Saiyan inside Anime Works
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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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"Hey, Jack!" said Mark with a big smile on his face after his friend was fully brought in front of him.

Jack on the other hand, was wondering what happened. One moment was doing his business, while in the next one he was in front of his friend in a forest.

"Mark, may I ask an important question?"

"I don't mind if you ask, but try to put some pants on yourself. We may be best friends with lots of sleep overs, but showing your thing like that its not really pleasant…" said Mark while looking somewhere else.

Only now did Jack remembered that he is still half naked and his little brother in full exposure right in front of his friend, but only after he put his pants on him, did he noticed that he is also transparent.

"Mark, may I know what is really going on here?" he asked with his most relaxed voice that he could master in that moment, afraid that he will cause a scene.

'He is quite calm, but I expect nothing else from him. After all, he was dreaming every day to become some summoned hero or something like that.' Believed Mark with admiration.

"We are currently in the Land of Fire, but you are in your spirit form. Something like the souls in Bleach that posses some spirit energy to materialize themselves without a chain." answered Mark.

'Let's just answer questions as simply as possible without giving complex answers. Yea, just let's do it. Its funny though to see him like that.' Believed Mark while keeping a stern face.

"With Land of Fire exactly?" asked Jack.

"The one that exists in the Shinobi Continent." Said Mark treating him like an idiot.

"And what exactly are we doing here?" asked Jack.

"We are here to have fun and become the strongest!" said Mark with a triumphal expression, making Jack unable to react for a few minutes now.

"I have a few questions more then."

"Go ahead and ask."

"Why am I so transparent, while you are as opaque as a living?"

"Because I have a body and you don't?" answered Mark while titling his head.

"Then how can I get a body?"

"You just need to ask for one." Said Mark as if it's the most obvious thing in existence.

"And who should I ask one from?"

"From my System" and by now, Mark couldn't take it anymore and started to laugh like crazy to the point that even Jack couldn't recognize him.

And so, Jack was shocked, then confused, then after he finally figured out what is going on, he waited for his friend to calm down. Even when he hasn't seen him so amused in ages, he still could understand his feelings.

"So now that you finished laughing your ass off, tell me if I did guess correctly: You somehow got here, then as a request or achievement, you were able to summon me too, no?"

"Mostly, yes. But let me tell you the entire story. You see, first…" and so, he told him most of the truth, and the only thing he left out was that he was also a chosen one but missed the entry. Of course, he was happy for his friend, but more happy that he was summoned too to travel with him, so he requested him to release his transformation jutsu.

"Well, you do look like a younger version of Vegito, all right; especially the hair. You always wanted to use a dark version of red, no?"

"Well, I like red, but for a hair color, I like it darker indeed."

"So now that you are at the 15th meridian, if we speak in terms of 'I Shall Seal the Heavens' book, what realm are you at then? Sorry for asking, but I have no knowledge of such a cultivation technique that can open up to 500 meridians in ones body, while every meridian is like a breakthrough to the next realm, be it small or big. On the other hand, there is that book 'Dragon-Marked War God', but it still different, no?" Asked Jack

"If I were to report at that book strictly at cultivation realm, then at the 4th Nascent Soul Realm. I need six more meridians to arrive at the peak of Nascent Soul Realm, then my cultivation will hit its first bottleneck, as I need to take a glimpse to one heavenly Low, and ill advance directly to the Immortal Real. I will need to open 35 meridians to get at the peak of it, then 43 meridians to arrive at the peak of Ancient Realm. After that, I will need to continue comprehending the Heavenly Laws. Once I truly comprehend a Heavenly Low, I will open 100 meridians. After I open all the 500 meridians in my body completely, I will advance at the second stage of the cultivation technique. So you can say that they are almost the same for the first stage."

Jack this time was left speechless, as for him, the entire thing looked completely out of the world, yet it is only the first stage of the cultivation technique. He wondered how powerful will he become if he successfully cultivate it until the end, but then he remembered that this is only the cultivation part of it.

If he take in balance the body and soul, then wouldn't his friend suffer a big loss if he needs to discard anything to return on Earth?

And so, Jack was very conflicted of what to do. Should he help out his friend and become an immortal too, or should he enjoy the anime worlds that his friend has access to?

"So what is the true reason for with you brought me here? You want to offer me the chance to enjoy the anime worlds, or to assist you and becoming your partner?"

"To be honest, I invited you to do both. Besides that, apparently we could ascend with the children that we make, and also give them bloodlines that I acquire on the way, but not our wives. Also, they can cultivate too, but if you will try to impart a cultivation technique to someone else then your children, they will either hear it in a completely alien language, will see some scribbles if you write it down, or will dissolve if directly imparted in the soul. In a way, this can also be a test to see if the child if truly your or not." Said Mark.

"Well, that's something that the two of us has no control over. Well, I think it is time to create my body, but I have a question first."

"Sure, go ahead."

"If you can buy anything from store upon mitting some conditions, then can you ask your system what you have to do to get Venom?"


"I mean I like that antagonist way too much and I was wondering how would it be like to come in a world outside Marvel or Ben 10 were aliens and mutants exists in both light and dark while having a companion like him. That's way, I was wondering if its possible to integrate it inside my body. Even if it will be pointless to have it while we go to higher worlds, since he is very weak comparing to gods, but the ideea of having it is still interesting."

"I know what you mean. I will ask for you then. Just give me a moment since I am not used to talking to the system while I have to pay attention to the surroundings too, so I will use my capsule that I got from Dragon Ball verse. Inside it, there is the iconic house with any equipment that are known as basic in there. While I talk with the system, please read this paper again and again, ok?".

And so, after taking the capsule from the inventory, he opened it up and placed it a few meters away from him. He has many memories with this capsule, as he lived there the entire time while he was in Dragon Ball verse.

As for Jack, he went on the living room, and after sitting comfortable on the sofa, he started reading in a loop the soul cultivation mantra.

After Mark took a seat, he asked the system:

'So what do you say? Can I get actually two Venoms that are immune to fire, sound and electricity? Honestly, after he brought that out, he made me remember the character, and its actually a parasite so to say. But give me the trials or conditions so that the two Venoms will be completely compatible with my body, but also treat the two of us as their partners.'

[Host, such parasite is very weak by itself, so it is a child's play to defeat it. As such, it was made for free the moment your body evolved at the Ancient Saiyan race at the age of two after your return. It would have been a different story if you would have wanted the primordial Knull, the symbiote progenitor, as he is on a complitly different level then even the God that reincarnated Host. You didn't need to mention the request, as the goods sold in the Store are of the highest quality. Because of that, the individual symbiote known as Venom will have an effect of multiplying it's Host's capabilities by multiple times when it is covering the body of it's host, while also giving his host his elastic characteristic together with his reflexes and battle instincts. Venom will also cultivate his own energy, rising his defense capabilities to unimaginable heights. It will not be able to detach itself from its host, but you can give it's off springs to others if he agrees and makes a few for that purpose. He also retains his full bloodlust and personality, so do pay attention to how you handle it. After all, when Host and Host's friend will merge with it and battle as Venom, his sadistic an playful personality will affect your minds.]

'That's great news. But then I want to know something: when I and my friend will equip them, won't they fight each other? And I also hope that it will not have the spider pattern, neither other pattern, but when we will join a sect or we would build a faction, we could imprint one on him.'

[They will treat each other as tweens and able to communicate with each other as long as you and your friend are in their range of divine sense, but the two of you can still help them connect each other via your own divine sense. To put it simply, the Venom that I sold is a cultivator too. Regarding the pattern and color, it is pattern-less, but it is still completely black with its characteristically eyes, teeth and tongue. They can set the patterns and colors later if you convince them to do it, as they posses the necessary knowledge of it. Oh, speaking of knowledge, they do not have any knowledge besides of how to use their abilities, cultivate and knowledge of the two of you. In a way, they will have a permanent amnesia, so if they react strangely at something regarding Marvel-verse, that will be the reason why. Would Host like to purchase two custom-made Venoms and integrate one of them inside your body, while the other one will be automatically be integrated inside your friend's after the two of you have finished to configure your friend's body?]

'Not yet, as I still have one more question'

[Sure Host, what is it?]

'When we ascend, how would the two Venoms be categorized like? I mean will they be seen as demons, beasts or what?'

[Host, they will be seen as your bloodline, as for their souls and consciences, as your bloodline's will. Bloodlines with personality actually exists in the higher realms, so they will only see you as individuals with very high-class bloodlines. Of course, there are various factions out there, so some of them will be either after your blood, will be your allies, or will think nothing special out of it. Now Host, should I initiate the purchasing procedure?]

'Not now. I am going to tell my friend everything that you told me, and depending on what will we decide, I will or not decide it, ok?'

[Sure Host!]
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》