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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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1 Prologue

Mark, our fateful MC, suddenly woke up in a golden space, with a gramps in front of him.

"I assume that you are confused by what are you doing here, am I right?" asked the old man.

"Sir, I am indeed confused by what am I doing here. The last thing I remember was falling asleep after getting home, but if this was a dream, then why is it so lucid? And also, it isn't as blurred as the others, so I think that I was summoned here somehow; was I not?" asked Mark as prudent as possible, since he has already read a lot of web novels, manga and enjoyed many animes and TV shows and movies in his life, so he has a liking of what is going on with him right now.

"Well, you are indeed asleep, but I wanted you to make a deal with me. You don't need to worry, as you still has a long life to live on Earth. The reason for with I summoned your soul here in my place, was to make a proposal to you. You see, you have been down casted for a while now. You are bored of your life and you no longer enjoy it, as it become boring studying and working every day, as for traveling, you don't have the necessary money to do so. Am I right?" asked the old man.

"Sir, it is indeed true that lately I wasn't feeling good living on earth, but I still have a duty in front of my parents to grow up and make them satisfied in their old age. If I could, I would travel in other worlds and even slay a demon king if that would be the price, but I would still want to return after I'm getting sick of all that." Answered truthfully Mark, since he felt like that for the last two and half years.

"Well, then I indeed have a proposal for you then. You see, with all the popularity of animes now days and all the various fan fictions, the popular and the decently known anime, manga and book works have started for a while now to become tangible thanks to the influx of faith energy. Well, in a way this can be considered a good thing if it was a normal thing, but it is not. You see, because at the end of the last ark, the world doesn't have a continuation, it enters in an endless loop of creating, running and restarting from zero. Because of this, the worlds has now 3 bugs: the first one is that the characters started to have a déjà vu feeling for everything that they do, and started to question their memories, so it is possible that they may break very soon the endless loop. The second bug is that the karma of this world started to accumulate too much, so there is a constant need for reincarnated youngsters such as yourself to steal karma and energy and transcend with it in higher realms. The third bug is that by repeating this endless loop and gathering so much faith energy, this worlds would truly escape from the Earth's influence and once that would happen, all the works related to this worlds will fade from existence, and the only thing that will be found on Earth would be corrupted files and missing pages/chapters that will corrupt other works too. Now then, here is what I want you to do: to build yourself a strong character or go as a key character like the MC, a secondary character, a background character or even as the antagonist. Your mission is to steal as much energy as possible, and also to change the world for the batter. I will send you with a system, and when you gain enough power to rule all the anime worlds, he would transcend you in a higher realm of cultivation. When you get there, do as you wish. But when you are getting sick of even this higher worlds, tell the system to bring you back on Earth." Said the old man.

"So.. all I need to do is getting stronger and changing the fates of the world so that the loop will break shifting the world in another direction, so that it will take even more time for the loop to start, then experience for my own fun the higher realms, and only after that return on Earth? But taking so much time doing this in this worlds, won't the time on Earth go for billions of years?" asked Mark with concern.

"You don't need to worry about that, as I will make sure your soul will return to the moment you departed timeline-wise but I need to worn you that all this experiences may change your feeling for the loved ones, so when you will feel like sharing your experience with someone else, you may ask the system to also bring a family member or a friend to share the adventure. Now then, I have two worlds that are in the most danger: Naruto and Dragon Ball. In with one of the worlds you want to go first?"

"I am tempted to go in both, but I would like to choose the Naruto world first, since it's a easier world and I want to meet the Konoha 12 group, since they seems interesting, but also the marvelous energy called chakra that posses so many uses. It may help me later when I want to create techniques using other energies."

"Very well. Then I will give you an interesting package for this one: as body constitution you will have a body of a pure-blood elite class Saiyan without a tail, a Sharingan that you will be able to train until it will evolve to Rinnegan, an universal energy that can be used as qi, ki, chi, chakra, spiritual energy, mana, eterious, and so on, that will always be both created by your body, but also absorbed from air. So in a way, in Naruto world everyone will believe that you are in Sage mode permanently. I will make you Sasuke's tween, but since it will be unfair for him if you can train your Sharingan like that and you can't, he will also be able to do it. Like this, I indirectly increased your karma a little. I also choose the original timeline of the story, not a fan fiction, so your memories about the events are very accurate, or at least until you will start to change it. Be aware of the butterfly effect and choose your moves wisely, or some thing will be out of your control later. Is there any preference of a character after with you want yours, or would you like to customize your looks?"

Mark on the other hand, took some time to digest all the information, and since he will also go it seams in a lot of worlds, he make his choice with only after a while.

"To be honest, I want to choose Vegito, Goku's and Vegita's combination while using Petra's earrings, since it will be a 'coincidence' for them to look as myself, but I always like that combination. It looks tall, red and long hair in the back. The only annoyance would be the voice, but please choose an appropriate one for me. By the way, even it seems sudden, I keep wondering why have you chosen me from millions of people that have the same dreams as myself?" asked Mark.

"Well, to be honest, I have chosen you because of your character. You don't think with your di*k like other perverts; you aren't either soft hearted not black hearted, you know compassion and loyalty; and most of all, you are a filial son to your parents, since you keep wanting to find an opportunity for a track or car to reincarnate you forcefully, and even took a lightning or chocking with food in consideration, but you always stopped in time because you still care for your parents and know very well how will they react since you are their soul child alive. Don't think that I havent checked up all the candidates before finding you. Because of that, I have only sent about two hundred and sixty nine candidates so far, from five hundred individuals, yet I'm still at the beginning of the list. You will not meet each other, since you can only go to the works that where made from beginning in anime, or book and manga that adapted, but in the second case, your worlds would enter in loops faster then the others since most of animes are only twelve, twenty four episodes of fifty, so they are much shorter then the original book or manga. On the other hand, if an OVA or movie isn't placed anywhere clearly in the story timeline-wise, then it will have his own world. You can only check animes, other ovas, movies, mangas, manhuas, one-shots, tv shows, or other types, but they will never meet. You will also never meet other that would go in anime works since each one of you will get only one of the loops to manage. For example you get Naruto loop number 35814, dragon ball loop number 126478, fairy tail loop number 1450, and so on. Each one will receive one number, and you can not under any circumstance go to other numbers. You will only meet each other in the higher realms if you are lucky to ascend in the same world. You can also seek each other when you go there through the system you will receive. Any other question?"

Mark this time took longer time to process the information, but because of the flux of info, he could no longer think straight, so he shook his head in denial.

"No, thank you sir for being so open with me, so I think that it is time for me to goon my way. Thank you for this opportunity, and I'll try my best to both have fun and change this worlds and the fate of the characters for the better."

The old men nodded in affirmation, waved his hand, then Mark disappeared from his place. After Mark disappeared, he signed, took out a screen and kept checking profiles of different kinds of people, after with he kept repeating himself by summoning them, creating different kinds of characters or attributing different abilities for them if they choose a pre-existing character, and kept doing this job until the list riched his end.

"*Sigh* … Finally time to relax. I still cant believe this selfish gods. They actually liked this entertainments on earth that they sent their faith energy subconsciously not knowing that is would bring disasters and unbalance for this little Earth. And I cant believe the supreme god that instead of solo solving this problem, made me descend to this lowly plane to send an army of otakus to this worlds just so that they gather this energies and ascend them to godhood so we can use them in the future war with the demon race… what can this otakus do there, anyway? They only want o have fun, then return to their loved ones when they are satisfied. *Sigh* … I'm getting to old to deal with this blockheads. I only hope that on of this otakus will replace the current gods one day…"
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》