Noctis Noir
119 Frisk“s Flirting Game 2
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Noctis Noir
Author :Papina
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119 Frisk“s Flirting Game 2

The weekend farmer's market was a great place for people to gather and get their freshest pick of vegetables and fruits. Within the chaos of bargaining and purchasing, three suspicious guys were crouched under a table. They were on the lookout for potential girlfriends.

"How do you know if they're single?" Sed asked.

"Heh. Leave it to me!" Gaylord said proudly. "I, Dick Gaylord, am an expert at identifying single ladies. Watch this."

Sed and Frisk remained in place to watch.

Gaylord approached one lady picking out some carrots.

"Good afternoon, Miss. You look single! Would you care to go on an apple shopping date with the awesome me?" Gaylord flipped his hair.

"I'm married!" replied the lady. She gave him a hard slap on the face before walking away.

"Hmm... that was a slip." Gaylord had a huge red hand print on his face.

Sed and Frisk shrugged.

"Let me try again. Watch this..." Gaylord cleared his throat and approached another person. "Excuse me, miss... You look... single."

The person turned around. It was Pio. "Gaylord?"

"P-P-P-Pio!?" Gaylord fainted after seeing his former crush. He still hadn't gotten over the shock of Pio being a guy.

"Well, I guess Gaylord is out," said Frisk.

Lyria and Amelie were shopping together for fresh ingredients at the farmer's market. They were supposed to make salad to go with their pasta, but they ran out of carrots and lettuce. Amelie was wearing girly clothes that day, making her indistinguishable from her usual androgynous appearance. Sed spotted her immediately. He became speechless and nearly choked when he saw his crush.

"What's wrong, Sed?" Frisk was concerned.

Sed raised his finger to direct them at Amelie. "It's her..."

"What's this? Sed found his lady love!?" Gaylord immediately resurrected and was happy for his comrade. "Worry not, my friend. I, Dick Gaylord, am not just handsome, but I'm also a great wingman!" He did a pose.

"Go get her, Sed! We'll back you up." Frisk cheered his friend on.

"What am I supposed to do?" Sed was in panic.

"Uhh... Talk to her maybe?"

"Unleash your inner Fabio, my friend!" Gaylord pushed Sed out of his hiding place.

Lyria turned her head instinctively. Sed froze in place.

"Did you hear a familiar voice?" Lyria asked while Amelie was enthusiastically hoarding lettuce like there's no tomorrow.

"Hm? I didn't hear anything."

"That's too much lettuce."

Sed drew a sigh of relief. He wanted to approach Amelie, but Lyria was around. There's no way he couldn't be awkward when Lyria was watching him too!

"What are you doing? Go talk to her!" Frisk whispered.

"But Lyria is with her!" Sed replied.

"Not to worry. I'll distract her!" Gaylord walked towards Lyria like a fashion model on a runway. "Lyriona! What a coincidence seeing you here in this fruit-abundant market."

"Gaylord? I never thought I'd see you in a place like this." Lyria was surprised. She normally expected to see him at some clothing store or anywhere fancy.

Gaylord laughed. "You're a funny one, Lyriona." He continued bringing up random topics to keep her occupied.

"Ok, good! Lyria is distracted. Now, go talk to her!" Frisk urged Sed to continue.

Sed took a deep breath and walked towards Amelie.

"Thanks for coming with me, Anna. I'm really bad at picking out fruits." It was Sphinx and Anna taking a stroll around the market together.

"Don't mention it! I'll give you some tips." Anna was glad to help. From the corner of her eye, she spotted Amelie and was suddenly ecstatic. "The princely beauty in a market hoarding lettuce! What a rare sight!" She ran to Amelie and started snapping photos while having a nosebleed.

Frisk clenched his fist. "Dammit, Anna!"

"Maybe I should approach her another day..." Sed was about to turn back.

"No! Stay where you are!" Frisk rolled out from his hiding place like a secret agent and placed both his hands on Sphinx's shoulders. "Listen, Sphinx, if you can get Anna away from Amelie, Sed will pay for your fruits today."

"Wait what?" Sed reacted.

"I don't know what this is about, but we have a deal." Sphinx gave a thumbs up. He couldn't resist the free fruits.

"Wait. I didn't agree to this!"

Sphinx walked towards Anna and tapped her shoulder. "Anna, Lyria is here too."

"The elegant beauty is here too!? Take me to her!" Anna was breathing heavily as Sphinx led her to where Lyria was.

"Ok, good! Now is your chance!" Frisk signaled Sed.

Sed stretched his muscles and took a deep breath. As he walked, he fixed his hair carefully and dusted off any dirt on his clothes. Finally, it was his time. Finally, he could talk to her. Finally...

Li Yuan suddenly appeared at the lettuce stand with Amelie. He was also hoarding lettuce.

"Why is Li Yuan here too!?" Frisk exclaimed. He sighed. "I'll take care of him!" He carefully moved beside the expressionless PvP master and gave him a nudge. "Hey, Li Yuan. I thought you were doing groceries at the supermarket? What made you move here instead?"

"Ileanna wanted some lettuce too. The supermarket ran out," Li Yuan replied.

"Li Yuan!" Ileanna suddenly appeared.

"Aren't you supposed to be resting? You're still recovering from a cold!"

Ileanna started coughing everywhere. "I'm fine. I'll heal naturally and without antibiotics." She noticed Amelie. "Are you and the girls here too?"

"Lyria is over there with some friends." Amelie led Ileanna to the others.

"Noo!" Frisk's plan was in shambles. Sed merely shrugged at their disaster of a plan.

In the end, Frisk, Gaylord, and Sed couldn't get a date with a single girl that day. What they did get was a cold thanks to Ileanna coughing everywhere and spreading the infection.
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