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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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17 Finally

After Mark has finished communicating to the System, Mark was about to go and tell Jack all the news but was interrupted this time by Kurama.

<Hey Mark, may I ask what that thing is? I got a bad feeling suddenly, that my peace and tranquility will be no more after you will purchase that thing.>

'Now that's something that you don't see often. Kurama, besides trying to get out of my body, control it or asking me about things from different worlds like that space ship, you never talk to me if I don't take the initiative. I had almost forgot that you are inside me to be honest.'

<ANSWARE ME! I don't talk with my hosts if there is nothing important, but since the moment your friend talked about that thing called 'venom', I keep having this feeling of dread, and after listening what you talked with the System, the filling got more and more powerful.>

Yes, it is true, the two are rarely talking. But after he regained his freedom from the seal, he tried multiple times to at least leak his chakra outside Mark's body, and even take control over him in multiple times. He did discover on the other hand, that he had a chance when Mark tried to control his Great Ape transformation, but he couldn't fight the berserk elements inside his bloodline.

'To be honest, Venom is an individual symbiote. A symbiote on the other hand, is the product of a primordial creature. In a way, they are like Black Zetsu, as they basically can attach to a host and work with them, and they also have their own will. On the other hand, they are weak by themselves and they may die if they don't attach themselves by a host for a long period of time. They are not typically smart creatures, as their Progenitor has created them with the soul purpose of destruction, but if tamed, can become great companions. As for Venom, he is known to accept human cooperation and is quite strong, as originally it grants a multiply in strength, speed, reflexes, defense and dexterity by five if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, I am not sure if it can help me out or not, as that multiplayer was for when a person posses a mortal body, not one of a cultivator like myself. On the other hand, it needs to synchronize with a body to bring out it's full potential.'

<So basically, it will be another pet of yours?>

'You can name it so, but it will share the same space as you. On the other hand, I can use it, while you are only taking that space for granted without not being able to give anything in return.'

After that comment, Kurama has stopped talking as he is indeed freeloading that space inside Mark's body, but it's not his fault for having a host with a strange constitution.

On the other hand, Mark having nothing to do, got up from his sitting position and went to the still meditating friend, that stopped meditating as soon as Mark got near him.

"So, how was it? Is the trial hard, or what?"

"Apparently, the System is recognizing Venom as the individual symbiote that is powerless by himself, so I can get it for free. On the other hand, we don't need to worry about its weaknesses to fire and sound, as the System has perfected the symbiote to the point where it become a monster that can cultivate if allowed." Responded Mark.

"Really, it is really possible to have him? Wait a second; Mark, can you link me to the System, so I can talk with him?"

"Just a sec!" 'Hey System, can you talk with him directly?'

[Yes and no, Host. I can send him my voice, but he will have to answer out laud as his soul is not strong enough to communicate with me directly.]

'Then make the connection and wait after he asks you then.'

"Apparently, it can send you his responses, but you can't answer it in your head, and you will need to speak the answer it seams." Reported Mark.

"Okay, fine; System, I do have a question regarding my new body"

[What would the question be?]

"If I ask you to make a body just like Mark's, then will I have to face any consequences?"

[Unfortunately, the answer is yes, as the Host has already mastered the berserk elements inside his body, as any bloodline above Ancient Saiyan level is a Great Ape. Because every evolution at his bloodline has refined his body to become bigger and bigger, the berserk elements has also intensified with each evolution.]

"Then what would you recommend for me to do?"

[To create a body with normal Saiyan body, then slowly refine the bloodline if Host will agree for you to have the same energy as himself, while also imparting to you his cultivation technique.]

"Then should I integrate with the symbiote, or should I let it pass for a while?"

[That is up to you, as the symbiote can help you keep your consciousness when you transform in a Great Ape or other things. As for what I care, is for my Host to achieve the strength of a True God of War. As for his companions, if they are helpful or not, I do not really care honestly.]

At this remark, both Mark and Jack started sweating bullets of sweat, while thanking god that they hadn't provoked the System until now.

"Then I'll follow your advice and use the normal bloodline of a Saiyan bloodline, and the Mutated Hagoromo Otsutsuki bloodline, and change my age to be a year younger then Mark in this world, and I'll say that I'm his cousin from the branch family if someone is to ask me. But I have a second question now."

[And that question is?]

"Can you create fake memories in case that the Anbu and the Hokage would wish to check us up and make it so that we come from the west of the continent and that we escaped because of a class annihilation orther that was passed out from the local authorities? As for the cause of that order, it would be that Mark's father, the Patriarch of our clan, has refused a forced marriage between Mark and one of the council's daughter only because Mark's bloodline is one of the purest bloodlines that would rival even the first Patriarch in the clan history?"

[I sure can do that, and honestly, your excuse is way better than my Host's.]

"Then can you make a big spatial distortion about 2 kilometers from Konoha and let us appear there? But make it flashy so that they can notice us."

[That's easy.]

"Well then, let us make my body. I can hardly wait any longer!" shouted Jack enthusiastically.

[Understood. Creating program … creating pc … done!]

And as such, a normal-looking PC appeared right in front of them with a blank customizable avatar.

The two debated for a while, and they finally decided to make his body look like Cabba from Universe 6 in Dragon Ball Super. By then, Mark has also purchased the two symbiotes and integrated one in Jack's avatar on the computer, while the other was left in a pending state, since he wants to integrate it when Jack is reconstructing his body.

After Jack confirmed on PC for his body to be created, he was enveloped on a soft and golden membrane, were his new body was being formed.

Mark on the other hand, was only enveloped in a subtle black gold and that was it. Unfortunately, he was informed by the System that he needs to let the symbiote to adapt first to the body before they could communicate or use it.

And so, Mark was left with nothing to do until his friend's body was finished, so he started meditating, but he found it uncomfortable with the symbiote slowly spreading inside every one of his cells, so he asked the system to give him his tablet with all the Toriko episodes to pass the boredom, but he soon regraded it, as the Saiyan cells inside his body demanded food all of the sudden, so he asked the system for lots of food, since it was free.
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》