Saiyan inside Anime Works
18 Changes and finally a new body
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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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18 Changes and finally a new body

[Warning! Host's soul is too powerful for the symbiote called Venom to integrate with your soul. There are two alternatives: either devour the symbiote's soul and gain control over it's cells, or form a soul contract with it. Host must hurry, as the simbyote is at its final stage of integration. If Host doesn't respond in 5 minutes, the symbiote's soul will be destroyed and it's cells will become waste.] said the System after Mark has finished his meal.

'Well, I am not sure what to do either. In a way, I am happy that I will not need to hear someone else annoying me every day like Kurama, while on the other hand, am quite tempted to devour it's soul and directly control it's abilities. System, if I choose the first version and devour it's soul, then how do I cultivate?'

[As this is a miscalculation that I've made, I will modify your cultivation technique and completely transform the symbiote's cells into a bloodline for yourself. The only downside is that you will be categorised later as a person with a very high quality beast bloodline. If Host wish, I could also do the same with your friend's new body, but his soul is currently unable to bear the integration between his and his symbiote.]

'Then go ahead and do it. As for my friend, let us wait until he is strong enough to do it, but please proceed and integrate the symbiote's cells inside his new body as a bloodline. This way, we will both have the same cultivation technique. But please seal his symbiote's conscience after he had his fun with it.'

[Acknowledged. Integrating the symbiote's soul with Host's … integrating cells… sending the command to the PC… modifying the cultivation script… done! The new 'Immortal Saiyan Devourer Script' has been compiled. Would Host like to hear about what has been modified in the script, or would Host like to have the script first?]

'A small presentation will be more then welcomed' said. Mark after he devoured the symbiote's soul and his cells stopped revolving from the integration.

[The refining of the body has only slightly changed to not negatively influence the symbiote bloodline, while the cultivation portion, it has changed too, so you can now use any kind of energy to cultivate. An another benefit is that now you can create tentacles out of the new bloodline and devour entire creatures and plants, and directly integrate the minerals and refine the energy with only a small effort. The only downside is that if you devour a too potent plant or a too strong creature, there will be a problem if you don't refine them as soon as possible. Other then that, I integrated a new paragraph in the soul section so you could control your emotion better. The last thing that I did, was to link all the passages so to cultivate all of them at once. This will buy you a lot of time, and will also create an equilibrium in your states.] said the System proudly.

'Then sent the new scripture in my head. Oh yes, how long will it take for Jack to finish?'

[Understood. For your friend, you will need to wait two more hours, as the change of choice has greatly shortened the time needed for the body to be created. Compiling script in a mantra… transferring… done!]

And as such, Mark was hit by a sudden influx of information. It was more simplified then before and less information, but after reading it twice, he realized that it wasn't as simple as it seemed on the surface. It took him an entire hour to comprehend the first few sections, and when he believed that he was prepared, he asked the system...

'Hey, System? I am going to start cultivating with the new script right now. Can you please make yourself a body and take care of my friend? When my friend will woke up, ask him if he wants some food and give him whatever he wants to eat and drink, and advise him to go outside and exercise a little so he can get used to his new body. He is a lazy bum, so if you don't tell him to do anything, he will go to sleep or do some cloud watching like Shikamaru.... Well, now that I thing a little, he may be too hyped out to try his energy and his Saiyan body, so just in case he needs something, take care of him. I am planning to make a great breakthrough and then make my foundation firm before waking up. You may use my energy as you please to accomplish his wishes as long as you are not affecting me at my most crucial time of cultivation.'

He went down in the basement were he placed a dragon vain that he found surprising in the Dragon Ball verse in a small planet where everyone is using mana instead of ki. He, with the help of the System, uprooted it and placed it in the basement after dropping a drop of his blood on it, making it his.

After arriving there, he sat down cross legged with his back toward the vain and started cultivating.

--- Jack's POV

After I configured my body using that PC, I was trapped inside something, then I could fill as on my very own soul started to grow some skin, then slowly all the flesh and blood, together with the organs and all the nerves were created, but when it was finished and the symbiote integration must begin, the entire shell cracked and become powder.

What greeted me wasn't actually my friend Mark, but was a kid that I haven't seen. He looked normal with no particular features. I was freaking out actually since he may be some villager from around here or something like a local. Even if I may be a Saiyan, I do not dare to look down on him.

"You finally come out" said the boy in English.

Wait a sec. I know that voice.

"Are you perhaps the System?"

"Yes I am. Comparing to the other Systems, I am able to create bodies from thin air, and give them any bloodline that my Host has unlocked or created, and I am able to control them too. Host has entered a closed door cultivation for a while, and he asked me to take care of you. As long as your demands doesn't step certain bounds, I can fulfil any wish you may have" said the boy, or I should say the System with a storm and emotionless face.

"Then can you give me some food? I don't know if it's the Saiyan's body or what not, but I am truly hungry. I may become a hungry ghost at this rate" as soon as I complained, my stomach has indeed started to make trouble for me. On the other hand, I feel great! My neck doesn't hurt like hell from playing on the phone all day, and I feel no discomfort anywhere in my new body. What I didn't expect was for my body to actually have muscles, even if it is only the body of an eight years old.

"It is normal for you to feel hungry, as you not only posses the purest Saiyan bloodline, but the symbiote has also turned in a bloodline that let's you devour anything that there is in existence and non-existence. Besides chocolate that you need thanks to the new bloodline, do you wish anything in particular?" asked the System.

"Can you make a huge feast that is very high in calories yet made specifically for this new body of mine."

"That part with specific for your body is kind of vague as a Saiyan body doesn't need a specific diet to keep it healthy, so you may eat anything as long as its not poisonous. In this regard, any Saiyan posses a strong resistance to poisons and drugs, as it extracts all the minerals from them and then they are slowly rejecting all the harmful substances inside the body. In other words, the body of a Saiyan is extremely capable of extracting all the minerals that it needs to survive and improve, and is also able to reject all harmful substances in different ways. That is also one of the reasons that a Saiyan body is easily to train and has more strength then a normal human, and also why they can eat practically more then a human. As a side effect, they are also creating more energy from the excess of minerals. If not for this, do you think that the God would give Saiyan constitutions to almost all the participants in this program?" asked the System.

"Then give me a healthy meal that posses both meat and vegetables, and at the end, a lot of different kinds of deserts, but make about more then half of them with chocolate. As for drinks, I don't like alcohol as I don't have a strong tolerance and this body is still a kid, so give me lots of tea and sodas. At desert, place a few cups of hot chocolate too please!"

And so, the System was generous enough to create lots of foods. At start, I tried to eat slow and take care of my manners, but maybe thanks to the taste or because of the Saiyan genes, I become faster and faster, and at some point I have even stopped using the fork and I simply brought the entire plates of food at my mouth and let the entire contents drop inside my mouth. I may be extremely disgraceful, so I asked for forgiveness from the System for my manners, but he said that he was used to it, as Mark is even worse then me when it comes to table manners.
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》