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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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As night engulfed the village, it gave it a picturesque filling. Unlike it's old self, it now gives a new filling. The filling is that of youthfulness and happiness mixed together.

The new developments has changed the village for the better, as more and more visitors would step inside the village, leaving the businessman with full pockets of money.

And so, in the Uchiha's main family, there are two kids eager to start their new life of academy student starting tomorrow. Well, at least one of them, Sasuke, as Mark is expecting to be replaced during the night by his original, making him secretly dissatisfied, but he must obey the original none the less.

They are eight years old right now, but mark looks like he is twelve years old, making the contrast between them very aparent.

And as time passed, they have both gone to sleep, leaving behind Fugaku and Mikoto alone.

"So, are you sure that Mark should go to school? I mean he already posses more chakra then the Kyubi in his berserk mode, not to mention that his control over it is excellent. He is also able to use every jutsu that the clan has with ease, and even Minato has imparted to him all of his skills and he mastered all in hours. Even his teleportation jutsu!" said Mikoto a little worried.

"I know, but Minato suggested to give him a normal childhood, or he may become just like Kakashi, a cold-blooded beast that has closed in himself after the death of his two most important people. And being an Uchiha, doesn't help at all as he needs more friends and more love then other kids, especially at his age. Do remember that he is as mature as Itachi!" said Fugaku while looking at the start with a cup of sake in his hand.

After a while, they had both agreed to let him join tomorrow with the rest of the yang masters from different clans the first year of the academy.

At 3 am in the morning, a spatial hole was made inside Mark's room, from with our MC came out. After checking what his clone and his brother was doing, he noticed that his room was changed a little too much, so…

'Well system, it seams that I am back. Could you transfer me all my clone's memories?'

[Certainly. Would Host wish to remove the clone?]

'No, let it be. I do not want to take over, just want to know what actually happened so far.'

[Right away. Initializing … checking … transferring … done! Would host need anything else?]

After processing everything that happened, mark felt cold sweat draining down his back. The overall situation has changed to much. The clan was satisfied with the village and they no longer wish to revolt, but on the contrary, to support it.

Danzo was executed by the joint cooperation between his father and the head of the Hyuga clan, while because of his clone dissatisfaction on how the things are going in the village, they remodeled it complitly giving it a brand new atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

All the spies and corrupted officials were slain, while a lot of controlled people were release by the control and were even given the opportunity to retake their position after numerous investigation took place.

Because of that, the overall situation was cleansed complitly.

'Hey, system?'

[Yes host!]

'I feel like I fu**ed up too much, because I am not even sure what is going to come. Any suggestion?'

[It depends on what Host truly wish to do from now one to be honest]

'I want to bring peace to this world.'

[Then how about going to slain the entire Akatsuki, release the forth Mizukage from his genjutsu, seal away or destroy Zetsu, you have many possibilities!]

'Well, there are indeed many things that can be done. Oh, I have an ideea, but I will need your opinion in that.'

[Do tell. I am really curious of what you have in mind.]

'I'll go first and dispel the genjutsu that was casted over the young Mizukage, then I will go and destroy the Black Zetsu complitly. After that, I will join the village as an orphan, but you must help me out with some fake memories or something. I do not want to be monitorized in excess because of a slip up.'

[Well, I accept this ideea. But why exactly do you want to join the village when you are already a citizen?]

'It is because the current me has a complitly different personality then my clone. I will cause a lot of suspicions if I will switch witch him, because I do not really like to act. And thanks to the Saiyan bloodline that has already found his final form, I hold too much pride and bluntness to act as a child. Besides that, I look complitly different then my clone. Do remember that he didn't cultivate and he only has the ancient Saiyan bloodline, while I already arrived at the Origin Saiyan race as bloodline.'

[Well, fine with me. But Obito will be alerted immediately if you do that, so what will you do about it?]

'Not sure. I will live a clone in the shadows and intercept him, then revive Rin or something?'

[Well, what would you like to do first?]

'I'll go after Black Zetsu first. Could you transfer me in front of him and lock down space so he will not escape no matter what?'

[It will cost you 2 energy for transfer and one energy per second for locking down the space around him.]

'That's pretty cheap! I recover millions of energy per second, and yet you only need this much?'

[Host, it is because…
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》