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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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7 Sharingan

Seeing that the two adults are still staring at him without blinking, Mark closed his eyes and started rubbing them.

Looking at him, Fugaku finally snapped out of it and started to scold him for his actions:

"Mark, what are you doing? Do you want to make things worse? Stop robbing them. If you continue robbing, it will itch a lot more, you know?" said Fugaku, and after he mention about the itchiness, he calmed himself as Mark stopped robbing his eyes.

"Look Mark. It is itching like that because you awaken your Sharingan at a very early age. This is our bloodline, the Sharingan." Paused for a second to show his three tomoe Sharingan, then continued:

"It is classified as a very powerful dojutsu, and is one of the most powerful abilities that an Uchiha is born with. When an Uchiha is awakening it first, his Sharingan would posses only one tomoe, and slowly with time he would awaken other two tomoes." Said Fugaku with a proud face.

"Then I also have a tomoe? But I was able to see at least six times more clear, To-san." Answered Mark more childish.

"Each tomoe is granting us more perception in our eyes, to the point where we can observe with clarity a butterfly's wings at dozens of kilometers away from us, to the point where we can recreate it on paper. It grands us in other words enchanted vision." Said Fugaku while starting to sweat a little.

"Waa … so cool … then I'll make a lot of drawings when I get home so I will remember all the butterflies around the village!" answered Mark with stars in his eyes, making Fugaku and Minato almost vomit blood from his answer.

"But son, you will make your eyes itch a lot every time you use them like that, no?" asked Fugaku.

"Well, that's true. …. Then I'll only make a drawing once a week, and on the most beautiful one that I am able to see." Said Mark with a serious face, as if he just made a difficult decision, resulting in Fugaku spilling out a mouthful of blood and Minato holding his belli from laugh while rolling himself on the floor.

"Mark I do not mind if you want to make drawings in your spare time, but you must understand what the Sharingan is capable of. Exactly because we can observe every detail around us with the Sharingan, it grands us the ability to make flowless genjutsu. There is an another effect that the Sharingan posses: it is granting us the possibility to cast the genjutsu effortlessly on the opponent, by only looking in our eye for a small fraction of second. So you see, if used as a weapon, it can be deadly." Said Fugaku after calming down from Mark's remark.

"Then why do we have it?" asked Mark innocently.

"Because we are born with it. Usually, an Uchiha would awaken their Sharingan at the age of 8 to 16. So from now on, try to not insert any chakra in your eyes to use it, as it may scare all the people around you, until you are 8 years old. Do you understand?"

"So does that mean that I cant draw any butterflies until then?" asked Mark making Fugaku pass out from the loss of blood.

On the other hand, just as Minato was about to release his transformation because of his loss of concentration caused by his laugh, the nurse came in the salon with a try of food.

When Mark saw the food, he wolfed it down in less then fifteen seconds, making the nurse bring in more food as fast as she could, until she collapsed by exhaustion. Only aster that did he felt satisfies, but he still felt some room in his stomach for some cake or snacks. Minato on the other hand, placed Fugaku on one of the empty beads in the salon, and started to count how much food Mark received to eat.

"Mark, tell me something." Said Minato.

"Mi-san? What is it?"

"How much has your chakra increased after eating twenty extra large ramens, thirty-five rice balls, sixty tempuras and a lot of other side dishes?" asked Minato with uncertainty in his voice.

"It increased by ten and become about five times more dense then before falling asleep. Why?" asked Mark, even if he guess what would be the reason for the question.

"Well, usually a person would have an increase in his appetite after he starts using chakra, as chakra is a mixture between the body's excess of energy and the mental energy, so to compensate, the body would require even more food than a normal person. I was just calculating right now how much energy your body would create after that mush food. My conclusion is that your body would create as much energy as a high-level kage, if not on the Sannin level. Of course, it may be because your coma, but I am worried about your body if that's the case. So I think that you need to make some check-ups. Take care of your father until I talk with a doctor, would you?" asked Minato without considering his age. Actually, the system gave everyone a headache since he was like a ten years old in both intelligence and mental capabilities, making everyone that doesn't know his age, to really thing he is ten years. The Saiyan body also doesn't help since he looks like a five years old kid, even if he isn't even two.

Since he was alone, he continued his conversation with the system:

'So system, now that I'm alone, can you tell me how is the energy mutating my eyes?'

[Sure, Host! The golden Sharingan essentially works like any other Sharingan in discerning the minute moves of your opponents, it can also see X-ray inside bodies or objects as a mutation, has a strong affinity to genjutsu, but renders visual genjutsu ineffective against Host. … Let me reformulate, as what I said is a little confusing: you can freely use the basic capabilities of the Sharingan, but adds an effect of X-ray vision that penetrates the living creatures and objects if the Host's realm is strong enough, but also makes Host immune to any visual genjutsu, as in even Infinite Tsukuyomi doesn't affect the Host. As for the more advance versions of the Sharingan like the eternal mangekyo and Rinnegan, the System is unable to calculate, as it will depend on how the body would evolve.]

'Then if my body's evolution will stop as it is, but my energy will continue to grow with the current speed, then how would my Mangekyo and Rinnegan be influenced after I will awaken them?' asked Mark with anticipation.
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》