Mystical Journey
1222 Kill 2
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Mystical Journey
Author :Get Lost
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1222 Kill 2

With a tear, Garen extracted his hand from the lady's chest, drawing out a large amount of blood. At the same time, he actually dug out a heart that was still beating.

"You…!" The lady who seemed to be parasitized by Void Creature struggled as she cried out. "Someone… Will help me get my revenge…!" A mass amount of Soul Energy that could be seen even by the naked eye started emitting from her body. Garen straight away breathed in all the Soul Energy, not wasting a bit of it.

"I'll be waiting," Garen replied curtly.


The lady soon stopped breathing and fell to the ground, causing a loud that that immediately woke No.2 up.

Her face was pale as she raised her arm and pointed at Garen. However, she could not speak at all, she only trembled.

Garen did not care though, his eyes glued at the lad wearing the white windbreaker who was already far away.


He instantly disappeared. His moves were so swift that nobody around him could notice his movements as their eyes were not able to capture his speed. All they could see was a blur flash and Garen was already a hundred meters away, just a short distance away from the man.

With another flash, he was catching up already.

Garen could even see the frantic expression of the man in the white windbreaker. His black pupils were missing, even his eyeballs were non-existent. It was evident that Void Creature had parasitized already.

In this world, there seemed to be records of being parasitized. They were known as being possessed by demons. After being possessed, one's eyes would turn dark and empty, which represented a bottomless abyss.


Seeing that he was almost in an arm's reach, the man started screaming.

A bat-like invisible sound wave spread wildly, forming swiftly like a tsunami and rushed towards Garen who was charging behind.

"Soul Shock?" Garen's body trembled, suddenly realizing that he was about to catch the big fish. He was hit by the impact, flying over ten meters backward. However, instead of being furious, he started laughing.

"This is actually Soul Shock? It seems to be a General-Level above Void Creature! Perhaps it's even Demon King Level!" In this universe, even Void Creature's Demon King Level was extremely suppressed so it was not even that abnormal.

But after such Void Creature was killed, it definitely helped Garen a ton in raising his Void Pursuer. He even acquired a Void Crystal Core that was comparable to absorbing the Mind Reader's Soul Ring!

"Good stuff!" Garen laughed out loud. The person before his eyes was no longer a human, but a living ginseng that was able to run!

With a look as if he was staring at food, Garen set out once again.

The man was startled. He was at the same level as Sin's Authority, they were both Demon Lord Class, but just an elementary Demon King. Furthermore, they coincidentally lost great powers after being injured heavily. The original scheme was to successfully kill Garen after the sneak attack. Then they would not only acquire Garen's Soul Ring but also the Mind Reader's Soul Ring, killing two birds with one stone. Who knew the situation would change so drastically. Now, not only was Sin's Authority dead, he even had to face Garen's vengeance in return!

With a bit, the white-shirt lad suddenly instigated the little Demon King power that remained within him. He instantly accelerated and quickly shot into the distance.

Unwilling to be outdone, Garen upped his speed and followed suit.

Both of them seemed to just disappear from everyone's sight in a blink of an eye.

"So what do we do now?" A field officer asked Vulture No.2.

"What to do?" From the series of accidents that just happened, No.2 had noticed something. It was obvious that the white-shirt youngster colluded with the idiotic woman along with No.4 to cook up something against Garen, but they failed. Some died while some were injured.

However, the identity of the lady who just died could not be overlooked. It was nothing if she was just an ordinary person, but she was really…

A hint of concern flashed through No.2's eyes. She recalled Garen's almost inhuman powers and her heart sank to the bottom.

Once the conflict between both sides broke up, it would not just be the resentment between both people anymore, but the entire Slann would lose its peace. It would still be alright if they could just kill Garen off. If he was to escape, Red Nation and Black Federation would be pleased to accept a strong leveled powerhouse like Garen.

"Investigate the identity of the man in the white windbreaker right away! Also, collect the body of… Mistress Song." No.2's voice lowered down. "I'll inform No.1 immediately, and President Song Lingshan…"

The people around felt their heart go cold. The lady who was lying on the ground right now was actually Slann's supreme leader, President Song Lingshan's wife?!!

"But isn't President Song's wife Zhao Guomu?" Root Doctor Jiatai asked coldly.

They only caught up right this moment, but everything happened too fast nobody was able to react to it before everything folded out before them.

"This is his second wife…" No.2 seemed to age a few years just within seconds. Once a conflict erupted between both sides, they would have to choose to give up on Garen. Regardless of public or private, the could only give up on him. One was the supreme leader of the nation while the other, no matter how strong he was, he was just a person. Making a choice was simply a simple matter. 

"Still too young and vigorous…" With a long sigh, No.2 turned and walked away.

"Release a wanted order."

No.1's deputy had also arrived, just getting out of the car. With an icy steel look, he opened his mouth and spoke to the No.2 in an unceremonious tone.

Jiatai and the others were already losing their minds. Everything was happening too fast and nobody could catch up at all. Everything was a foregone conclusion.


At the tank maintenance site.

Two white shadows suddenly emerged at the enormous maintenance site. Some of the old veterans who were still in maintenance seemed to hear sounds and popped their heads out of the tank to have a look.


A white shadow slammed into the side of a black tank and the tank was sunken immediately. A lot of the metal parts were smashed and flew out, scattering like broken glass shards.

Another white shadow rushed forward from behind and threw a punch!


The tank was completely smashed. It was completely mashed in like paper paste, the metal plates on both sides were crushed in and pressed together. It then collapsed over like broken chopsticks.

There was not even time for it to roll back to reduce the impact.

The person's speed was incredibly fast that people could hardly see the punches, they thought a bomb had landed.

"You can't kill me!" The white shadow zoomed out from the wreckage. He shrieked as he was covered in blood all over and anyone could hear the deep fear hidden in his tone.

Without a word, Garen retrieved his right fist before rushing up.

Bang, his fist had missed, hammering the ground ruthlessly. The man managed to dodge it.

Not even bothered, Garen spun around his right arm before sweeping both legs over.


A round silver-white saber light appeared in the air.

A sharp scar immediately surfaced on the man's shirt right on his chest.

"This is!!?" He looked ferocious and suspicious as he turned around and continued running.

The most terrifying thing was that any part of the body was able to bring out a blade-like lethality. This level may not be a problem in other universes, but in this place with such limited rules, it was truly remarkable to have such an achievement!

In addition to being faster than Garen, he barely had any glimmer of hope he could escape from this.

"West Valle is above! I won't die! I definitely won't!!" He kept praying and began to run around in a Z-shape. 

At the same time, using his hands, a large number of small black particles were sprinkled all over, scattering the ground behind.

Boom boom boom boom!!!!

The continuous explosions skyrocketed. Those little things turned out to be different kinds of bombs.

Among the flames, Garen walked out unscathed.

"Little Ginseng~ Where are you planning to run to?" A grim smile appeared on his face. "Excessive consumption will affect the pharmacodynamic effect."

All of sudden, Garen's body was suddenly burning with a light, white flame. It was the shapeless Fire of Realm. Only one who reached a high altitude, one who surpassed the limits of the world's existence, would have such flames.

"Game over." As he finished he sentence, he suddenly disappeared and reappeared right in front of the white-shirt man.

He lowered the saber in his hand and chopped.

"Demon Soul!!" The man screamed wildly as his speed increased at the same time. However, his body consumed too much of Soul Energy in a short period of time so his entire body nudged slightly toward the left.


The saber fell through and went straight to the ground.


A crack as long as ten meters or more appeared on the ground below.

Garen's arm repeatedly flashed in a faint red shade which was caused by the intense heat, the tremendous force, and the terrifying speed that was generated by the acute friction. It was a huge impulse that was almost abnormal.

The man seemed to only see the saber lightly brush by his nose. He did not even dare to move, it was just so close! Just so close!!

And he was cut into two pieces.

Hu… Hu… Hu…

Hot air poured out of his chest and the man was afraid to move anymore, but just stared at Garen in front of him. Garen lifted at least hundreds of his limbs and blew at the faint smoke on top. The speed of both sides instantly reversed. Apparently, the other side was still able to continue moving, but he could only explode in that very one instant. The outcome of the match was already obvious.

"I really didn't expect this. Even at this place, you guys are still able to catch up." Garen held his arm out and grabbed the man's head.

Countless Soul Energy that was invisible to an ordinary person's naked eye started to spread from Garen's arms and entered the man's ears, nose, and mouth.


The clothes on both men instantly tore apart, the massive force exploded just like a heart, tearing off the tops both men had on.

Differently patterned scars slowly surfaced both men's chests.

Garen's chest had a black sun pattern that represented the primal Sacred Sigil, which also represented the extraordinary of this universe.

On the other hand, the man's chest had a dark black gigantic eyeball. A huge amount of Soul Energy continued flowing out of the eyeball and was swiftly absorbed by Garen's black sun pattern.

The terrifying force directly cut off over ten meters of all the space around both people.

"You… Sooner or later… Will be like me!!!" The man yelled furiously as he struggled out his last words.
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    《Mystical Journey》