Mystical Journey
487 Danger 1
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Mystical Journey
Author :Get Lost
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487 Danger 1

Chapter 487: Danger 1
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as she spoke, the other four with dark black hoods, including Garen, all stepped out. Four others in regular black hoods, including the Willow Valley Master and company, also joined in. That made eight in total.

Number One nodded.

"Okay, the rest can leave now."

Quietly, the others all released their own black bubbles and flew away from this area, going past the dim grey bowl-shaped barrier, and quickly disappearing into the night sky.

After the others had left, Number One turned around and led the rest out of the grey barrier, walking towards the depths of the forest.

The nine of them walked through the forest for several minutes, soon enough, a small white mansion appeared ahead of them.

There were tall walls all around the mansion, a stone pillar next to the white metal gate, the words ‘Enderian Ambassadorial Hall’ carved onto it.

Number One led the group to the front door, and the door opened automatically with a creak, there wasn’t anybody at all inside. The whole estate seemed unnaturally quiet.

The group walked into the estate, and the door automatically closed behind them. Going to the second floor, in a wide room like a study, Number One finally came to a stop.

There was already a circle of chairs arranged in the room, more than ten of them, and everyone took their seats.

Scylla and Garen sat next to each other, and the others surrounded the other two strong fighters in dark black hoods, taking their seats next to them. Number One sat in the very center.

"Now can we start?" The old geezer leading the other group asked impatiently, he knew Scylla, and he was one of the five strongest people. He sat next to a normal black hooded person. The geezer’s number was seven.

"That’s right, we don’t have as much free time as you." The other warrior on his left nodded, he had number two.

Number One laughed lightly.

"We can start whenever.

He pointed at the ground with one hand.

The floor between the people whirred, and a translucent crystal pillar rose from the ground. The middle of the crystal pillar was completely transparent, it had a hollow in the center, and a wad of twitching yellow mud was floating inside.

The mud was only the size of a fist, yellow in color, and there was a pair of large black eyes on it, blinking occasionally.

"Earth God’s Origin, one standard unit, if you need it you can trade." Number One said calmly.

"I want it!" Number Two said immediately. He raised his hand, and a light blue bottle left his hand, and at the same time he grabbed at the air from the distance, and the Gaia’s Origin shot straight out of the crystal pillar, disappearing into his sleeve with a whoosh.

Number One didn’t seem offended either, nodding and catching the small clue bottle, after she opened the cap and looked inside, she kept it away quietly.

"The next one." After the crystal pillar sank down, it rose up again soon, and this time there was a cloud of faint black mist inside, forming a tiny whirlwind, the small black tornado whirring away, until the faint sound of wind howling could be heard through the whole room.

"Wind God’s Origin." Number One said mildly.

"This was the one I booked last time." Scylla said. He also threw out a small black bottle with one hand, and walked up himself, carefully transferring the small tornado into a black hourglass item. No one knew how it was done, but he just had to touch the crystal pillar lightly and everything was done in an instant.

After Scylla kept the item away, he sat down once more, looking rather satisfied.

"I don’t need the others, it’s up to you guys now." He said softly to Garen and the others.

Garen nodded, while the other two just smiled.

After that there were still some more lower quality and lower level Cthulhu's Origins, they were all taken away by the four normal black hooded people, the Willow Valley Master and the other three were slightly weaker, so after they got their items, they immediately bid farewell and left without hesitation.

Soon enough, there were only the five strongest people left in the room.

Garen watched them all coldly, the Glittering Water he had was not enough to exchange for middle- or upper-level Cthulhu's Origins, but he could still get lower-level ones. One lower-level Origin required ten units of Glittering Water, he had thirty units of Glittering Water on him now, in other words, he could exchange them for three lower-level Origins.

As for which three, he would need to consider them carefully, because they needed to match his attributes.

The Origins were taken out one by one, evidently there was one split out from each Cthulhu, the nineteen Cthulhus, including the Cthulhu King, there was one for each, but of course nobody could exchange for any of the middle-level ones, because how long had it been since the Glittering Pond appeared? Nobody at all could have collected fifty units of Glittering Water.

"There are still a few left, they are all lower-level Origins, it depends on you all whether you need them or not." Number One said mildly.

"The price for your middle-level Origins is so high, I bet you don’t really plan on trading them off to outsiders, do you?" Number Two said coldly.

"How could that be, if we didn’t want to trade, why would we need to bring them out?" Number One laughed and replied.

"Alright, tell me, what are the ones left. Hehe, if it weren’t for the fact that these things can only be split and taken by the Cthulhuism Society headquarters, I would have killed a few Cthulhus myself to get them. Why would I need to waste my time here!" Geezer Number Seven said impatiently.

Number One didn’t get angry, she just flicked her finger, and the crystal pillar in the ground rose again, this time it was filled with several differently colored Cthulhu's Origins.

Red, white, black, purple, the four different Origins formed a small square in the hollow, dominating one corner each. Red flames, white ice, black blood, and purple sand. The four types of Origins each presented a different magical sight.

"These are the Fire God’s, Frost God’s, War God’s, and Time God’s Origins, of these the War God’s and Time God’s Origins are lower-level, the other two are lower quality, why don’t you see which ones you need." Number One said calmly.

"Cronus?" Garen was slightly surprised, he didn’t think that there was someone among the Cthulhus who dared to use such a powerful title, after all an attribute such as time was not something totem power could interfere with.

"It’s just a Cthulhu who can turn back time a little, the title sounds very strong, but in truth they’re not much." Scylla’s voice came from above, "I met him before, he’s ranked number three among the lower-level Cthulhus, he passes but barely, that crafty guy."

The only high-level one was the Cthulhu King himself, the middle-level ones were the Water God, Light God and Thunder God. The lower-level ones included the Wind God, War God, Time God and the like, as for the last ten Cthulhus, they were considered lower quality.

"I want the Fire God’s.""I want the War God’s."

The voices spoke again.

"I want the War God’s and the Time God’s." Garen’s voice seemed to have clashed with another. He paused slightly, and glanced towards the direction of the voice, the one fighting for it with him was Number Two.

Number Two hesitated, and looked over as well.

"If you want it, sir, then I’ll let go." He actually gave up straight. "I already got two Origins just now, this time I’ll leave it to Number Eleven."

Garen was ready to fight for it, but he didn’t expect the other person to just give up, so he nodded at him as an expression of gratitude.

Both were lower-level Origins, that made twenty units of Glittering Water in total, Garen wrapped the bottles of Glittering Water together, and then threw the package at Number One. At the same time he went up to keep the two Origins into the crystal ball container he had prepared beforehand one by one.

He had only meant to use these two Origins for research purposes. Before he found out how to use them, he definitely wouldn’t absorb them carelessly. And the healing effects of the Glittering Water were very formidable as well, he also needed to keep a portion of that, and couldn’t just exchange it all.

The two Origins he kept into the crystal ball were black and purple respectively, forming two differently-sized areas of light inside the ball, the two powers seemed to be resisting against each other, with the black one being stronger as it took up most of the space.

Keeping the Origins’ crystal ball away carefully, Garen returned to his seat.

He waited until all the others also completed their transactions, and agreed on which Origins they needed for the next time, before the deal was finally over.

Together with Scylla, Garen used a special item to release the black bubble, sitting inside as they immediately went on a ride through the trees, finally arriving back at the Ancestral God Tree departure point Garen had been at.

The night was slowly becoming brighter.

The black bubble slowly landed on the departure point, and Scylla took a black ring out of his pocket.

"This is a simple gadget we can use to communicate from now on, it’s the basic version, so it can only contact up to ten people, if there’s anything good from now on you can also contact us. Of course, if we get any good info, and couldn’t monopolize it alone, we’ll ask you for help as well, we could all use the benefits to improve together."

"Improve together." Garen smiled too, accepting the ring and putting it on immediately. Even if he still needed to go back and check it out, naturally he couldn’t do something so inconsiderate right in front of the other party’s face.

Another source, be it in information or fighting power, could be of great use in a pinch.

The other party was evidently also favoring the Black Swamp Palace and the Snowy Mountain powers behind him. Scylla also obviously represented Ender’s power. Naturally, that would involve more than just him alone.

"The others who own this sort of ring are Ender’s two Form Fives…" Scylla reminded softly, and it instantly allowed Garen to understand, so the importance of this ring in his heart increased another level. At the same time Scylla had pointed out that the Red Leaf Tower Master and the Willow Valley Master who had been with them probably didn’t have the right to get this ring.

"Much thanks."

The two of them separated at the departure point, after watching the black bubble rise into the night air and until it totally vanished, Garen finally walked towards his own tree hole.

It was all quiet inside the tree hole, Garen patted the little green fruit next to the door.

With a smack, the whole ceiling of the tree hole lit up with a layer of dim green light, as though a lamp was illuminating the entire tree hole.

Garen looked around for a while and didn’t discover anything out of the ordinary, so only then did he take off his black hood and reveal the clothes inside.

He walked to the exact center of the tree hole room, raised his left hand, and pressed lightly in the air.


A cloud of black poisonous mist spread out in all directions with him in the center, and rapidly reached every corner of the room.

The poisonous mist scattered for a few minutes, until the few insects in the corners of the tree hole utterly melted into pools of pus, and then it retreated back into Garen’s body.

He looked around the room, satisfied, and the blood-red secret technique aura flowed out from beneath his feet again. Soon it had completely covered the whole tree hole room. After ensuring that the aura had completely covered the room, Garen picked up the radio on the table, turned it on lightly, and began to tune it to the channel frequencies according to the numbers in his memory.
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