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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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4 Two years

Mark suddenly work up in an empty white space, that created a huge discomfort on his bare soul.

'Uhm... even when I expected something similar, I still feel like vomiting from this sensation. I wonder how would this space help me out?'

Suddenly, from his back, a mighty pressure locked into him, making him quiver.

"Who goes there? State your business!"

"Sir, my name is Mark, and I was imprisoned here for two years for my impudence. I am very sorry if I disturbed Senior's resting place, but please ignore me until I can get out of this place!" wined Mark.

'Is that System trying to get rid of me? I wonder who this person is; besides I don't know any way to contact my system from here, neither do I have divine sense to check up what's ahead…'

"Ha ha ha… is that so? Then we are somehow alike. I angered a high entity that imprisoned me inside this place for 100000 years. Even if this little amount of time is insignificant for someone like me, it is still boring staying here for that long, you know?"

"Senior, I must praise you for your virtue and patience. I wonder what identity do you have, for him to use this kind of punishment on your esteem self?" asked Mark with caution.

'If he considers 100000 years a short amount of time, yet still gets bored instead of cultivating or something. He must be a very powerful expert at my level of world.' So, because of that, Mark tried to be as nice as possible with two objectives in mind: to survive and reap some benefits from it while he is at it.

"Kid, I am a supreme ruler of an upper-tier world, yet I pissed of an inspector that descended to check up on a seal placed by the entities of the highest tier."

"If there are upper and highest tier, then how many world tiers are there again?" asked Mark.

"Well, there are Low tier, Mid-tier, Intermediary tier, Upper tier, Border tier, Highest tier, and finally Supreme tier. Between every tier there is different kinds of small and pocket dimensions and the general chaos. As a person would advance from a lower to a higher tier world, he must pass certain requirements. Judging by your soul quality, you may live only on Low tier world, or the energies from the higher planes may destroy your very soul to it's very core." Said the deity with a melancholic tone of voice.

"Thank you, Senior, for your warning. I received from my mentor a cultivation technique to practice while got nothing to do. If I may try to cultivate it here, would Senior guide this Junior on the path of soul cultivation?" asked Mark with some expectation.

"Well, I may guide you if you would describe the world where you came from in between your cultivation sessions. Even if you came from a low-level world, every one possesses its own charm."

And so, a strange cooperation started between our MC and the entity imprisoned in that place. The entity is giving advices and tips to Mark, while Mark is telling him about Earth and how he was sent in that place by his own System, as well as his expectation for the future where he could have some fun. They kept it up like that for an entire week, until Mark's soul had a breakthrough in realm, turning himself yellow.

"What happened?"

"Congratulations kid. You just made a breakthrough to the Soul Apprentice realm. You still have a long way to go, so don't be too happy too soon." Said the entity.

"Soul Apprentice? … how many soul realms are there again?"

"Well, the realms are as follows: Normal soul, Soul Apprentice, Soul Warrior, Soul Spirit, Soul Overlord, Soul Tyrant, Soul King, Soul Emperor and a lot of other realms, but considering that you just made your first breakthrough in terms of soul, you can finally be considered a capable person for a mortal."

"Now I'm offended."

"Hahaha... you shouldn't be. You see, at your stage, you have only activated your sixth sense, so you can only sense danger and people's aura as long as you are near them. In lower realm you can be considered to have some talent in sensing danger and a few other little things, but to activate your divine sense or write inscription, you still need to progress in realms, kid."

"Sigh… fine then. I'll continue training a lot more then…"

And so, Mark continue to refine his soul in the next two years until it was finally time to be summoned back. He was able to make a few more breakthroughs until he arrived at Soul Tyrant realm, and now his soul exuded a red glow, but was more corporeal then before. Like anyone would expect, he learned a lot of information about the upper worlds that he may visit, but also a few secrets. As for techniques, he learned a lot of them. Not only has he learned battle techniques used on one-on-one battles, he also learned sword, saber, dagger and a few other weapon techniques. As for spiritual techniques, the entity has imprinted in his mind hundreds of them, but unfortunately, he can't use most of them as they require either a high soul realm, or to be complimented by another type of energy.

He wanted to learn Formations too, but he only learned basic defensive and energy gathering formations as the entity was not familiar with them.

On the other hand, he could only learn theories of pill concoction and weapon refinement, as they are two of the most mysterious and complicated professions in the cultivation world.

"Since yo are about to leave, I'll place my Soul Imprint on you, so that after I escape, I could find you and enjoy the worlds that you talked to me about. I am very curios how does they actually look like, considering that the ones I visited so far where either immortal worlds, or mortal ones with feudal systems that where created by the gods to gather faith energy so that they could advance their cultivation faster. So, I go bored by them. On the other hand, I am also a big foody, so I want to have some of that too."

"Well, sure. When you come…" and he was cut short as the two years were up, while he was transported again to his toddler body.

"I wonder actually why exactly was his fate so blurry. I was unable to read it at all. I believed that if he would practice under my guidance, I would receive enough karma to be able to discover his future. But the result was out of my expectation this time. His fate became cloudier and more mysterious to the point where even the book of life and death would be unable to give any information. Alas, I received great karma by helping him, but even so, his fate is too mysterious."

And at this point in time, he let out a breath of air and secluded himself again in meditation.
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》