Saiyan inside Anime Works
19 Travel?!?
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Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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19 Travel?!?

"I just remembered mentioning that almost all the participants are given Saiyan constitutions, no?" asked Jack after finishing his meal.

"That would be correct. Every participant that received access to cultivation, martial, anime or other eastern works received a Saiyan constitution plus specific bonuses like a second bloodline or a certain something like their own Zanpakuto or profound veins or other specific things for their first dimension. In Dragon Ball case, since they are already receiving a Saiyan body, they will have to choose a second bloodline or inheritance. This includes Frost Demon linage or Legendary Super Saiyan mutation or the experiences and techniques of up to 5 people, depending on what they are asking." Said the System patiently.

"You have left out the American works like Marvel, DC, or others. What about them?"

"They will receive something specific to that world. The gods are considering the Marvel and DC as being a single world that posses too many timelines, some being great ones, but some of them being very poor. Because of that, they are granted permission on traveling to every timeline they wish and receiving any power they want. The base bloodline that they receive, unlike in the majority's case, is a Kryptonian body that doesn't have the weakness of being affected by the lack of sun or by being exposed to green kryptonite radiations. On the other hand, as a Kryptonian it is extremely hard to train in any way. That's because the gravitation must be at least 1000 times that of earth and then it must increase in a certain peace. It is also very hard to train before the age of 50 because the abilities are awakening one by one until that moment. In a way, it is extremely time consuming to train there. On the other hand, they have access to all the timelines thanks to he messed up timelines and concepts, so they can meet each other easily. The problem is to differentiate if one is truly an otaku or is a native of Marvel or DC as almost 95% of them are Americans. Also, all of them are either Superman or some villain that hasn't died in some timeline. Unlike the ones that went to eastern worlds, they have taken over the bodies about a year before the first combat that the original had, but they are already having super strength and endurance and some of them could already fly at that age." Said the System with mixed emotions. In a way he is glad that he received a fine host, but he also feels like he lost a lot of face for not receiving a host that will have powers from the get-go without suffering at all.

"Well, the gods are giving them the talent and power, so I guess that it is up to them if they are using them or letting them go to waste, no?" teased Jack after seeing the System's face.

"In a way, you are right. What good to have talent and power if the person is a waste? They will let go of fine talent, abilities and opportunity go to waste even faster then the yang masters from the cultivation worlds. Only indulging themselves in woman, alcohol and gambling 24/7 365 days per year…." Finding a new point of view, he regained his confidence.

"Well then; could you please tell me how much longer I need to wait for Mark to come out of his closed-door cultivation if I may ask?"

"He kind of like to cultivate, so I am not sure. Would you like to do anything until he will wake up?"

"Well, we made a promise that we would go and visit the new Konoha after I reconstruct my body, but it seems impossible. Could you please tell me the real reason of why exactly is he cultivating this much?"

"Well, there are many reasons. At first, he wanted to do it because it helps increasing the strength of a person but being a Saiyan doesn't help at all. As you may know, the Saiyans are a fighting race. They will suffer from many Zenkais during battels and training and even feel alive in long battels. Because the cultivation mantra that I have created for him will unite all his bloodlines and increase the purity of everything inside him, his Saiyan body is suffering from many Zenkais to the point where he just instinctively and mindlessly trains non-stop. If not for his appetite and the fact that on Earth he was lazy, he would indeed train even harder then Vegeta and Goku placed together. You see, the energy inside your bodies is a lesser version of the origin energy of all things making it extremely easy to evolve and bring everything to the next level so to say. Therefore, this energy is evolving slowly over time the bloodlines and the soul of its user. Coupled with the Saiyan's thirst for battle and strength, even after making his soul so powerful that he was able to crush Black Zetsu's with only a little portion of his spiritual pressure, his Saiyan's bloodline is still affecting him. In a way, he has become the perfect worrier that is currently sharpening his knife. I kind of made a mistake by altering his symbiote in becoming his bloodline, as he was only searching for an excuse to close up and train again." Said the System with dissapointment in his voice.

"And how much do you think it will take him to come out again? After all, I just come here and am pretty bored."

"It can be a few minutes or a year. Thanks god that I can alter the appearance and the age of the body of a person and am able to transport him and you in any world at any time the two of you want. By the way, if you are so bored, don't you want to go to any world until he is done? And I can summon you after he wakes up." Suggested the System.

"Could you send me to Fairy Tail while giving me the information about Lava Dragon Slayer Magic? Since I could in theory use any element from any energy, I would like to be known as a lava dragon slayer. And make me the same age as Natsu in 7/7/777, and about a kilometer away from him. Mass up with his memories so he would think of me as his brother and that we grow up together with Igneel. As for the time of pick-up so to say, transport e back right when Natsu went and picked up Lucy. Could you do it?"

"I could, and don't worry, you can stay there until that time even if in 10 minutes my Host will finish his cultivation. Only… take care of yourself and Natsu. And don't forget one thing: my Host only has access to one timeline from every world, not more of them, so he will need to fix things up if you create trouble or mistakes!" warned the System.

"Sure! Take care of the house so that Mark will not be disturbed."

"Got it. Now… Searching data base…. Transferring arts…. Done! Now… Creating bridge between worlds… transferring individual Jack…. Done! Take care!"
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    《Saiyan inside Anime Works》