in taking the Dragon. There's no point in us staying here, so let's head back and regroup at the Cursed faction ship. Maybe we can figure out something else. Hunt more Demon tier beasts, get better equipment and fight them later." Vorden suggested.

Honestly, Vorden when coming here didn't think he needed to do much convincing to the two of them, he thought it was clear that this whole mission had been one giant failure, but there was a certain look in Quinn's eye that said he wasn't planning to go back.

'Quinn, I don't like asking you for so many favours, but I think there might be something I can do. Take me to Jim, let me speak to him.' Vincent requested.

After thinking about it for a while, and with the little push from Vincent, Quinn had made his decision.

"I think there is still something I can do… no, that I have to do. Don't worry about me, with the Shadow ability, I can travel to one of you even without the teleporter. Take Peter and this guy with you, I believe he might have some more information for us."

The man looked like he was about to complain, but then staring at the dead bodies on the field, he quickly shut his mouth, realising that he was still lucky to be alive. Who cared who he used to work for, he just wanted to live.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to risk my life for Eno. You all know how much I dislike him, but if I can bring him back with us.... I still think he might be able to help us with Arthur as well. And...They have dealt a big blow to us, while we still haven't dealt a big blow to them. I can't just leave them like that."

The two of them understood, and it looked like they also wanted to stay with Quinn, that was until Quinn could feel a connection inside him once again.

"The others, they're under attack!" Quinn called out. "The rest of the Masked must be attacking the guys at the temple. Please hurry up, they will need your help! Head back to the Cursed ship, it's an order!"

The two of them looked at Quinn for a few seconds, before they started to head off in the other direction.

"Vorden!' Quinn shouted out, just before he fully left. "Who was it?"

From just this much, Vorden knew what Quinn wanted to know.

"...It was Wevil."

"I will make them pay for taking his life!"


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