Saiyan inside Anime Works
14 Nagato, Obito, Konan and Rin
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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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14 Nagato, Obito, Konan and Rin

[Host, it is because the heavenly laws of the Dream World are affecting only the inhabitants, while you can do whatever you want once you are able to comprehend them at least a little. Unfortunately, the law of time is not to be messed with, or you will mess up all the worlds that you were granted access to. As such, I only need a small amount of energy to lock down the space, but the price was halved after you regained the clone's memories. That is because Minato's teleportation technique was based on the principles of space laws, but it is still not a full teleportation technique. He can only bent space so the movements will be more swift, but he still has a long time to go. Even Goku's Instant Transmission is more advanced then this one.]

'Oh, now I get it. Could you show me then my states? But please add a new section there that will show me the control over energies in percentages please!'

[Sure Host!


Name: Uchiha Mark;

Age: 8 years old, 1 month and 7 days;

Race: Origin Saiyan;

Bloodlines: Mutated Hagoromo Otsutsuki 100% (Three Tomoe Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Rinnegan), Origin Saiyan 100%;

Cultivation Realm: 15th meridian, 23%; soul: Soul King: 73%;

Strength: 1B;

Dexterity: 10K;

Agility: 10M;

Defense: 900M;

Endurance: 900M;

Energy: immeasurable;

Control (chakra): 30%;

Control (Ki): 40%;

Control (spirit energy): 10%;

Condition: Healthy, under the Gravity Seal (x395984);

Anything else?]

'No, but could you teleport me to Zetsu and lock down the space so we could get over it?' asked Mark.

[Sure! Give me a moment to check out where is he … found his aura … found him! Host, he is together with Obito and Nagato. Would Host like to check his luck and battle the three? If Host still wish for space to be locked up so that Zetsu can't escape, Obito not be able to use Kamui and neither Nagato his Almighty Push, then you will need to pay 356 energies per second. Do remember that the Nagato that you will face is only the clone that can use that move, meaning it will cost a lot more if the other clones will arrive, so I recommend you to finish everything faster.]

'Then can you stop time here so that I could adjust my condition? I know just the perfect technique to use against Zetsu, yet could be also used to show the two idiots the truth of the matter.'

[1000 energies per second. Pay up front!]

'Deal. I only need about 10 minutes anyway. It's still very cheap.'

And so, te time flow in the Naruto World in the loop number 35814 was frozen for 10 minutes, but the other worlds were not affected. And so, after the time was up, Mark was teleported right in front of the trio that were talking of how to kidnap the Jinchurikies from the Villages.

"Excuse me Sirs, but I need to ask this little Zetsu Something" said Mark, taking all off them by surprise, but before they could react, he has already extracted Zetsu's soul and destroyed almost the entire thing, only letting the Zetsu's memories intact.

"The two of you, I came here to help you out. You don't even know that the two of you, together with Madara and Indra Otsutsuki. Nagato, take a look into this shithead's memories and you will find out who was the true murderer of your friend and also the true troublemaker that instigated the preview three Great Ninja Wars, but also the reason for the Uzumaki clan's annihilation. Just thrust me for once. After you are finished, no matter what you would like to do, show them to Obito too." Said Mark sending the soul ball inside Nagato's clone's head with a very high speed, while watching out for Obito's movements.

The space may be locked down, but not his chakra or body movements.

He was relieved that Obito was scared shitless when he couldn't use Kamui while Zetsu was simply killed without a way of comeback. Even if there are trillions of white Zetsus, they aren't really useful, as they are mindless creatures without the Black Zetsu.

As minutes pass, both Mark and Obito were amazed by the wonderful sight of Nagato's change in expressions in quick succession from amazement to rage to wonder then enlightenment and back to the preview expressions.

After three hours and half, he let out a sigh and he forcefully pushed the soul orb that came out of him inside Obito's heat while shouting in rage:

"You bastard, take a look at this! We are even, by the way!" shouted with all his might then he looked sad at the floor. The key to solve this world's problems were right in front of him, and yet he was complitly blind by his little revenge to observe the clear picture.

"So how should I name you?" asked Nagato.

'Since my clone is using my real identity, I'll name myself Taro since it's one of my favorite types of corn while I was on Earth. Why did I become so emotional thinking about them again?'

Flashback no jutsu!

"Mom, mom, what is this soup? It's delicious!"

A little boy was yelling in happiness after his mother made a new dish that he never tasted before.

"It's named Toran-kug, a Korean specialty. It's a kind of soup made out from a corn named taro and a few more ingredients. It is easy to make, and it's very cheap!"

"Do you have more?" asked the boy after he finished it.

"Sure, Mark" answered his mother happily that he likes other kind of foods, not only the fast food that he usually eats when she is aboard.

Truth to be told, that was the last dish she prepared for him, before suffering a plane crush, taking her life away for eternity.

Flashback no jutsu, Release!

"You can call me Taro, but I first want to hear what would you do from this moment onward." Said Mark after stabilizing his emotions.

"I was planning to go along with his plan in the beginning, but after I saw what he has done, I will abandon all the plans and retire somewhere together with Konan and live our lives at peace. Honestly, it took you just a moment to destroy all my believes, and because of that, I no longer have the will to do anything. If you will need help, I will grand it to you, but if it goes against my beliefs, then you can forget it." Said Nagato whit a depressed mood.

Mark on the other hand, was caught off guard, as he didn't expected this kind of reaction, but judging from his soul fluctuations, he was speaking the truth.

"Then if nothing will come up, I will let you rest. On the other hand, I was wondering if you would like a parting gift?" asked Mark.

"What parting gift?" asked Nagato in self-mockery since nothing that exists he haven't seen or able to obtain.

"How about reviving Iahiko? All I need to revive someone is either some of his cells, or a portion of his soul. Of course, it is not like Orochimaru's revival that will make a broken reanimation, but a truth one."

Nagato was visibly impressed by this proposal, so he accepted nonetheless, but was put on hold as Mark will like to see what is Obito's reaction after he wakes up, but apparently he needs a lot more time then Nagato. Out of boredom, he has also asked the system if he can fix the compatibility between Nagato and the Rinnegan, and the answer was a yes with a cost of 10000 of his energy, making him depreciate his energy even further.
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》