Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 15 – A Deal with the Guards
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 15 – A Deal with the Guards

Chapter 15 – A Deal with the Guards
[I offer my sincerest apologies~~~~!!!]
I was deeply bowing my head (in my heart at least!).
We were being detained in the guard station of the dwarven gatekeepers.
After causing an uproar to such an extent, it was somewhat obvious that I
wouldn’t be declared innocent and released on the spot.
The dwarf guardsmen had come rushing over and instantly surrounded all
of us that were involved.
Although…my previous opponents of 5 were perfectly knocked out, so I
felt like it was just me being trapped in that circle.
That was it! I should secretly turn back into a slime and…. Run away.
I thought to myself, ‘Eureka!’.
But as I returned to my slime form and attempted escape…
My body was abruptly seized, and then a feeling of being suspended came
over me.
I was so easily captured…
The soldier-san who caught me was smiling with a face that said, ‘Where
do you think you’re going?’
But I could tell by the bulging vein in his forehead, that he wasn’t happy in
the least.
[Wai-, I haven’t done anything you know! I’m also a victim in this matter!]
I tried pleading the way Gobuta-kun would, however…
[Uh huh. Is that right! All the same, I’ll listen to your story at the guard
station! You’d better not think about running away!]
He still wore that wonderful smile, even as he warned me.
It might be a better idea to just give in…
Suddenly I thought to myself, ‘What’s Gobuta-kun doing right now?’, and
when I looked around…
I saw that even now, his eyes were still closed and his ears covered.
…That idiot! What was he thinking?
No wait…he was probably not thinking at all. He was a ninny after all.
While feeling somewhat amazed, I called Gobuta-kun over.
And this was how we were dragged away to the guard station.
The order of how events played out that time!
First, I was forced into a fight!
Second, I transformed into a wolf!
Third, I let out a howl at a teensy bit loud volume.
How about it? I’m not to blame right?
With that in mind, I sneaked a quick look up at soldier-san.
As ever, he was still wearing that wonderful smile.
His beard was a fine match with his good natured and hearty looks.
It’s such a pity though~, if only those veins on his forehead would calm
[Uhm~, why was I brought along with you?]
[You i-di-ot! What are you saying? Because you got involved in that mess,
we are the ones getting reprimanded!]
[Eh?! So that’s what happened! I’m really sorry…. I caused alot of troubles
[Well, it couldn’t be helped this time, but make sure to be more careful
next time alright?]
Whew. I think I fooled him somehow. What I used just now was the
ultimate skill, “shifting blame”!
*Original text is 人のせい. I’m pretty sure it has to do with controlling blame, but not completely
sure. If you know what it means please let me know

This was an advanced social technique which you could master only after
many years of life experience. The trick was to not let the other party
suspect you.
It was considerably difficult to use!
*If you’re wondering what that accomplished, the guard’s mood got a little better, I guess
Moving on.
Actually, while I did jokingly recount how the incident had occurred, it
was mostly quite accurate.
Using the information they gained from the witnesses, the guards had also
reached the same conclusion as how I had described it.
I felt that their attitudes towards me had become softer to a certain extent.
[Now. About that demon wolf. What was it?]
Asking the question was the soldier-san who was in charge of the
What did he mean by what it was?
The name of its species?
[Let’s see, the name of that wolf species is-…]
[Not that. I don’t need to know the name of its species, or anything like
that. Why did that kind of demon appear in that place? To begin with,
where did it come from and where did it go? Speak of everything you
Although I told them I transformed into the wolf, it seems they don’t
believe me?
As a rule, heroes hide the fact that they can transform, but I’m no hero.
That was why I had openly talked like a chatterbox, and yet…
[No…now see here, I’m telling you that it was me who transformed into
that wolf!]
[Ha~. Really, I get that it’s rare for a slime being able to talk, but
[Wait wait, then should I show you I can do it?]
[Hmph. Well whatever. However, let’s say for arguments sake that the wolf
really was you. Why can you transform? Aren’t you a slime?]
Confronted with such a question, how should I reply?
Honestly answering, ‘It’s a unique skill!’, would be a foolish move. If I did
that, it would put me on the same level as Gobuta-kun.
Come up a good explanation right this moment, me!!!
[To tell you the truth…a magician cast a curse on me. I think it was done
out of jealousy for my talent…. Back then, I was a user of illusion magic.]
[Uh huh. Cursed by a magician…you say. And?]
[Well err, right. I had learned a number of illusion spells and was fully
focused on studying, but an evil magician changed me into a slime…
Right now, I’m on a journey to find a method to break the curse on me…
and that’s how it is!]
[How did you come to meet this evil magician? Why were you not killed
but instead cursed??]
Ughh…it would have been so nice if he took everything at face value….
His persistence was almost annoying.
Well, it was reasonable I suppose. If he believed me just like that, I would
consider him no better than a goblin.
And from then on, a seemingly never ending 2 hours passed.
It was a time of non-stop offense and defense (questions and answers)
between me and soldier-san.
-The passionate exchange of words between the two, had gradually given
shape to a never-before heard of story.
A story about a certain beautiful girl, who was cursed by an evil magician
and turned into a slime.-
I didn’t mean for it turn out that way, but in the midst of responding to
every one of soldier-san’s pinpoint questions, I had given birth to an
exceedingly strange story.
In the story, I was the young maiden who was a prodigy of transforming
and illusion magic. She was cursed by a witch and was on a journey to
break the spell, or so it went…
You may ask, how did it come to this?
Whenever I had mentioned something odd, soldier-san would mercilessly
tackle it in the name of cross-examination.
And in the process of fixing up my story enough to make him say, ‘So
that’s how it was!’, it was already too late…
Me and soldier-san. At the end of it, we had exchanged looks full of a
feeling of accomplishment…though I had no eyes!
No words were said, but our feelings got across to each other.
[Alright! The written evidence (though the content is nonsensical…) is
completed! Thanks for your co-operation! By the way, what will you two-
[It’s-, it’s terrible! Down at the mines, an Armorsaurus appeared! They say
that several miners who were picking ores have already been injured!]
[What?! So, has this Armorsaurus been put down yet?]
[There’s no problem there! Just now, a suppression unit has been sent over.
But those who were wounded are in bad conditions. I don’t know whether
it was for war preparations or something else, but everything related to
medicines have been sold off, and it seems they won’t bring out the
emergency stores in the castle…]
[Are there no healers?]
[That is…you know that to mine “magic ores” you need to go deep into
the caves, right? At the moment, all of the capable healers are away
escorting the miners, and the only ones available right now are
[What did you say…!?]
It appeared to be a serious situation…and they’ve completely forgotten I
was there.
I thought to myself, ‘If there are emergency supplies in the castle, bring
them out!’….
Restorative medicine huh. Although I have them…what should I do?
[Oi, mister! Mister!!!]
I’ve decided to hand them some.
As for why I would do this, it’s not like I thought maybe building a good
image of myself would perhaps would prove my innocence in the earlier
incident…it’s absolutely not like that!
Saving lives is a natural thing to do!
Though I admit, I sounded suspicious…
But they say that compassion is not for the benefit of others. In other
words, something good may happen for me!
[What is it? I’m busy right now! The investigation is finished now, but I
can’t release you yet. For a while, you’ll be waiting in this place!]
[No no, not that. It’s about this, you see?]
I took out medicine from a pocket. (Or from their view, I simply spat it
[…? Ah, what’s this?]
[It’s restorative medicine. It’s of excellent quality! Good for drinking!
Good for applying on wounds!]
[Ha? Why would a slime like you be holding on to something like
Hey now…. Where did my setting (story of a young maiden) from before
Just now I was completely treated like a slime! As I expected, he was also
going along with the flow at that time.
Well putting that aside…
[That doesn’t really matter right? Please try using it. How many do you
[Six people were injured but…will you have enough?]
The young soldier-san, that had come to report the situation, was glaring
at me with suspicion.
A demon giving you medicine…if it was me, I wouldn’t take it.
[Tsk! No matter, don’t leave the room! We’re going now!]
[Eh? But, captain…that’s a demon you know?]
[Quiet! We’re going! Hurry and lead the way!!!]
While saying that, the bearded soldier-san who was called captain snatched
the 6 medicines I had taken out and took off running.
Although we never had a proper talk with each other, I think he decided to
trust in me.
He seemed to be a good person, just like his appearance. Though it was
surprising that he was a captain.
[Is it over now?]
It was Gobuta-kun who was asking. He had been silent right from the
beginning of the interrogation, only nodding the occasional agreements to
my claims.
[It’s not over yet, but well…let’s see how it turns out.]
[Roger that!]
From then on, we waited in a completely spaced out state of mind.
Occasionally, among the soldiers that were coming and going out of the
guard station, a few would stare at us in confusion, tilting their heads…
We had spent 1 hour waiting.
I was practicing my control over spider threads to kill time, when I sensed
the footsteps of the returning captain and his men.
Stopping what I was doing, I went back to the waiting room.
Gobuta-kun was sleeping there. This guy…unexpectedly, he might actually
be an amazing fellow!
[You saved us! Thanks.]
Entering the room, the captain said thanks while bowing his head.
Also with him, was a group of miners that had followed behind.
[I heard you were the one who gave the medicine! Thank you!!!]
[To be frank, I was on the verge of losing an arm, and not being able to
work anymore…really, thank you!!!]
The miners were all expressing their appreciation in turns.
Oh there’s one guy left…why wasn’t he saying anything!
Well, I’ve properly received their feelings of gratitude.
A while passed, and the miners had all finished what they came to say and
left already.
Before I had noticed, the sun was already going down and it was getting
darker outside.
After that, the captain and I shared another conversation. This time, I didn’t
hide anything from him.
The five people, from the previous disastrous incident, turned out to be
adventurers that were part of this country’s Freedom Association.
Apparently, they were talented individuals, but were quite well known for
their troublemaking.
Without holding anything back, the captain had laughingly said, ‘That
oughta teach them a lesson!’.
He also informed me, that while it was already confirmed that we didn’t do
anything wrong in particular, but taking into consideration the feelings of
the bystanders involved in that incident, there was no choice but to detain
I found out that a damage report was never made.
But really, it was understandable. Making a complaint saying, ‘I want
compensation for my soiled underwear!’, would be extremely
In return, I also told him of our circumstances.
For the sake of reviving the goblin village, we needed clothes, weapons
and armors. If possible, I also wanted to hire a capable advisor for the
village, and so on.
The captain had listened attentively throughout it all with keen interest.
When the other guards learned of our situation, they had begun talking to
me about all sorts of things. Even Gobuta-kun was besieged with questions
from all sides, having to constantly reply with a bewildered expression.
And like that, the night passed….
The next day.
We were still staying at the guard station.
Gobuta-kun was borrowing the resting room. He must still be asleep.
Since I didn’t need sleep, I was already out in the backyard, gazing at the
scene of the guards training. Some were practicing swinging their wooden
swords (or more like logs), others were exchanging light blows in a spar,
while the rest were working out by running.
I was leisurely watching from the sidelines.
Taking in the situation before me, I simulated in my mind, a fight between
the various demons I have used Predation on, and the training guards.
It felt just like a game.
Still, I wonder if using 『Great Sage』 in this way was alright? The way I
was using it, it could be described as like pearls before swine…
Be that as it may, it couldn’t be helped since it was interesting. There was
no problem at all.
The result of the simulation: overwhelming victory by the demons.
Even when the guards were given a handicap, only a few could manage to
defeat the bat and lizard.
In a 1 vs 1 situation, the conditions were too favorable for the demons.
However, it seemed that in a group battle, with 5~6 people which made up
one party, there were a few party combinations that were able to beat my
On the other hand, even with all 20 of the training guards, they were not be
able to kill my centipede.
In any case, I knew that the men here weren’t of the strongest fighters in
this country, so perhaps this was a standard level of strength.
While I was doing that, Gobuta-kun had also woken up.
The captain was also here, reporting for duty.
[You’re free to go. I feel bad for confining you up till now. Though we had
a reputation to uphold, we ended up taking up a day of your time. Sorry!]
[No no, saving on lodging expenses was very helpful!]
[Hearing that really puts me at ease. As an apology, let me introduce you to
a skilled blacksmith!]
[That would be splendid! Thank you very much!]
Things were looking up for us.
Regarding the immigration inspection, we were given something of a
preferential treatment and it was completed without a hitch, while on the
other hand we saved money on lodging fees.
I also expected difficulty in searching for a capable blacksmith, but
soldier-san’s recommendation solved everything!
Looking at it optimistically, nothing but good things had happened to us!
[But in return for that…]
Mm? Was there a hidden catch to this?
When it came to things hidden beneath the surface, videos were all I
*Meant to be a pun on underground videos=pirated videos. Because under the guise of something
good there was something bad and underground videos are pirated videos and pirated videos are bad
and…forget it
**It could also be about p*rn. I’m just saying
[If you still have any of those medicines remaining, I want to buy them!]
I see now.
I did hear about it yesterday, that somehow supplies on medicine were low.
Seeing as I have a huge stock of medicines, it would be fine selling them…
but I didn’t know the market price for them.
What to do?
Well, whatever.
These medicines didn’t cost anything to produce after all. If he says he
needs them, then I’ll just hand over some.
[I can agree to that. Although I say that, I do need them myself, so it
depends on how many you need.]
[I’ll be fine with just taking the leftovers. Even if only one is left, I’ll take
Hn? Isn’t that strange?
Wasn’t he trying to procure a reserve supply of medicines?
Having just one, wouldn’t solve anything in the hour of need…
I suppose the need for medicine is just that great.
[Mm…then, how about 5?]
[5! That’ll be great!]
[Aah, and also, did you know that it’ll probably still have a good effect
when diluted with water? When treating the average injury, just 1/10 of the
medicine should be fine!]
When I explained how it worked, the captain nodded with a face that
yelled, ‘I want more!’.
After making sure he understood, I handed over the 5 pieces of medicine
and in return, I received a small bag.
Opening the bag, I saw some gold coins inside.
[Although it may not be much, it was everything we could take out. I hope
you can let me have them all for 5 coins each!]
It appeared that 5 pieces of medicine were worth 25 gold coins.
But at the present, I couldn’t tell profit from loss, so I thought to make use
of this opportunity to ask about the currency rates.
[Uhmm, excuse me…]
[Is it not enough? But this is the best I can offer…]
[No, though I’m okay with the amount you gave, there’s something I’d like
you to teach me!]
[Eh? You’re alright with this price? The-…then what is it you wanted to
Hm? Hnn?
Judging from that reaction…I was ripped off! It might have been fine to
push the price a little bit.
Well that’s fine.
I felt that this captain-san was a good person, so I doubt he took advantage
of me to a serious extent.
[Right now, I have only a small amount of money, but not only that, I have
no idea at all about the value of money and the price of commodities…
If possible, please teach me regarding those things! After all, being a
slime, I’m ignorant in these things!]
My current manner of speech was totally contradicting yesterday’s setting
(story of a young maiden).
At any rate, both us had never believed in that story in the first place, so no
problem there!
And so like this, we had a conversation before departure that lasted so
long, that it wasn’t until after eating lunch that I was ready to say, ‘Now we
I couldn’t taste anything, but nonetheless, it was a good meal.
Name: Rimuru Tempest
Species: Slime
Divine Protection: Crest of Storm
Titles: “One Who Controls Demons”
Unique Skill 『Great Sage』
Unique Skill 『Predator』
Slime Inherent Skills 『Dissolution, Absorption, Self-Regeneration』
Extra Skill 『Water Manipulation』
Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』
Acquired Skills:
Black Snake 『Heat Perception, Poison Mist Breath』
Centipede 『Paralysis Breath』
Spider 『Sticky Thread, Steel Thread』
Bat 『Ultrasonic Waves』
Lizard 『Body Armor』
Black Wolf 『Super Olfaction, Thought Transmission, Intimidation,
Shadow Movement, Black Lightning』
Heat Fluctuation Resistance EX
Physical Attack Resistance
Pain Immunity
Electrical Resistance
Paralysis Resistance
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