Saiyan inside Anime Works
11 The passing years
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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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11 The passing years

'System, if you can send me there to train myself, then send me in another universe where I will not disturb anybody with my training. But first teach me that clone jutsu that can replace my body complitly, but will not disappear no matter what.'

[Sure Host!? Creating technique … compelling data … transferring data to Host … Done!]

And so, after a series of 63 hand signs, three golden drops of blood come out of his forehead. They combined with a portion of his soul that he separated from himself, then together with the already expelled chakra from his body for the technique, started to combine and expand little by little until the entire blood system was recreated.

After the blood system, the bones were created as well, after with, the muscles were condensed upon them.

Last but not lest, the internal organs and the skin itself were created from the remaining energy.

Finally, after a few more moments, an exact replica of himself was finally created in front of him.

He used this occasion, he looked closely at how he looks like in this new life of his. Even when he knows the truth, he already had a feeling that the entire thing is not so simple as the god said.

And in his opinion, he looks very cute by his standards. Even if he is a man, he is still an otaku that usually debates against others about the plot and characters in different animes and manga.

His opinion about his own body is difficult to describe.

He looks like a four years old child, with black eyes and black hair, and childish looks. The only thing that he is not sure about is his little brother that is still undeveloped, but he is not worried about it too much, as the system is omnipotent. He will worry about that when the time comes, after all…

After giving his cloths to the clone, he brought some modern cloths for himself in the store since they are free, then after the clone replaced him in the bead, he finally disappeared from that place.

His departure was not found out by the hidden anbu, as the system placed everyone to sleep. The only one that felt something was Minato, but he didn't investigate, as he was told by the System that he can get closer to his only child. He was too concerned about that.


At eight o'clock sharp, Mikoto and Fugaku returned to his room, and they found his clone meditating, with a fresh air inside the room, but they didn't disturb him, and instead went to find a doctor to make his discharge papers.

Since he is only a clone, he was actually meditating to refine some chakra for himself to use and maintain itself. As any clone, he still needs some kind of energy to exist, or else, he may disappear in thin air.

After he finished meditating, he found his parents packing all his staff up (even when they were never unused), and after they noticed him awake, they gave him some civilian cloths to change into, but he was sent first to take a shower.

After they got out of the hospital, they took a tour around the city, and since this is his first time outside the Uchiha territory, he studied the different shaped buildings, and tried a lot of foods from the vendors.

Mikoto and Fugaku were satisfied with his reaction, but secretly startled with the unusual increase of appetite, since he was able to ear more then the two together, and yet he was still hungry. They believed that the previews day event was a fluke, but since his constitution is filled with sage energy and the chakra levels he posses are high to the roof, they become unable to understand clearly what is going on with him. But honestly, if they would know that this it is only one of the side effects of awakening his bloodline, it can hardly be predicted on how would they react to it.

So, when they arrived at the Akimichi's restaurant, they ordered as much food as Mark needs to complitly feel himself, but when he finished, even the boss made them pay extra. That is something that never happened before, as the restaurant its not charging you per dish, but per person, as they give you cheap but good food and they usually get high profits even in raining days.

After that, they kept traveling inside stores and brought row food, different cloths and even toys for Mark and Sasuke.

When they finally finished visiting, Mark's clone faked a tired expression. Even when he himself still has more stamina, he doesn't want to overdue it so much, as his body is still of a two years old kid.

As soon as they arrived home, Sasuke run up to them and jumped in his mother's embrace. After he greeted his mother in his own way, he noticed Mark that was horse riding their father's back.

"Oni-san!" yelled Sasuke waking up the asleep Mark.

"To-san, are we home, yet?" asked Mark, then after looking around him, he noticed Sasuke staring at him.

"Hey Sasuke, how are you today? Did you miss me?" asked Mark.

"Eh, I did miss you. How are you?" asked Sasuke with concern.

Seeing the concerned version of Sasuke with his own eyes, Mark decided to prank him a little.

"They said that I'll survive for another week, and after that, you will need too take care of our family. Sorry for living you this early in this life." Said Mark while showing a winner sign in front of Sasuke.

At first, neither one of them understood what he meant, but after a few moments, Sasuke become worried, and he yelled…

"Hey, brother? Why?" and started to cry and make a scene right outside of their house.

As their parents realized what is going on, his mother started to calm down Sasuke, while Mark was yelled at by his own father.

When they all calmed down and entered the house, they were meet by an entire table full of food made by Itachi, but they made a big mistake, and that was letting Mark on the ground, because he devoured almost all the food with high speed. Only a few dishes that he didn't like were left on the table by the time they came back to reality. A Saiyan is not scary when asleep, but can create you a headache in the budget. Lucky for him, his father is the clan head of a very big clan.

And just like that, they become VIPs at the Akimichi's restaurant from then for many years, as they could not find the reason for Mark's sudden increase of appetite…

On the other side, after Minato and Kushina formally adopted Naruto, they become to dote on him like there is no tomorrow.

They brought a big apartment in the eastern side of the village, where usually clan-less shinobi live.

Since they all got what they wanted, they were all very happy. Naruto wanted a family, while the two parents wanted to watch as their only son growing to be a fine man and shinobi. In a way, it is a kind of tradition for a shinobi couple to have their kids also become shinobis.

And so, after six years, his generation was finally admitted to the Shinobi Academy, like their ancestors. It was also the time that Mark has set for his return.

In these six years, Minato and Kushina has actively trained Naruto step by step in such a way to build up his foundation and making him an elite. What they didn't expect was for Kurama to stay put and to not cause any mischief for them the entire time.

Mikoto and Fugaku did the same, as they created a strange rivalry and always compared Naruto with Sasuke, making him train a lot harder then in the series.

Mark become good friends with all the important characters, and had even won a lot of food contests against Choji Akimichi, making their friendship a very good yet competitive one.

All the important characters have also accepted Naruto as their friend, as he was no longer the annoying and useless idiot of the original timeline, as he was forced by his parents to read, write and train periodically.

On the other hand, Mark was able with the help of his father, to master his Sharingan, but because of him being only a clone, he didn't awaken the last stage of the based version.

He learned all the fire based jutsus available in the clan's library, and had also practiced genjutsu and kenjutsu to the same level as Itachi, but besides Fugaku and Minato, no one new of this, or else, he risked being kidnaped by the Root.

As years passed, they were not the only ones that benefited by the clone's meditation, as the entire Konoha was affected by the influx of rich spiritual air, and because of that, a lot of things changed for the better or worst.
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》