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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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8 Rinnegan

[Host, if the evolution will stop and your Saiyan bloodline will remain as it is, then only the Rinnegan can be calculated. The Mangekyo on the other hand, depends on the moment of awakening and the state of your mind, and as such, it is almost impossible to predict. On the other hand, the Rinnegan only has the seven paths: Deva, Asura, Human, Animal, Preta, Naraka and Outer paths. The mutation that was brought to the Rinnegan, is a little complicated, as it becomes like an heavenly eye, letting you see what is happening 9000 kilometers away; the karmic threads between the people along with their sins and virtue; while also giving you an advanced version of "Creation of All Things no jutsu", because there is no limitation of what you could create, unlike Hagorome himself.] said the system.

'By the way, what are the initial paths do? I mean it has been a while since I saw the anime…'

[Sure, Host. The paths are:

Deva path: Gives the host the ability to attract and reject anything that comes or exists in front of you;

Asura path: Gives the ability to manifest weapons and transform part of your body in mechanical robot parts;

Human path: Gives the ability to extract the soul of a living;

Animal path: Gives the ability to summon any creature you wish;

Preta path: Gives the ability to absorb any kind of energy, be it a source of energy or an energy attack, and making it yours;

Naraka path: Gives you access to the King of hell for interrogation purposes;

Outer path: Gives you the ability to govern the life and death of a person, granting you the possibility to revive or kill anyone, as long as you posses his DNA or a fraction of his soul or chakra.

Do you have any more questions?]

'Well, I kind of do. Can you do something to decrease the time that it will take for my body's evolution?'

[There are actually 5 options, host:

1. you can manipulate your idle energy to travel in a specific order inside your body;

2. refine your body using the body tempering technique with your idle energy;

3. inject inside your body the blood of a higher grade Saiyan, if possible someone that its as strong as you;

4. let the System take over your body when no one is watching, and the System will transform the energy in two similar energies, but one with the property of destruction, and the other with the property of creation, making it so the body will be reconstructed, but the Host will suffer inhuman pain.

5. there is also the option of cultivating a double scripture of both cultivation and martial that can refine the bloodline, refine the body and increasing the qi, blood and spirit of a person, but you must either unlock the technique, or to use your free jutsu pass to get it. Warning: the Host will only received the cultivation technique and the refining one, besides tips and information form the System, but Host must cultivate it by himself. If user would like to access this option, he must first choose with one of the scriptures he prefers.]

'If I choose the last option, how would I cultivate, and how would my origin energy be affected?'

[User does not need to worry, as your energy will be used up first to cultivate, followed by the energy in the surroundings. The only problem is that the energy in the Elemental Nations in this world is very tin, so the Host is advised to either go into the summoning grounds to cultivate, or to a different anime work like Fairy tail, Bleach or High School DxD where the energy in the air is either very high or of high quality. An another option is to ask the god for permission to go in one of the eastern books you have read on Earth, but then it will create an imbalance in the entire picture of the transmigrated ones.]

'I see. Then use the fifth option, and send all the information inside my head. But after I finish the energy that my body creates, I will still remain in Konoha until Naruto leaves the village with Jiraya if I don't somehow influence that event too. As for the cultivation technique, I do not care if it is not a high-end one, but I want one that can refine my bloodline, increase my lifespan and is not going to influence the quality of my energy, as I still want to be able to convert it in chakra, mana and other types of energies'

[Roger that. But first, I will look at your memories to see how much do you know about cultivation, then create the perfect dual script for you…. Analyzing … Searching the data base …. Compiling the script … done! The "Immortal Saiyan God Script" has been compelled. Would Host like for the System to transfer the technique inside Host's brain?]

'Why are you asking for confirmation and not transferring directly?'

[Because the script is composed of 2775 chapters, with a word count of 28539478 words as the script itself, besides the millions of annotations inside it. As a result, the user will faint from the pain after or in the middle of transfer.]

'Then can you first transfer the beginning of the script to cultivate until the doctor comes at least?'

[The Host no longer needs to cultivate then, as the doctor is together with Minato and a few nurses and your mother at the door.]

As soon as the system finished, the door was forcefully opened wide, and Mikoto basically flow in Mark's arms and started crying tears of joy upon seeing him awake.

"Ka-san! You are crushing me!" wailed Mark. Even if his body is way stronger then any of them and shouldn't feel any pain, but the pain from his evolution is still active.

But even so, Mikoto did not release him, but instead she tighten her grip on him.
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》