Saiyan inside Anime Works
9 So, cultivation?
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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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9 So, cultivation?

And so, after his mother calmed down, they went to inspect his body, but thanks to his System's interference, only his body's vitality and chakra reserves came to surface, but remembering his father warning, he did not open his Sharingan at all.

Since he was complitly fine on the surface, he was still kept under strict observation for that day, but appointed to be discharged the next day.

At night, as usual, Mark was having his usual conversation with the System:

'So, System, before transferring the dual script inside my body, can you please describe the principals behind the technique and what I should be worry of?' asked Mark.

[Certainly. The "Immortal Saiyan God Script" it's a script that combines the body refining script that suits a Saiyan the best, together with the soul scripture that come for free and a pinnacle cultivation technique that was found inside my database.

First let me start with the body refining technique. A Saiyan can increase his potential by simply exercising and battling, and then release it with a Zenkai after a life and death battle. Because of that, while cultivating, you will have to move your body in certain patterns and positions, while moving your energy in synchronization with your body, through certain path ways inside your meridian. It will let your body develop the rumored pink muscles, that posses not only great endurance, but also strength. As a side effect, it will refine your bloodline, as it will expel the waste inside your blood and will encourage your marrow to produce stronger blood. It is recommended to practice it somewhere away from the eyes of the world, as it may scare the natives of this world.

Note: the shinoby natives of this world have no ideea how to expel the waste inside their body, and as such they will age like any other mortal, albert a little slower.

Second would be the soul cultivation technique. Even if most of the technique works the same, there are a few changes to it, as you will need to imbue your body with soul energy, as it will be easier in the future to readapt to your body after you are living it in inventory for long periods of time.

The last one of them is the cultivation technique that I found inside my database. The technique allows your body to use any kind of energy to cultivate, and then solidify it in your body as immortal meridians. The first meridian will increase your lifespan by a millennia, while the others will multiply your body by one hundred. An additional effect, is that every meridian will multiply your raw strength, dexterity, agility, speed, attack and defense by one hundred each, no matter how strong you are at that time.

That would be the summary that concern this cultivation technique, as it is able to rise your strength a twice with half an effort, but I will still recommend you to practice it diligently, as only a few gods would be your match later. Warning: other transmigrates can rival or surpass you if you will slack off.]

With this, he receive a huge blow, but considering his memories of all the eastern novels that I usually reads when there is no new episode of anime or serials and neither new chapters of manga, he recovered fast, as he believed that it is to be expected at least this much.

'Well, I am a little tired now, but since a tired body can bring greater advantage in cultivation as the body is in a state of hunger, pass me first the cultivation technique for now, but only up to the third meridian.'

[Sure Host! Transferring … 0% … 20% … 50% … 70% ... 90% … 100% … Transfer complete. Would Host want for the System to cultivate until in the morning, or would host want to do it himself?]

'Give me the privilege to do it myself please. I always wanted to try how cultivation felt like it, but can you please do the first two big circulation cycle? I don't want to do it wrong from the first try and suffer from qi deviation so early in the game. Even if I have the diagram inside my mind, I am still not sure if I can do it without mistake.'

[Wise choice, Host. Then I will run the first three big circulation cycle so you will be able to memorize the filling. Host, please pay attention, because it is very important to reproduce the entire circuit in one go, or else you will suffer from qi deviation. As it can't be solved by a senzu bean, and you will need 5% of your talent as a payment for me to solve something like a qi deviation, or to request to restore your body to the moment before you started cultivating. In this stage, it will not be a problem, but you suffer of one in the future, after a few years, you will mostly pay the price instead of restarting cultivation from the very beginning. There are already a few in cultivation worlds who payed this very high price, and that's because they have high talents and advanced in ranks way too fast.]

After the System finished his warnings, he started moving one unit of energy through the body activating 316 meridians, 16 hidden path ways and all he organs strengthening them and filling them with energy, then returning to his Dan Tian meridian and filling is with almost all the energy accumulated along the way, but a tenth of energy was then used to re-make the entire cycle of cultivation along the same path, then the entire process was repeated for a third time.

Mark sensing the path where the energy traveled, clashed his teeth and imitated the circulation. At start, he went and made it very slow, as he was afraid to make any mistakes, but after a few rounds he started to gain some confidence and started doing faster and faster, but when he got to the speed that the System used in his demonstration, he stopped at it and kept it until in the early morning when he run by himself to take a shower as he released a huge amount of waste through his skin during his meditation session.

'System, I want to complain about something!'

[What is it, Host?]

'This authors of eastern novels are a huge bunch of hypocrites.'

[What do you mean by that?]

'Cultivation may be boring and yet invigorating, but it helps your body relax and feel in the middle of mother nature. It gave me an effect of euphory akin to drugs and is highly addicting. I mean if I could trade places with someone in the cultivation world right now, I will do it as the spiritual air there must be more reach then here, and the euphoric filling must be greater, no?'

[Host is correct yet incorrect at the same time.]

'What do you mean?'

[Yo feel like that because the Saiyan blood is evolving faster when you cultivate, giving you a sensation of pure joy that comes from deep inside your bloodline, but your bloodline is considering you a cripple as you do not posses a tail. Do you know that you would have at least ten thousand times the strength and energy right this moment if you have chosen to keep your tail? But as a consequence you would have probably fallen in the hands of Orochimaru thanks to Danzo's involvement in the village.]

'What do you mean by that?'

[The tail of a Saiyan is the one that's responsible for a Saiyan's bloodline, as it's a manifestation of one's potential. On the other hand, an Ancient Saiyan's form is that of a 50 meters Great Ape that would have 50 times the strength and energy of a normal Saiyan, but when they will gain their reason, you would have the ability to compress your form in a humanoid one, multiplying again your strength by one hundred at the very least.]

Sweat started to drop from his face, but he knows that being an Uchiha with a strong body and mutated Sharingan is already the limit he can show. If he would suddenly transform into a strong ape in the middle of the village only after two years from Kurama's attack, then it would have been the end of him, so he felt a strong rejoice from his choice of having no tail in this world.

'Wait a second! You said that I would have been at least ten thousand times stronger, but if you multiply fifty by a hundred, you will get fifty thousand, no?'

[Host is correct. Host's body was strengthened by five already, but if host wish, I could transfer you in Dragon Ball world on an unhabituated planet and replace you with a clone until you return, then grow your tail there and train your spirit to be able to regain your mentality, then try to gain your humanoid form, making you gain all the strength that you lost by not allowing your potential bloom. Would Host like to proceed?]
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