Saiyan inside Anime Works
10 Minato“s POV
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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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10 Minato“s POV

Hello, everyone. I am Minato Namikaze here, and I would like to tell the lot of you what I had to go through all this years.

I was born in a village at the border of the Land of Fire, on 25th January, year 26 of New Era Age, or Modern Era by the old calendar. My mother died when she gave birth to me, while my father died in the line of work, so I was raised by my grandfather. I was born apparently in the same year as my wife, Kushina Uzumaki, but we wouldn't meet, only later at our academy time.

When I was 5, my village was plumbed by bandits from the Land of Lightning. My father, overexerted himself to use a secret technique of my clan that burned our lifespan to unleash very high speed my combining lightning and water. The technique was based on using the lightning to travel very fast, while the water will increase the blood circulation in the legs. After we arrived at our destination, Konoha, he was immediately admitted and examined at the hospital, while I was left alone in the waiting room.

Fortunately, Lady Tsunade was on guard duty that day, so she made sure my gramps survived, but as a side effect, his entire chakra network was destroyed, but I am glad he survived.

We received an estate near the western peripheric of the city, so we moved there.

And so, I was raised by my grandfather, while other surviving clan members that escaped moved with us, so I was not lonely. I was able to grow in peace until I entered at the academy.

For some reason, I was only first in all aspects, but besides a few annoying Uchihas, no one provoked me, so I had a peaceful life until I was in the second year of the academy. That day, the sensei entered in the classroom with a little girl of our age, that posses an unusual red hair. What she said after she entered the class, made me never forget.

"Name's Kushina Uzumaki, you fools! My self's dream is to become the Hokage and rule over all of you!"

In my opinion, that was the most funny introduction that I have ever heard so far. With a brief introduction, she made sure to annoy everyone in the class, especially the sensei, an Uchiha, that was recognized by the entire world to be a clan that walks with their asses high up in the sky all day.

And so, my peaceful days finally ended, as she brought light in my life. Of course, I wanted to watch from a distance all the troubles she caused, so I followed her all day without her even noticing me. But one day, a duo from Kumogakure tried to kidnap her, but I was fortunately spying on her, so I was able to save her after I defeated them. That day, I was finally able to confess my sentiments towered her.

And so, a year passed, and she was burdened by one of her ancestors, Mito Uzumaki, the wife of the first hokage, to become the Nine Tails' Jinchuriki, as Mito has long since wasted her lifespan. It was a dark day for Kushina, as Mito was her teacher, but they treated each other like a niece and aunt.

It wasn't only her that cried a lot that night, as the entire village was in the same state. They all loved her and the first Hokage, but her death has also made them finally realize the end of the Wonder Period that ended more then half a century ago. After a week, the 'Will of Fire' burned even more intense in the citizens and shinobi's hearts.

I was taken as a student under Jiraya, one of the three sanninn that made a name for himself in the Second Ninja War. When I had finally riched the rank of a jonin, the hokage proposed to me to take a three genin team, and I approved. The trio were Obito Uchiha, Rin Nohara and Kakashi Hatake.

And so, year passed, and after a while, the Third Shinobi War started. As soon the kids under me, Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara were promoted to the rank of chunin, we where deployed to the battlefield, together with my third student, Kakashi Hatake, right at my old friend, the Kumo's border.

It was finally time for some payback, my friends!

And so, after two years, unfortunately I was not careful enough, and one of my students, Obito Uchiha, died. As if that wasn't enough, Rin was kidnaped by shinobis from Kuro and turned into a jinchuriki, but because she couldn't take it, she fooled Kakashi to kill her, forcing him in that way to awaken his Sharingan that he received from his friend, Obito, into a Mangekyo Sharingan, but he passed out because of his chakra's exhaustion.

After the end of the war, I was appointed by the third Hokage, as the forth Hokage of the village, much to the disappointment of Kushina that actually wanted to become one. As a reward instead, she agreed to have our first sleepless night since we became a couple.

But then something unusual happened, with her best friend. The air around her become very clean, and made others think more lucid and calmer then usual. Even Kushina got more docile around Mikoto. And as such, I 'punished' Kushina by making her spend more time with Mikoto, because she doesn't even now how to meditate and talk with the Nine Tails.

But after Mikoto gave birth, we realized that one of her tweens, was the one that released that air around him, and thanks to Fugaku, we finally understood everything. Apparently, he is constantly absorbing Nature Energy, making everyone around him filling fresh.

What frightened everyone after he was born, was the fact that his constitution is much more stronger then even a Kage, but since he is just born, he is still very weak. What a strange monster…

And then something scared me and Kushina to death. A day before our baby was born, we both dreamed about the Sage of Six Paths. He said that our child was fated to live a lone life and he also showed us a few moment of his life. He also said that we are fated to die the next day, but he said the fact that we could live if we follow his instruction.

And the instructions were really ruthless, but fearing the repercussions, they followed as they were told.

The instructions were to make two new entrances in the Anbu directory, then play along with the flow of events, then seal the Yang half of the Nine Tails in Naruto, while the other half in Mikoto and Fugaku's son, Mark. Then using a strange clone technique, to fake our death, and by not even telling the third, use the two identities of Anbu recently created, and watch Naruto how he grows up.

It was very painful for us, as he lived a not-so-good life, being the jinchuriki and an orphan, but at least we were allowed to interact with Mark and his family.

But after almost two years, when we become very close to Mark, we experienced an another dream.

In that dream, the sage told us that he allows us to officially adopt Naruto, if Mark will be covered for a moment in space energy, and it actually happened!

I am so glad and moved, that I actually almost blown up my cover in front of the third Hokage.

When Kushina learned of this, I transported her miles away from civilization to calm her emotions down. An Uzumaki is scaring when they can't maintain their emotions under control…
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》