Saiyan inside Anime Works
5 Back in Konoha
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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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5 Back in Konoha

[Welcome back, Host! I see that your trip was fruitful. Did you encounter some good opportunities in that small dimension?] asked the system as soon as Mark got back in his body.

'Yea, how did you know?' asked Mark confused.

[Well, your soul quality and purity skyrocket from the time when you left. More then I calculated that it would.]

'Well, I meet an entity that was imprisoned there. By the way, can you tell me a small summary of the events that has partaken in Konoha at least while I was away?'

[Well, for starters, because of Kushina's subtle change in personality two years ago, she got acknowledged by your father Fugaku and your parents had also acted as Kushina's protectors when she gave birth, and with the price of your father's injury, they where able to seal Kurama inside you and Naruto.]


[They discovered that your presence has an unusual calming effect over Kurama, so you become the vessel of Yin Kurama, while Naruto the vessel of Yan Kurama. And the most interesting thing is that both Kushina and Minato faked their deaths to the point where they gave Naruto to the orphanage while they are acting as the anbu assigned to watch over him! Well, they fooled Hiruzen by saying that Minato assigned them to take care of Minato in the future until further notice, but because of his sacrifice, they choose to have this position permanently.]

'Well, that's a turn of events that I did not expect even in my wildest dreams to be honest. But how did they decided to abandon him yet watch him like that? It resembles the real timeline, but they seem to be very cold blooded at the same time.'

[Well, its because of me actually. I talked telepathically with them to fake their deaths so well that even the third would be fooled, and no matter what would happen with Naruto, they must stay in shadows and not intervene until he will take the chunin exams. If they would comply with this, then all three will survive. If not, they will die without knowing how they died. They must also not help him out in any way, only by bringing him at his assigned home when if faints because being hit or something else. So, in a way, I made it so that the timeline would not change by much, but there would also be a subtle difference. How would you continue to change the history, it is up to you and maybe his parents after that exam.] said the system.

'System, you really are cruel, but I feel pity for them for being forced to watch as their child sufferers like that until he is thirteen-year-old. By the way, shouldn't it be a little uncomfortable for me to enter again in my own body?'

[About that… since this body was created especially for you by the god, it was made it so that you could leave your body and store it in the inventory, while you either create an another one, or take over an already dead body. It was made it so that it will readapt to your soul when you are using it again. It will even enter in a suspended animation that will actually stop all the body functions while you are not using it and you don't tell me to use it for you. On the other hand, the universal energy is only present in that body, so this will be both an advantage and a disadvantage for you.]

'So, in theory, I can use as many bodies as I want, but only this body will have that energy, while the other bodies will have their own specific characteristics?'

[If you want to put it that way, then yes. But remember that you will need to either ask me for a body, or use someone's body that's at least as strong as you, because if not, the body will not be able to contain your soul force. Honestly, this main body of yours entered in a coma for the next two weeks because your soul force is too strong, but it will adopt to it, while strengthening itself and awakening the first two stages of the normal Sharingan. So, congratulations! You made your family panic because you entered in coma and your soul energy increased too much all of a sudden.]

'… Fine, but please let me see all of my experiences'

[Sure, thing boss. Would host allow System to check your memories so that I could asses your abilities better?]

'Do I have a choice in this matter?'

[Well, you do. If you allow me to see your memories, I can transform all your abilities into skills. If not, I will only classify your soul force when you ask for status. By the way, would you like to check up your status?]

'No thanks. I want to train for a while and check my status after I will gain a major boost in strength.'

[Sure. By the way, if you want to shorten the time that your body needs to adapt to your soul again, I recommend to cultivate your soul, since your body will adapt both faster and better.]

And as the system said, the next day after Mark come back, the entire Uchiha clan entered a state of restlessness because one of the clan head's sans entered in a coma for apparent no reason, and nobody could do anything about it. But when Minato come to check if the seal was at fault, he talked to Kurama and he was told that for some reason, Mark just experienced a strange dream that made his soul force almost make his body explode, so the body entered in a coma-like state to straighten itself and become more powerful, and as a side effect, he may awaken or destroy his Sharingan.

Listening to the last part, the clan's higher ups become tenser since if he awakens his Sharingan at the mare age of two years old, then he will be crowned as a monstrous genius; while if it's destroyed, no one wanted to think about it, since he will be essentially treated as a cripple.

Mark on the other hand, followed the system's instructions and cultivated his soul, and apparently it did shorten the time of his coma by gathering soul energy and filling all of his body cells with it. By doing so, his body had also strengthened itself, giving it a great boost.

And so, after a week from the time of his return, he was able to finally woke up. He looked all around him, and he found himself at hospital in a VIP room where only the clan heads and their heirs can stay.

After a few moments, Minato came in front of him without his mask. He actually came like that because he often visits them in his free time. Of course, he is using a transformation technique from the system that is changing both his appearance and chakra signature to the point that neither the Uchiha nor the Hyugas are able to pick any flow. He remembers that the system always calls him 'Mi-san'.

"Mi-san, where am I?" asked Mark imitating the system's usual childish tone.

"Mark-chan, we are at hospital. Can you tell me what is the last thing that you remember?" asked Minato relieved that he can at least recognize him.

"Uhh… I remember having dinner with Sasuke, to-san and ka-san and going to bead after having some more fun together. After that, I was dreaming until I woke up in this room. It was a long dream, but for some reason I can't remember at all what have I dreamed about…" said Mark. He spoke like that because he was recognized by his clan that he was a genius and can speak entire sentences without a problem, so Minato wasn't too surprised by it.

"Is that so? Well then, how do you feel at this moment?" asked Minato

"I feel hungry. So hungry that I would even eat an entire cow by myself." Complained while his belly protested from hunger.

Minato sweated a little, but become happy since Mark and Naruto are in the same category: they both eat tones of food every time. Now feeling completely at ease, he went outside and asked a nurse to bring some food for Mark.
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》