Mystical Journey
1197 White Crab Army 1
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Mystical Journey
Author :Get Lost
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1197 White Crab Army 1

Garen kept flashing and jumping without even a moment's pause, such that the guns could not pin down his location at all. Upon activating his Soul Ring and increasing his level, his speed had gotten even faster than before. Still, his true formidability lay in the way he moved, almost as though he could predict the enemy's nex attacks.

They clearly thought they had him completely covered, but he would still manage to break his way through when they least expect it, and miraculously find an escape path where they thought there was none. And his powerful physical fitness allowed him to completely ignore any long-range aftershocks generated from the explosions.

That was why, just a few minutes after the beginning of the battle, Garen was strolling leisurely through the battle squads, completely unaffected.

His Combat Strength was incomparable to how he had been one year ago.

"Is he still human?!!" A soldier driving a tank in the distance had broken into a cold sweat.

"He's literally a monster," said another soldier coldly. "Just fight him as though he's an inhuman monster. Don't get distracted, ready the cannons!"

"Yes, sir!"


The insides of the tank instantly caved in, as a clear fist-print sunk into the tank from outside.


An intense tremor immediately traveled through the whole tank. The two soldiers did not even have time to scream before their bodies crumpled to the ground, spasming as they foamed at the mouth. They were clearly not going to last long.

Outside the tank, Garen leaped backward, his palm tapping the heads of two half-machinized soldiers lightly. After he killed them with one hit, he landed more than ten meters away and stood steady.

By then, the dust had more or less settled over all the battlefields around the island. Fire and smoke, corpses, and battered remains were scattered everywhere, and the few helicopters that remained airborne decided to just leave.

Garen ignored them. Unlike in the Mech World, he did not have long-range attack options here, so he could not do anything to those helicopters. Of course, he could also use these soldiers' guns, but it did not really matter. After all, even if he caught up with them, destroying these choppers would not be easy. They were all equipped with heavy armor, so not only would normal guns have no effect, he would even need some specially-made weapons for this.

Garen did not intend to go to all that trouble.

Stepping on a piece of the tank's broken metal remains, he looked around him. Only a dozen or so soldiers were left from the previously hundred-man-strong battle squad, and these were rapidly retreating. Of the ones left behind, some were lying on the ground, and others were already on fire, catching the flames ignited as a result of the explosions. They sizzled as they burned, emanating the fragrant aroma of cooking flesh as well as the odor of something charring.

"They're all small fry." Garen felt slightly bored. With his current powers, bullying minnows like these was completely meaningless.

He kind of wanted to go to Lighthouse as soon as possible now. According to Nine-Tails Fox and the others, the basic rules in this universe and other nearby universes accessible by Lighthouse were the same, and many of the laws were quite similar, such as the Physical Gene Law. However, these restricted the extent of supernatural powers, also known as unnatural powers. That was why many Transmigrators could bring a part of their powers into other worlds, unlike the worlds he had reincarnated into before this.

Garen could clearly remember how he suffered, always starting from scratch, constantly adapting to the vastly different universe laws, going through so much trouble and hard work before he could reach an extremely high realm.

"Sigh… Why didn't I ever think of exploring the universes nearby?" he complained to himself for a bit, and then rapidly took one step back.


A pitch-black bullet hole had instantly appeared in the spot he had just been standing on.

"Oh, a super long-range shooter?" Garen recovered with some interest. "There are probably three kilometers between us, how impressive."

The bullet had evidently come from the other edge of the island, and the shooter was clearly an exceptional marksman.

Beep… Beep…

Suddenly, there was an anxious police siren coming from the sky.

Garen's expression changed, he had suddenly remembered something. He began to move at even faster speeds, dashing straight ahead.

Boom boom boom!! …!

In that instant, a series of gunshots chased his tracks closely. Every spot he had just flitted path was instantly obliterated by the artillery fire, until all that remained were deep craters.

"Bombard with long-range wide-area artillery fire," said a deep man's voice from the sky above the island.


Countless shots instantly descended upon him from up in the air and swept through the entire area within several hundred meters of Garen.

Instantly, the entire island shook intensely, as though the very ground of the island was about to fall apart. Dust, flames, tree branches, as well as shrapnel that could either be metal scraps or debris from the bombs, all of it flew everywhere.

Half of the entire island shook violently, and these tremors lasted for several minutes before the bombardment finally died down.

"Concentrated air bombs," said that man's voice again.


A transparent air current bomb exploded ruthlessly, blowing up even more earth from the battlefield that had already been reduced to a crater in the ground. All the air there was forced down and pressurized, turning into waves of wind that spread in all directions.

Immediately after that, more air bombs were dropped one after the other.

These air bombs were extremely powerful. They could instantly condense the air and form extremely forceful shockwaves, which made them extremely deadly when paired with their wide area of effect. Forget humans, even tanks could be disfigured by the shockwaves should they get hit.

Inside the base.

"Even the Sword Master would not be able to survive a 无差别地毯式大面积轰炸," said the robot coldly. "Not as long as he's human, with a body of flesh and blood."

"What's wrong with a body of flesh and blood?" said the naked woman beside him angrily. "We're not like you metal racks, if you can't even enjoy the greatest pleasures of the human life, what's the point of living? How boring."

"It's all over." The robot ignored the woman.


Since the restrictions on supernatural powers were too harsh in this world and universe, there were no effective ways to counter artillery fire.

That remained true for Garen as well. If he could use his supernatural powers, he would be able to demolish such a low-tech squadron in one go. Unfortunately, he could not use them.

And since he could not, he had no choice but to take the enemy's indiscriminate gunfire head-on.

Right now, he was hiding in a deep cave, holding what seemed to be a black metal plate from the remnants of a tank. The black metal plate was as thick as half his palm, which made it more like a metal brick, but he still managed to twist it by force, turning it into a giant metal club more than a meter long. The giant club was wider than his own body and looked more like a shield than a weapon.

He was standing in a crater that was more than a meter away from the surface of the ground. As he had taken a direct hit from the gunfire, his face was looking slightly pale.

The gunfire outside finally seemed to have stopped.

Only then did Garen release the breath of impure air that he had been holding.

"Looks like I can't handle concentrated fire head-on just yet…" He had taken one hit directly, and his whole body had been stuffed into the deep crater behind him, instantly sustaining internal injuries.

The gunfire in this universe seemed to be even more powerful than those on Earth or from the Secret Technique World, or rather, the gunpowder here was more potent. He had misjudged them.

On the bright side, however, he had used the momentum from that direct hit to evade all the other shots aimed at him.

"It's finally stopped… Next time I can't try to go head-on against mechanized squadrons anymore, this isn't a universe where I can use supernatural powers." Garen listened carefully for the noises outside. Once he was absolutely sure that they had stopped, he reduced his body temperature and heartbeat, slowly crawling out of the crater.


As soon as he left the crater, he turned into a shadow that flitted straight for the other end of the island.

The enemy evidently could not react in time, nobody could have imagined how Garen survived that unavoidable large-area bombing. They had no time to react at all before they watched that wisp of a shadow instantly disappear toward the direction of the base on their surveillance cameras.

They had no time to start up their large-area fire, those weapons also required locking on and a cooling period, so they could not be instantly fired.

Garen leaped and jumped among the forest of coconut trees, dashing forward like a bolt of lightning. The surveillance cameras and automatic guns around him could not keep up with his speed at all, and before the cameras could even swivel around to see him, he had already vanished.

The trees retreated rapidly before Garen's eyes, and he heard the clacking of autocannons turning on both sides.

Bang bang bang bang!!

The autocannons began to fire indiscriminately, since they clearly could not catch hold of his tracks, they began to simply fire everywhere. All they needed was for one hit to land, or to make Garen wary of the fire, so that they could reduce his speed and locate him once again.


The edge of the black metal plate where it had broken off was unnaturally sharp. Garen held it in one hand and sliced mercilessly, immediately cutting down three of the coconut trees to his right. At the same time, he had also destroyed one of the automatic cannons positioned between the trees.

He turned his hand around and used the metal plate to block his left, immediately intercepting several cannon shots. The bullets sank into his metal plate, the tremor forcing a slight shudder out of Garen.

"What impactful force! Looks the enemy's desperate!"

He understood and increased his speed further.

The forest sped past beside him, and soon enough, the few helicopters that had escaped before appeared in front of his eyes once more.

Bang bang bang bang bang!!!

The two autocannons underneath the heavy-duty helicopters began to wail, countless bullets sweeping toward Garen. They formed several clear chains of bullets.

But the trajectory of their aim was far too obvious, Garen just had to deduce it slightly and then he could continue forward amidst the chainfire with ease, completely unaffected.

The helicopter's autocannons could not aim anywhere near fast enough to follow his movement paths.


Someone roared from the ground. They seemed to be yelling at the helicopters.

Even Garen could hear that roar.

Boom boom…

All of a sudden, several lines of fire shot out from underneath the choppers, they were homing missiles!

But they were too close to him, their aim too obvious, so all Garen had to do was somersault, using the momentum to leap up, to avoid getting caught in the gunfire.

Bang bang bang!!

The forest began to burn. Garen circled around it, and after he evaded the homing missile, he darted straight into a small cottage made of silver-white metal, beneath the helicopters.


Garen kicked the metal door and sent it flying, crashing hard inward and plastering itself onto the wall inside the room.

Inside, it seemed to be a reception room used for rest, and obviously, there was also an extremely thick black metal door on the floor. Beside the door, there was a high-tech electronic scanner, probably meant to scan the identity of any guests.

Other than that, there were also two cyborgs in the room, their whole bodies trembling as they pointed their guns at Garen. They cursed at him loudly, and he had no idea what they were saying. Still, he could see that they were completely petrified.

"I can tell that you're very scared." Garen grinned. This room had clearly been fortified with the best defenses, and regular autocannons would not be able to break through. Just now, he had put all his strength into that kick, otherwise he would not have been able to send the door flying.
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    《Mystical Journey》