Rising Titans
3 A Mother“s Dying wish
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Rising Titans
Author :urirh
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3 A Mother“s Dying wish

As the Titan saw the stones, he have already known what is was, and said to himself "are those talismans? worse of all there's literally a Thousand of them, Did she took those stones from a Divine Gate? but where's the gate?."

As the Mother raised her hand the Stones were all over the air forming a hundreds of spiral circle, the mother closed her hand and suddenly a small beam of light began to hit the stones like a pinball machine, as the stones were hit again and agian in a fast matter, a tune was heard both by Orion And The Titan, and the Titan said, "Those are not Talismans They are Chanting stones!," A big beam of light suddenly shooted out from the center of all the the spirals formed by the stones hitting the Titan all over it's body causing wounds, but the Titan have not died yet, for the Titan it was only mere scratches that can be healed easily, The mother saw the wounds closing, knowing the Titan have regenerative Powers, The mother knew that it wasn't a Normal Titan, it was the king of Titans Verathos. Verathos raised it's dark hammer meaning to hit the mother, but the Mother acted swiftly she formed a big spiral of stones in front of her making a very fast tone with the snall beam of light, as the hammer striked down it was greeted not by the body but a shield of light made by the chanting stones, Verathos hitted the shield of light again nd again until Verathos gave all his strength to his left hand and punhed the shield with a deadly glow. Right in front of the Mother's eyes the shield was breaking, Verathos was being wounded but he had still continued until the shield had break, hitting the mother but not crushing her, Verathos noticing the wounds of the Elf walked away like nothing happened.

Orion went to save his mother, holding her in his arms and crying for help but the mother said to Orion to leave her be, but Orion declined so the mother had no choice but to do something so sinful that even God may not forgive her, but she has to do it for the sake of Orion's life, The Mother raised her hand forming a small spiral with the chanting stones making a slow and sweet tune and suddenly it has hitted Orion's head causing him to fall asleep, and her Mother said, "sorry my beloved Orion I have to do this for your own sake, I have to do this so you won't be filled with revenge, I want you to live a peaceful and harmonized life like a normal elf would have so leave me be for I am only a celestial a weapon of a Legendary Titan I am not worthy of you, but before I turn to Dust and fly away, I have a Wish, Orion... Forget About me."
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