Saiyan inside Anime Works
2 The shop is expencive...
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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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2 The shop is expencive...

[Hello host! I'm your new System. My job is to support you in your quest of becoming stronger, changing the worlds for the better and having fun along the way. Please don't hesitate to call me when you need someone to talk to or request something.]

'Huh, oh, I remember now. I agreed to that God or something. System, can you please show me my status?' asked Mark.

[Shure host. Here is the status:

Name: unknow (Mark);

Age: - 8 months and 28 days (fetus);

Race: Saiyan Elite class;

Bloodlines: Uchiha 100%, Elite class Saiyan 100%;

Strength: 0;

Dexterity: 0;

Agility: 0;

Defense: 0;

Endurance: 0;

Energy: 5;

Control: 0

Condition: unborn fetus;

Anything else, host?]

'Thank you System. Is there anything I can do until I am born?'

[Responding host: as you are just in jour first days of existence as a cell division, the only thing you can do is train your soul for the next 2 months, after that, you can do energy exercises. Because your energy is an universal one, your energy will be harder to control since it has too many properties. Fortunately, the God used a method that can use that energy as any type by only thinking of it. For example, if you want to use it as chakra, then you only need to thing of using it as a chakra, but you will still need to train the change in nature. On the other hand, you can't use the energy as two types of different energies if they do not belong to the same energy system. For example, you cant use chakra and Ki at the same time since they don't sync, but you can use magic and sagejutsu at the same time because the two complement each other in High School DXD and so on. But even so, you must familiarize with as many energies as possible, but to control your energy, you must exert a strong soul force to do that. Because of that, I will transfer in your mind the entire technique with how to train in it, or if you want, I can take over your body until you are near born, and use the soul cultivation technique. As a side effect, your brother Sasuke will also benefit from this, and will make him stronger. What do you think, host?]

'Well, please take over then, since I don't thing I will have the patience to do it and I feel that I should let my soul settle down for a while, since I was very tense and didn't dare use my brain too much in front of that god, else it could find flows in my personality. So please woke me up a week before I will be born, ok?'

[Sure host. Have a nice sleep.]


Many things happen in this eight months and three weeks: Mikoto Uchiha felt her chakra grow and purified, while her house, since she stayed home most of the time, more refreshed then ever. Her tweens received flying marks at every checkup and she woke up her Mangekyo without even noticing, but placed all of this on the fact that her first son Itachi brought her a lot of joy this period of time, making her the happiest.

Kushina had also become pregnant, and since she spent a lot of time with Mikoto, she had also benefited from Mark's automatic training by the system, making her temperament more lenient then before. It worked for everyone around Mikoto, so even Naruto was blessed indirectly, yet it is unknow how as of yet, but that's a story for an another day.

And so, Mark, our MC finally woke up again after all this time.

'Hey system, morning.'

[Morning host, how have you slept so far?]

'Well, it was a nice sleep and it felt comfortable. Can you please show me my status?'

[Sure host. Here it is:

Name: Unknow (Mark);

Age: - one week

Race: Saiyan Elite class;

Bloodlines: Uchiha 100%, Elite class Saiyan 100%;

Strength: 30;

Dexterity: 5;

Agility: 10;

Defense: 40;

Endurance: 30;

Energy: 5000;

Control: 0;

Condition: unborn fetus;

That's about it, host. Is there anything else I can help you with?]

'Actually yes. Can you tell me if I received any starter pack since this is the first time I got a system, but from what I understand from that god, you resemble a lot the systems from all this book that I have read so far, but you never told me about your functions. But before that, I want to know if there is any starter's pack.'

[Well host, there is a starter pack, as for what kind of system I am, I can only say that I am a limited one. I can only talk with you and give advises, I have a shop, and status. Nothing else besides this three abilities. Would host like to open the beginner's package?]

'Yes, I want to open it, please'

[Congratulations host! You received:

1x Gravity seal

15x Senzu beans

1x body cultivation technique

1x Free Jutsu

And that's it for the starter's pack.]

'Oh, by the way system, if I have a shop, but no quests, how can I use the shop?'

[Well host, to be able to acquire something from Store, host must first meat a certain requirement. For example, if he wants to get a certain jutsu, he must either defeat it's user, or to acquire that jutsu from that said person. The same goes for every kind of techniques available in Store. Ordinary objects such as cloths, armor, weapons, food, pills, are for free, but if the object you wish to acquire is either filed with inscriptions or with a certain type of magic or energy, you must either defeat the maker, or able to make something like that too. If the materials are of a certain beast, you must first defeat that beast in a one-to-one confrontation. Once you meet a certain requirement, that requirement would be fulfilled for all the objects in the store. The same goes with techniques. Once you defeat the maker or the user of a certain technique, you can get from store all the techniques that he knows at that time. There is only one rule: you must beat him into a one-to-one confrontation without using tricks like weakening him/her/it before by poison or sneak attacks. But the ordinary objects are free of charge, no matter for what propose or reason you want to buy them. Any other question?]

Mark lessoning to the System's rolls and implications, started to sweat buckets thinking about all of that.

'And if I gather all the necessary ingredients for a pill, then I can request that pill in the future for how many times I wish?'

[The answer is indeed correct. You must gather all the ingredients or buy them, after with the pill will be unlocked in store for the rest of our time together.]

'Ok, then what about that gravity seal that I received?'

[Well, you can use it to increase the gravitation on your body alone from one to indefinitely, but your cloths, staff and the earth underneath you will not be affected. It will not affect your mother if you affect it now, not the seats, or animals that you may use to travel.]

'Fine then. Activate it and increase gradually the gravity and keep it active until I'm in danger so that I could use my real strength.'

[Understood. Your body can handle a gravitation of 7. Proceed to operate the seal … Seal started successfully.]

And as such, Mark felt for the first time in his life how does it feel for your body to be suddenly pressed to the ground, but only for your body to gradually adapt to the pressure.

'*Huf… huf* it really is intense… System, can you automatically hide my energy, or do I need to hide it myself?'

[Keep calm, host. You have a superior energy, so only someone like Karin can sense some fluctuation of it. On the other hand, this energy is usually very hard to notice, making it feel like you are an ordinary human in all the anime worlds. Only when you transcend in mortal or god's realm would your energy be easily felt by other living beings. Actually, it is so particular, that if you are not using it, you can transpose any kind of barrier, be it made by a man-made or natural formed formation, or even the barriers between space and time, so if you arrive in a point where you loose control complitly over emotions, you may create a disequilibrium or even a natural disaster, so be aware of your emotions. Unfortunately, you are both an Uchiha that posses the curse of hatred, but also a Saiyan that is very particular at having short temperaments and loosing control over emotions very easily.]

Now for the first time since he could remember, started to worry for his own well-being, since he reincarnated as a very pellicular individual that can easily become a waking ticking bomb.
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》