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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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6 Evolution

'Oh yea; System, have you talked to Kurama about the circumstances of the future?'

[Host, the System has deemed that the Host should be the one to directly communicate with Kurama, as the Host does not truly need the chakra of a tailed best considering Host's transformations, only if the Host would like to use it for fun or to show off.]

'Then can you please take me inside my mindscape? But tell me when someone comes in the room.'

[Sure Host!]

And so, Mark was taken inside his mindscape, that looked exactly like Naruto's, as Minato was the one to construct the seal. But unlike a two years old kid, Mark appeared as a sixteen years old youth that resembles Vegito in appearance a lot.

"Who goes there?" asked Kurama.

"*Sigh…* Kurama, it's me, Mark."

"Don't f*ck with me! My host it's a two years old kid! Even if he resembles you a lot, I am not dumb enough to believe that you are my host!"

"Well Kurama, I am actually a reincarnate person. You can say that now that this body is nearing the age of two years old, all my memories have awakened. If not, how would my body enter in a coma for an entire week? It was actually because my sealed memories came to the surface together with all my sealed up soul force, and I needed to adapt my body to all my soul force." Said Mark with a light headache since he needs to convince Kurama to believe him

"What do you mean by sealed soul force and memories?" asked Kurama half-believing.

"It's exactly as it sounds. I have not only unsealed my soul force and memories, but also my bloodline. I am a person that saw the future of millions of worlds, and unfortunately this world is one of the worlds set to be destroyed. Well, I receive a very powerful and heaven-defying tool that let's me jump between all these dimensions and try my best to save them. All is well and dandy, but this is my first world that I visit to be honest. What I did not expect was that under the influence of my soul force, instead of your yin self being sealed in Minato, they would seal you inside my body. One pellicular disadvantage of this tool is that it will create a new body for me to travel, but in the first world I can't choose who my parents would be. But what I could choose was my own bloodline, and I have chosen the bloodline of a Saiyan. A race that we would meet in the next dimension. Also, I can not use your power because it's not compatible with this body, and I also can not give you to another person or release you. In short words, you are a prisoner inside my body that can't be used, released or extracted. I also can't be killed, as after my death ill simply revive in the next dimension. So, I came here today to tell you that I am sorry for your misfortune, but the only thing you can do is talk to me. You can not leak your chakra or influence me, so the only thing you can do is to be my friend. As proof, I will take off the seal, and let you do whatever you want inside of me and check by yourself a way out. Remember only that the only thing you can do is annoy me to death of anger me with your words."

As Mark said, he tore off the sealing tag from the gate and complitly open the seal from his belly. As a service for the fox, he had also changed the scenery inside his mindscape to look like the islands from Greece, together with a huge sea, as he visited that place when he went on a holyday in Europe when he was twelve years old. Kurama looked fascinated by the change in the scenery, but he still tried to release his chakra outside the body without any use. It was complitly sealed off from the outside world, but he can still use Mark's six senses to check out the outside world.

"Well, that's that. I will return outside since someone came in my room. Since we can talk inside my mind, you can contact me if you need anything else. Also, this scenery it's from one of my holydays from my original dimension." Said Mark feeling satisfied with Kurama's reaction to his surroundings, after he received the notification from the System as Fugaku and Minato came to his room.

"To-san, sorry for not walking up. I had a strange and long dream that I forgot when I woke un." Said Mark.

"No problem son. But can you at least tell me how do you feel?" asked Fugaku after signing a sigh of relief for his son's awakening.

"Well, my all body is itching and my eyes are hurting, but besides that, I am fine." Answered Mark. By now, he sorted out all the System's memories and adapted his stile of speech.

"If you feel discomfort in your eyes, then take it easy. But just in case, can you insert a small portion of your chakra in them?" asked Fugaku as he hopes to see a Sharingan from his son.

"Why would I insert chakra in my eyes? Isn't it painful to do so?" asked Mark with innocence. It is known to the entire population that inserting chakra even in small amounts in the eye can create problems to the user, so Mark's warries are not unfounded.

"If it was a normal person, then it would be dangerous, but for an Uchiha or Hyuga, it will have the effect of awakening special abilities in our eyes. Try to insert only a little bit, not much. Actually, try to insert as much chakra as you do to keep a leaf on your forehead like you did a few weeks ago." Said Fugaku with some anticipation.

"Then let me try." Said Mark while repeating the leaf exercise that the System learned a month ago, but this time, inserting it in his closed eyes.

"I was able to do it, but it's itching a lot this time." Complained Mark without opening his eye.

"Then open them up to take a look. Maybe there is a solution, but if you don't open your eyes too see what is happening, I can not be sure if the treatment will work or not." Encouraged Fugaku.

"Well, take a look then." Said Mark opening his eyes showing a pair of golden eyes with two white tomoes in each eye, letting both Fugaku and Minato stack in place.

'Ummm... System?'

[Yes, Host?]

'Why are they looking like that at me?' asked Marc with concern.

[Because Host's Sharingans mutated into golden Sharingan with white tomoes as the base form.]

'And what caused this mutation if I may ask?'

[It was caused by your race, Host.]

'System, don't full me. The Saiyan race may be a powerful and particular race, but it shouldn't have this kind of particularity.'

[Well, initially it shouldn't, but the energy inside your body, even sealed away, did change your main race from Elite-class Saiyan to Ancient Saiyan. If host would still posses a tail, the tail would be of golden color even in your humanoid and normal form. Would Host like to check his Status? To see what was changed until now?]

'Well, I know that there were Ancient Saiyan in the past, but just to be sure about any surprises, show me my status, but hide skills as you haven't learned many of them, but I learned too many already.'

[Shure Host.


Name: Uchiha Mark;

Age: 1 years old, 11 months and 27 days;

Race: Ancient Saiyan;

Bloodlines: Uchiha 100% (Two Tomoe Sharingan, Mutated), Ancient Saiyan 63%, ??? Saiyan 37%;

Strength: 70000;

Dexterity: 800;

Agility: 10000;

Defense: 70000;

Endurance: 900000;

Energy: 500000;

Control: 10;

Condition: Healthy, Evolving, under the Gravity Seal (x3954);

Anything else?]

'System, why does it say that I am evolving?'

[Because the energy in your body is benefiting a lot to your Saiyan bloodline, and your powerful soul force is working as a catalyst to its evolution.]

'Then what is ~??? Saiyan~ and why is it 37%?'

[That's the new stage after the race's evolution, and as the System posses no data of what is the name of the race, or if there is any stage of evolution beyond that, the system did not want to risk and give a name by itself. All the system can guess is that if currently the host would still posses a tail, he would destroy at the very least the entire Hidden Leaf Village and its surroundings if not the entire planet, in Host's Great Ape Transformation, as you would be 200 meters tall with immeasurable energy. But on the same time, the Host is advised to go far away from the planet if he wants to activate the Super Saiyan transformation, not to mention the advance form of Super Saiyan 2, 3, 4 or even God or Blue.] said the System after analyzing Mark's body.
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》