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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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3 Energy

Next day, Mark's interest was again picked by a dilemma of his…

'System, now that I thank about it, if the energy is so particular and powerful, then when it's converted in chakra or Ki to perform a technique, would the resulted Ki or chakra still be of only 500 units? I mean from your description, it is so powerful, that it's on the same par as the purest energy described in the cultivation novels like 'I Shall Seal the Heavens', or 'Against the Gods' and many more others, no?'

[Well Host, your assumption was the right one, since it's like an origin energy that can be partially converted by the System based on the Host's will in any particular kind of energy that the Host is familiar with. In your case, you are currently familiar with only chakra since it flows through your mother's veins, but since your body is producing Ki, when you will be able to notice it, you will be able to perform Ki attacks too.]

'Then System, if I were to convert my entire available energy in Ki or chakra; based on what you said, would it be more than 500 Ki or chakra?'

[To be honest, the Origin energy that resides in your body, it's extremely pure, so even if I help you use only one unit of energy, it will be 50 Ki or 300 chakra of the purest kind. If I were to mix or dilute it to obtain quantity over quality, I can produce up to 1000 Ki or 9000 chakra, but it will be very contaminated and ineffective. Does this answer your question?]

'Then I assume that when I will convert the entire energy of 500 in the purest form of chakra, will I have around 150000 chakra?'

[That would be correct.]

'Then on what level would I actually be in ninja ranks? A Sennin?'

[Well, in terms of energy alone, a high level kage, but don't keep your hopes high, as you are in a way in the same situation as Brolly: a very high-level creature that can go berserk any time by becoming drank with power and not being fully able to control yourself.]

'Then how about making a deal with me?'

[What kind of deal would you like to make with me, Host?]

'I want you to seal almost all my energy, while letting me only poses 300 chakra, that is equivalent with one unit of energy, and increase gradually that energy based on my age and my training until I get in trouble and will convert temporally as much energy my body can hold in chakra, to get out from that emergency that may appear. How is it?'

This time, the System took his time to process the information, before finally answering:

[To be honest, I'm for it, but what would you give me in exchange?]

'I'll give you back that free jutsu ticket if you want.'

[You do realize that you can buy any kind of jutsu, even Perfect Resurrection Jutsu and use it to revive anyone you wish including Hagorome Otsutsuki by only finding a dead person's aura in this world's underworld, no?]

'I didn't believe that you have such capable jutsus in the Store. By the way, what do I need to do, so that I can get this jutsu from Store?'

[To defeat Kaguya in a one-to-one confrontation without any help. But once you are able to get this jutsu, to resurrect a person, you must first bring his or her soul in the world of the living, then create a new body for them using the 'Creation of All Thing' ability. Fortunately for you, this ability can only be used by someone that posses his own Rinnegan, and that means that neither Obito, nor Nagato is able to use it, but Sasuke could use it later thanks to your interference in the story.]

'Then can I get this jutsu for free? As for our deal, what would you like to receive in exchange?'

[To be honest, I want as sacrifice for this deal about 10% of your energy, all the time. And what I mean is that I want 10% of what you have now, then get a constant supply of 10% of energy as you grow, until your body can withstand the entire amount of your energy and not risking any attention on yourself because of your chakra levels.]

'Well, I am fine with that. Another problem that I have is my hair since it's red. Can you please mask it up to be black hair while I am in this world?'

[Well, that's easy to do. Is there anything else that you want my help with or any unsolved question?]

'Now that you mention it, in 5 days it will be the time when I will be born, isn't it?'

[Yes, it is! Is there a problem with that?]

'No, but could you take over my body until I'll be 2 years old or something? I never liked the troublesome part with children care, and even if I'll be a quiet one and never cause problems, but still…'

[I understand what do you mean, and I have the perfect thing for you. How about I take over your body and act like a boy with high intelligence, while I will send your soul in a training dimension whereas you can cultivate your soul in peace, and when the time is up, I'll call you back into your body and give you all the memories for the last 2 years?]

'That sounds great, System!'

[Ok. Scanning for appropriate dimension in database… 5 dimensions found. Would Host like to pick, or would host want to be sent randomly?]

'Just in case, give me a list with the names of this dimensions please'

[Here, Host:

1. Soul Society - Bleach

2. Underworld – Dragon Ball

3. Empty world filled with spiritual pressure and energy

4. Unknow dimension

5. Unknow dimension

I recommend all five, but I couldn't yet check the last two dimensions as they contain a powerful and troublesome barrier of space-time, making it desynchronized with the other worlds.]

'Then please send me in the third dimension since I do not want to interact with the first two dimensions, while the other two may cause some unknow troubles. Can you also bound that dimension to myself so that only I can enter it?'

[Sure host. Give me a moment to establish a soul bridge to connect to it first. … Done! Would Host like to go there and train now? Remember that you will have no corporeal body and neither access to the system. But when the time is up, I will summon your soul back in your body. Last check: may I proceed, or aboard the operation?]

'Please proceed, System, and goodbye for now! Have fun and become a little genius while keeping yourself out of Danzo's radar.'

[Farewell host!] was the last thing he heard before passing out.
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》