Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Intermission ~Bagworm Gobuta~
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Intermission ~Bagworm Gobuta~

Intermission ~Bagworm Gobuta~

Hello, it’s Gobuta here!
Right now, I was punished by Rimuru-sama in a thing referred as “Bagworm Hell”, its shape is round and made from thread, and hanged from the ceiling.
But, it doesn’t make me feel any pain and suffering. Though I cannot tear the thread with force, it’s actually quite comfortable.
Since the thread can stretch, the body can be moved. But, no matter how violent the thread will not snap, it will only swing back and forth, noticing about that a while ago I try to quiet down.
So, to leaving someone behind like this is really painful you know. Rimuru-sama went to the night shop with the others, I think it’s awful. I also wanted to go there too........

However, it’s free time now.
Because it’s unlikely I can escape from this on my own, I try to get out by trying summoning my Storm Fanged Wolf partner for help.
But, that is something I cannot do at this moment! Even captain Riguru cannot do too, it not an easy thing to do.
I guess this is a clever punishment from Rimuru-sama.
I think Rimuru-sama was really stingy; I only had a little sleep. But it also same with Captain Riguru and Chief Rigurudo too they also furious because the same reason, that the far I can told about the story.
Nonetheless, it neither causing pain or discomfort, I can spend the free time without any problem.
But say, Rimuru-sama is really kind. I think that the reason why everyone idolized him.
Well, I should wait until he come back tomorrow surely he will let me down. I should patience this night.

It’s strange.
The day has passed overnight, but Rimuru-sama and others isn’t come back yet.
Did something happen? Although, maybe they just spend the night at somewhere else after walking around.
Honestly, my stomach hungry, I wish they come back soon..........

It’s Dangerous......
After the third day, Rimuru-sama and the others still hadn’t come back.
I worry about them. But, it’s not the time to worrying about the others.
Now, right now. I myself was facing a pinch!
Hunger is troublesome, but there a more serious and important problem that going on.
Pi--- Gorogorogoro..........
My stomach hurtssss.......
I continued endure my wish to pee, but something larger has come.
His mental strength was trained to the limit by receiving multiple large and small attacks.
On the room he was hanged, on the parlor floor was laid carpet.
It was better if the room floor was stone, surely if I defile the carpet, the dwarf Kaijin-san will got mad.....
Rimuru-sama up until now say things such as Toilet and Bath as unnecessary like he don’t really care about it, probably he will not mad if I defile the room......
Perhaps, now, it had become a very critical situation.
Well, should I do something......

Wa, wait..... Dangerous......
When I wriggle my body around while trying to endure, the movement was transmitted to the thread, making it swaying back and forth.

In this situation, it just a matter of time before the catastrophe occurs.
It’s impossible to cut the thread; it’s also unlikely that Rimuru-sama and the others will come back.
Koryaa. It is irritating to doing nothing.
From awhile ago greasy sweat has flowing without stopping, my eyes became hazy.
There is no more way to escape from here, I unleashed all I can do and give up -----
No, wait? Thinking about it......
For me that already given up, I remember the voice from the heaven.

『If you don't like it, go ask for help and summon your partner or something!』

Certainly, Rimuru-sama had said so.
I tried it to summon again! Surprisingly, my summon partner immediately came!
(Partner, you had come! If you don’t come earlier, it will become a serious problem!!)
While thought that in my mind, I was puzzled because the Storm Fanged Wolf that I didn’t feels any reaction up until now had came forth to me.
Which he doesn’t really understand.
But because the desperate call comes, my sense finally comes back after the third time leak.
The call keep growing. After all I goes through today; the mental strength that trained to the limit was at the edge!

After a successful summoning at the last minute, I was carried by my partner to toilet.
But all the exhaustion had gone released along the secret.
Fortunately, because Rimuru-sama and the other were back a few days later, any traces was wiped and concealed to the end.
Because I had succeeded summoning my partner, its make him very surprised about it, making my mind clear a little.
Needless to say, there is not any reason to tell anyone about the thing I have done so I don’t need to worry.
That’s why; I gonna bring the secret even to the grave.
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    《Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken》