Saiyan inside Anime Works
12 The passing years 2
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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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12 The passing years 2

One of the important events that happened was for Danzo to repeatedly faint during the day without any reason, a few times even during councils meetings. After the fifth time, both Fugaku and Hiashi has checked his body with their dojutsus, angering both of them for stealing not only Sharingans, but also two Byakugans, leading both parties killing him on the spot.

Apparently, he had already build his arm full of eyes using the first Hokage's, Hashirama, cells as a medium, but the increase of the nature energy was acting as a catalyst for the cells, making them too active for the old man to bear with it. Because of that, the body was repeatedly acting up after accumulating a certain amount of nature energy.

Hiruzen, the third Hokage was also enraged, so he requested all the clans to make a joint attack together with the anbu in the entire Land of Fire, to check everything up. They first checked the entire Konoha village, then they had slowly progressed until they reached the borders. They had fond 27 hidden root labs, 62 labs that were build by one of Hiruzen's students, Orochimaru, three labs and hidden locations build by the enemies of Konoha and a lot of spies in all the places. Besides this, they had also found lots of traffickers of organs and people, but also hidden organizations and frauds all around the place.

This action was later named the great purge of the land of fire, leading the feudal lord to reward all the clans that took action an immense amount of money. The citizens has also changed their shabby opinion that they had toward the big clans, as they had executed all the evildoers on the spot after their crimes has been exposed to the public.

There has been found about 60 persons, kids and adults, that were marked by the Orochimaru's mark, but since their situation is quite pellicular since they are mostly either defenseless of weaker, they were taken to the village so they could seal the mark at least temporally.

Of course, such actions was followed by the other three big Hidden Villages, letting the Hidden Mist Village on the outside since the Mizukage was under Obito's control.

An another important event that has changed the Konoha was that the council was reformed, leading it to only have the clan heads, an anbu representative and two representatives from the civil part, as most of the civils in the council were strained with endless sins and wrongdoings. The clan heads did nothing, but instead encouraged this action since most of the decisions that were made there was for the shinobi population, aka the military population.

Since Danzo and all of the corrupted officials were cleared away from there, the Uchiha were given the same position in the council as the Hyugas, and as such, the Uchiha clan has calmed down.

An another event that happen was that the entire territory of the Konoha was reformed almost complitly, leading the Uchiha to expand in the entire west side of the city. As the Hyugas also wanted more territory, they took over the east side of the city, while the Akimichi together with the Yamanaka and Nara clan took over the north side of the village.

This way, the five great clans of the village were tasked to take care of the peripheries of the village, the only place unguarded being the south, but the entire clan-less shinobi citizens where relocated there.

The civil population instead was moved in the center of the village, while the small clans were also moved there so to defend them in case of something.

One of the funny things in this whole picture was that unlike the old times when a clan would claim the entire land as his own and forbid everyone else to enter without permission. In this era, the clans had only used a small part of their territory for the main house while the rest of the territory, it is for the residence of the branch households, private labs or industries and for relaxation or business proposes.

They had reformed the entire Konoha territory in less then a week, as the Uchiha and Hyuga clans has used the territories outside the walls to build their districts, while the entire shinobi forces were recalled from the missions with the purpose of reforming the village.

All this relocations took place thanks to Mark's clone, as he asked Fugaku why aren't they building an entire district for commerce, branch family and relaxation or playing grounds to be opened to the rest of the Konoha. That will lead them in gathering some additional money from operating their business in our territory and so on, while also rebuilding the trust from the citizens toward our clan.

When Fugaku presented this ideea to the Hokage of creating such open spaces that will house the branch family but also some shops and relaxation places, he proposed that ideea to the council. Thanks to the purge that took place recently, about 10% of the village become abandoned, so with all the clan heads present at the council, they remodeled the village. The civilians had actually agreed to it, and using the money from the businessman and the reward from the feudal lord, they hired architects and fengshui masters to work together on how to restructure the entire village, since this proposal will greatly change the old look of the city.

They placed the hokage tower right in the middle of the city, the Ninja Academy right in the left side of the tower, while the hospital on it's right side, giving it more protection. They had also changed the old staff from centuries ago with new and improved tools, while the I&T department (intelligence and torture department) was moved right inside the Hokage Mountain on the Nara Clan's territory.

The Konoha police was moved right in front of the hokage tower, insuring the fact that any police officer will arrive in the shortest time at the most important places of the city, but they had also build branches in every district so to ensure quick response in case of something.

On an another note, the Academy curriculum has been changed and now it has more F, E and D class jutsus, and they also need to learn some inscriptions like the sealing chakra and soundproofing inscriptions. This was actually proposed by Jiraya himself while in passing, but the Hokage took it seriously after considering only a little and put it in practice.

And now, all the students must show at least an A rank Ninjutsu if they want to graduate earlier alongside a battle power of a chunin and to perform the water waking technique in front of the hokage and at least 5 jonins.

As for normal graduation, one must perform either a normal clone, or a shadow clone alongside transformation jutsu and silence seal, but if the on that takes the exam is someone that can't use any ninjutsu or genjutsu, he must be able to walk on a tree and be able to lift with in each hand 500 kilograms and beat a chunin in taijutsu only.

Well, Jiraya only complained to the Hokage that there are beardly any sealing masters and this day's graduates are too fragile if they are placed in a situation of life and death, especially this that can only use taijutsu and kenjutsu. Who would have fought that he will change the curriculum so much???
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》