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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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15 Reward

After Obito finished checking out the memories, he started crying in front of them, but they both new the reason, so they waited patiently for him to finish.

Mark has offered himself to also return Rin to him, but he must first get rid of the Akatsuki as a =n organization and to release the young Mizukage from his Genjutsu.

Obito got very fast to work, as he has seen the alive Iahiko that was resurrected as a Demo.

And so, a few hidden crises were avoided, as the Akatsuki was no more, while Kaguya got almost 0 chances to resurrect either in the present or future.

After all the thinks were finished, Obito choose to spend the rest of his life in the Hidden Rain Village together with Rin; Nagato was complitly healed and now he is able to no longer keep the Rinnegan open 24/7; Iahiko, Nagato and Konan remained to watch out over the village, and that's pretty much the end of it all.


Mark received a strange proposal from the system. Here it is how did that go:

[Host, you made a great move, and you are officially the only one that took this path so early in the game by only dealing with the Black Zetsu. The others had either gone head to head with the Akatsuki when the time was right, or had simply annihilated them all by himself.]

'Thank you system. But how come you are speaking like that?'

[It is because you receive an immense amount of Karma in less then 10 years since the start of the program so to say, so I was contacted by the main system that is managing all of us small systems.]

'Oh, and what did it said?'

[It has sent you a reward, while I received a new ability.]

'And what is my reward? Sorry system, but it's the first reward that I received, and its from the main system nonetheless.'

[Your reward is this:

1x personal dimension

5x bloodlines

3x requests.

As for my new function is 'Summoning of friends', but it can only be used three times.]

'The names of the rewards are a little vague for me, so can you please explain the rewards in a short summary?'

[Sure Host!

1x personal dimension = it's a dimension that will treat you like god. It can literally be edited like in Minecraft, but to a much bigger scale, there overflows any kind of energy, but in it's purest form, and you can create and destroy anything in there, including souls or it's personal Underworld and circle of reincarnation. You can set the time rate, but also the gravity as you wish. You can bring in there anyone and everything.

5x bloodlines: it gives you the ability to create or use any bloodline. Once you make a bloodline available with this ticket, you can use it on yourself or your friends and subordinates. Not usable on anime characters. Current bloodlines available to Host: Origin Saiyan, ??? Saiyan, Ancient Saiyan, Elite-class Saiyan, Hagorome, Indra, Asura and Uchiha bloodlines besides the 5 bloodlines that you could get from store or create.

3x requests: you can make ANY request that you may have. I recommend to keep them there until you really need to make one, or you will be sorry for wasting it later.

Summoning of friends: you can summon up to 3 people to be by your side, as long as they are not summoned like you too. In other words, if they were not summoned in any movie/manga/anime/boog, they can be summoned here to be your companions. Because I can make free bodies, they will receive them, but you may choose for them to receive or not at least one of your bloodlines that are available.]

'Well, how about I summon one of my friends and give him the same bloodlines that I have, then go together with him to Konoha? After all, he is a big otaku. Even bigger then myself. But let me use the Transformation Jutsu first to take my appearance from Earth … Done! Just a question first.'

[What is the question?]

'If the time on Earth is really stopped, then he will arrive here in the form of a soul, or with his true body? And what will happen if he dies here?'

[Host, since the time is frozen, he will arrive here in his soul form, then after the two of you will customize his new body via a PC that I will make out of thin air, he will use that body. If he dies, he will return on Earth and you will be able to summon him again. Since you have used your ticket on him once, you can summon him for free indefinitely, and it doesn't matter how he died, as his soul is marked by the system. On the other hand, it depends on him to pass through difficult times like controlling his bloodline or energies, as he doesn't have a system like you, but a minor system that will give him the status and inventory interface. You also need to choose an energy for his body.]

'That's too much to take, but I can't let him miss all the fun just because I am selfish.'

[As Host said, it is up to you if you will summon him here, or not.]

'Fine System, then summon Jack here, but since I want to see what he is doing, let his soul stay in the same position that his body is in.'

[Sure host. Searching memories of host … found individual identity. Searching Earth for individual … individual found in his house at latrine … summoning soul … soul summoned successfully! Host, you should know that he was also in the base of summoning heroes, but he was up at that time, so he missed the entire thing, so be gentle with emotions and don't tell him the entire truth. Even system is filling pity for him.]
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》