Mystical Journey
763 Settled 1
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Mystical Journey
Author :Get Lost
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763 Settled 1

Chapter 763: Settled 1
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The heavy rain flew in the wind, pouring down in spades. Visibility went no further than a couple meters.

In the torn-up forest, trees were bent and broken, the leaves mingling with the grass, all of it slowly growing purple.

In the middle of the forest, a large cloud of purple mist had directly covered up an area several dozen meters in diameter.

AG and Tu Lan stood next to each other in front of the purple mist, quietly watching the roiling mist inside. A stream of purple liquid flowed out from underneath both their feet, going straight into the purple cloud.

As the purple stream flowed away, the two of them also grew slightly paler.

"How is it?" Tu Lan asked softly.

AG's whole body was drenched in the rain, the rainwater flowing down his hair and face, completely soaking his clothes, but he did not care at all. He just kept his eyes fixed on the roiling purple mist in front of him.

"We have gathered all this poisonous mist specifically to counter them over such a long period of time, and we also melted our Death-Apostle-level vital blood into power to suppress them, they should be unconscious right now."

" hundred and twenty-eight poisons and hallucinogens specifically targeted at Blood Breeds, even I would not be able to escape that within a short period of time. Our witchcraft will probably be successful this time." Tu Lan nodded. She had only asked so she could determine whether their plan had succeeded this time or not.

"I never expected it, I had even been a member of the Wellington family, but now I'm gonna make a move against my own clan chief," she sighed.

"There's a saying from the East, that water flows to the depths and people walk towards the heights. The old and broken should be eliminated, this is the natural selection of the new over the old," AG said matter-of-factly. "Speaking of which, are you interested in becoming an Elder of our Lightless Alliance? Until now, we only have three Elders in myself, Garen and Nasira."

"An Elder?" Tu Lan began to consider it.

From the battle with the Death Apostles just now, she could tell that AG earned his title as a witch equivalent in power to the Death Apostles. He had strange and unpredictable moves, took the initiative to rush forth for close-distance combat, but he also later lured the enemy into breaking ranks, allowing the purple mist to instantly separate the four of them.

Compared to Blood Breeds, witches with power equivalent to Blood Apostles definitely had many more moves. Although they did not have the immortality Blood Breeds had, their many different moves were also rather troublesome to counter.

Tu Lan thought about it, and at the same time, the black grassy plain that had been reduced the ashes and had fallen silent, began to ring again with light footsteps.

In the pouring rain, these footsteps were barely audible, but AG and Tu Lan were both top-level fighters, so they naturally could immediately tell where the steps were coming from, and they raised their head to look at that direction.

Through the veil of rain, a familiar figure was slowly walking towards them.

Blonde-haired and one-eyed, with handsome features, the clothes on his upper body had been completely stripped away, revealing powerful muscles. On his lower half, he only wore black slacks.

"Garen!" AG's expression lit up. "You won?!"

It was not only him, beside him, Tu Lan looked rather happy as well. Garen's appearance clearly indicated that he had won his battle with that mysterious woman from just now.

"How are things on your side?" Garen glanced at the purple mist, and felt the highly poisonous mist roiling inside, frowning slightly.

"This is the top-level poison mist I created, those four should have probably all fainted by now, their regeneration ability will definitely be drastically reduced by this," AG said confidently. "Not only is this purple mist highly poisonous, it also contains the combined power of Nasira and the hundred witches under her command, so it is completely airtight and secure. There is no way they can escape!"

Garen nodded, and said no more. AG and Tu Lan wanted to ask him about that mysterious woman, but they did not know how to start.

Garen was also just waiting quietly for the purple mist's time to end.

He had also guessed that the Blood Alliance would merge with Nadia, that was his worst case scenario, but he had prepared for it nonetheless. In the end, it proved useful.

The Blood Alliance had already thrown everything into this gamble, even their mysterious fighter who no one knew about was willing to join the Alliance, so it was obvious that they had gotten desperate.

"What about Ashen?" he asked quietly.

"There's a good guy right there. No need to worry about him, as long as we don't kill the Death Apostles, he won't make the first move, he should probably be recuperating in Australia right now," AG replied. "He's already contacted me directly, the Blood Alliance has nothing to do with him from now on. I bet these guys from the Blood Alliance totally broke his heart, hehe…" He chuckled deeply.

"End it quick," Garen sighed. Suddenly he felt bored of it all, fighting back and forth with the Blood Breeds was actually an exercise in futility. In his eyes, the Blood Breeds were no more than this world's backwater natives, fragile and weak.

But thinking about the situation from before, Garen still perked himself up, and maintain vigilance.

After all, Madia had used this common understanding of theirs to hide her secret plan in the Blood Breed Death Apostles' attack. It was exactly that Death Apostle Mongo whom he looked down on, that suddenly used something he could not control while attacking, and managed to wound Garen. After that, he was nearly ambushed by Nadia. If it weren't for the Buddha Mother giving him time to catch his breath and lighten his injuries, that instant would probably have been enough to kill Garen in an instant.

A hole in his soul as well as a sneak attack wounding the middle of his forehead., if he did not have the Buddha Mother, he might truly have fallen right there and then,

Looking at the loud of purple mist in front of him. Garen raised his hand lightly, the shadow behind him abruptly elongating, turning into a wisp of black smoke that darted into the purple mist.

"Let me speed up the process."

The assimilation of the black smoke into the purple mist seemed to give it a huge push.

This black smoke of Garen's was actually the Slaughtering Hand Life Force that he had trained to preserve Black Sethe. By mixing this Life Force with his aura and emitting it to add it to the purple mist, he used the changes in Nasira and co's witchcraft to turn it into a huge driving force.

In just an instant, the roiling purple mist grew a lot thicker.

Seeing such an intense change, AG's pupils dilated slightly, but he hid it quickly. Beside him, Tu Lan glanced at him without her expression changing, but no one knew if she had noticed his expression. Once the Blood Alliance's four great Death Apostles were sealed off and unconscious, the Blood Alliance would no longer be a threat, and the strongest power in the world would be the Lightless Alliance. When that time comes, the struggle for power…

As Garen joined in, the purple mist finally finished its process, and as AG and Tu Lan watched on, dumbfounded, the witchcraft that should have taken another half hour rapidly began to dissipate after a mere twenty-or-so seconds.

At the very core of the purple mist, there was a deathly pale sphere of roiling white mist, this mist slowly fell to the ground after the purple mist dissipated.


The white mist sphere burst apart instantaneously, and immediately vanished without a trace. The four Death Apostles who had been there all disappeared, leaving behind a white stone plaque embedded into the ground. There were extremely complicated symbols and glyphs flowing on the stone plaque.

"Allow me." AG took one step forward, his staff pausing after it tapped the ground.

Instantly, the purple stream under his and Tu Lan's feet disappeared completely, and the black smoke that Garen shot out also flew back to him of its own accord.

Another pause.

The symbols on the stone plaque began to spin rapidly.

The last pause.


In an instant, the entire stone plaque broke apart abruptly, turning into four wisps of white smoke that shot off in four directions, disappearing into the veil of rain in an instant.

"It is complete." AG heaved a breath, "There are specially-designed suppression tombs in the four directions, used to suppress the Death Apostles vital blood and Blood Nucleus, as long as we keep maintaining the poison supply, there's no way they can wake up for another few thousand years."

"Ashen is still around," Tu Lan reminded him.

"As long as we have His Excellency Garen, Ashen is meaningless by himself," AG laughed. "We have His Excellency Garen to thank this time for heavily wounding the four Death Apostles, otherwise we would not be able to suppress them this easily either."

"Forget it, let's go back." Garen, however, did not look particularly happy. He turned away and walked into the heavy rain, the sound of an engine approaching from the distance, evidently the Holy Fist Palace's army was rushing here.

AG and Tu Lan exchanged a glance, both slightly surprised. They had destroyed the Blood Breeds and suppressed them completely, this was a great deal, but Garen seemed kind of listless and disinterested.

But no matter what, AG still felt extremely happy. He had finally gotten his long-awaited revenge, and the troubles he had always kept in his heart were solved, so he felt unspeakably light.


Within a few short days, the people in power throughout all the continents and countries in the world had all heard of the battle between the Lightless Alliance and the Blood Alliance.

They had been controlled by the Blood Alliance before, but now they all saw the way things were going, and all turned to stand in line behind the Lightless Alliance. At that moment, thanks to mass propaganda against them, the Blood Breeds became the villains in the eyes of all. Some past events as a result of other triggers were also forced onto the Blood Breeds, in order the persuade the unknown and unknowing public.

The United Nations quickly declared a blood-sucking rabies epidemic one week later, and made all Blood Breeds, including vampires, examples of this epidemic. They even announced the features of this disease all across the world, and requested that all countries quarantine such patients, in order to prevent them from wreaking havoc in society.

According to the symptoms spread by the United Nations, the main characteristics of blood-sucking rabies included a pale complexion and eyes that turned red when the person was angry. The patient also needed to drink blood every so often. They also had mental problems, in that they would think that they were vampires, resulting in physical and mental confusion.

Immediately, the Holy Fist Palace and the Lightless Alliance sent their men out to help the governments catch these 'blood-sucking patients'. The Holy Fist Palace found the Blood Alliance headquarters almost immediately. After Tu Lan took the lead and killed some stubborn ones, they absorbed most of the Blood Breeds from the old light party, and the extremist secret party members were mostly killed in secret. The global situation began to settle down.


Standing on the roof of a tall building, Garen's hair billowed in the wind.

He was holding a cup of freshly-brewed green tea, there was still steam rising from it. Standing by the banister, Garen looked down at Washington at night.

The Capitol in the distance looked like half an upside-down cucumber, and was strangely funny. Under the illumination of the nighttime lights, the whole building was dyed platinum.

Beside the Capitol, there was a scattering of tightly-packed buildings, their light looking like sand in a desert, more lights than one could count. The different colors -- red, yellow, white, and blue -- wove together, with some black shadows in between.

The flow of traffic vaguely seen between the buildings was like a golden river, moving slowly but steadily, as though it was the pulse of the whole city.

Garen drank his sweetened green tea and looked down at the gigantic city below.

"What do you plan to do after this?" he asked quietly, in perfect Spanish.
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