Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 29 – Lizardmen’s Invasion
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 29 – Lizardmen’s Invasion

Chapter 29 – Lizardmen’s Invasion

There is a lake in the center of the Jura Forest, called Shisu.
A marsh surrounds the lake, and is controlled by the Lizardmen.
Countless caves surround their lands, forming a natural labyrinth thwarting any invasion.
Protected thus by the land itself, the Lizardmen peacefully ruled over the lake.
However, one day, troubling news reached them.
The orc army was advancing to the lake.
The Head, upon hearing these news, quickly issued orders.

「Prepare for battle! We’ll crush them!!!」

The Head was full of confidence.
Had they fought on the plains it might have been different, especially considering the Lizardmen’s were outnumbered,
But this battle would be on their terms.
If they set traps and proceed carefully, they were sure to win.
While sending some to prepare for battle, he also sent a reconnaissance team to investigate the orcs.
Knowing the size of the enemy is a must.
Along with becoming the leader, his intelligence increased.
The carnivorous Lizardmen would individually rank as a C+ monster.
The warriors could reach B-, and some special individuals among them could even reach B rank.
The total number of their troops numbered ten thousand–if calling half of their entire population to arms.
However, even so, their abilities are rather highly ranked.
If they properly cooperate and fight as a single unit, they can easily rival the army of a small human country.
Thus, this battle seems completely to their advantage.
There is no way we will lose! So thought their head.
However, his heart was still heavy.
Orcs were typically a race that wouldn’t attack those stronger than themselves.
And by no means are Lizardmen weaker.
Had they attacked the goblins, then it would’ve made some sense… but why them?
And thus the question slowly grew into unease that tormented him.
A bold personality, but with enough humility. That was the Head of the Lizardmen who ruled them carefully for many years.
And this lizard’s fears were soon to come true.
That much was confirmed but the reconnaissance team.

The orcs numbered 200 thousand!!!

Impossible!… so he thought.
The orcs were indeed a race bursting with life, renown for their reproductive abilities. However, even then, to prepare 200 thousand warriors was unthinkable.
How were they able to procure enough food?
Who had united that many selfish and greedy orcs under one banner?
With their power, at most a thousand would follow…
The best the head could do would be raise an army for twenty thousand.
Are they divided into sections controlled by some outstanding individuals?
But even so, someone has to unite the leaders…
It couldn’t have been…
The mere thought evoked fear.
He wanted to reject that thought with all his might.
That’s how terrifying that existence was. The… Orc Lord, said to be born once in many hundreds of years!

However, no matter how hard he thought, only that entity could have achieved such results.
If… if the Orc Lord has indeed been born, then the advantage he so depended on would probably be meaningless.
If they fight normally, defeat is almost inevitable. They don’t have enough troops!
So the Head thought.
What could they do to escape from this predicament?
If his worries proved mistaken, he would only jump for joy. However, one has to prepare for any circumstance before the decisive battle.
So he decided to call for reinforcements.
And thus he sent one of his subordinates.
Unfortunately, it was that subordinate that caused the chaos.


Lizardmen’s Raid Leader Gabil, upon receiving the orders from the head, left the marshes.
Taking with him a hundred warriors.
Gabil was not pleased.
To him, who had a name, to be taking orders from a the nameless head… how revolting!
I am a chosen one! That very fact was the root of Gabil’s pride and confidence.
A certain devil he had met granted him this name.

「You show promise! Someday, I’ll come back to call you to my side!」

So the great devil told him.
He remembers those words as if they were said yesterday.
My great master, the devil Gelmudo himself bestowed this name upon me!
So how could I be satisfied working under those low class lizardmen and their pathetic leader?
For Gelmudo-sama’s sake, I must take control of the lizardmen…
Gabil kept thinking the same thing: is this fine? Of course not!
In that case, what should he do?
The orders from the Head were to journey to the goblins’ village and to request their assistance.
He did allow some forceful coercion, but strictly forbid any action that would prompt a violent response.
Pathetic! So thought Gabil.
We should just conquer the goblins! We should have some faith in our abilities, and all will go as planned!
We have no need for the weak head who overestimates the power of some lowly orcs!
Isn’t this the chance for take over that I was waiting for?
It is. So–how should I proceed?
Those lowly goblins can at least serve as meat shields. So let’s gather them up and put those lowlifes to use.
Ten thousand goblins should be useful.
Wait… I got a better idea.
This is the perfect opportunity to show the world our power!
My power!
For that goal, I should proceed carefully here.
Carefully, without letting my guard down, wait for the right timing.
First, gather forces.
This Gabil will proceed onward to the Goblin village!
For the sake of my great ambition!


The goblin village chiefs gathered with paled faces.
Compared to before, their numbers significantly dwindled.
It all began with the coming of the fang wolves.
Or perhaps it began when they abandoned the village of the Named warrior.
The villages which wanted to fight along that seemingly despondent village have now joined it.
A savior appeared in that village.
A being with unbelievable power.
Those goblins came under the protection of that being, gained new powers, and successfully reconstructed their village.
But the goblin chiefs can’t do something as shameless as request to join them now of all times.
Actually, a lot want to do that. There are many who already have.
But if they join them now surely they would be treated as slave. That was the thought that prevented them from making a decision.

However, time doesn’t wait.
The orc army has begun their advance.
A few chiefs have decided to serve the orcs.
Rather than be trampled down by them, better to promise help in advance, and live under their protection…
With those intentions, they sent a messenger.
The messenger did not return… not all of him.
The orc envoy brought the messenger’s head, and said this.

「Guhahahaha! We shall not permit your capitulation! However. If you chose to become our slaves, we shall at least spare your lives! Such is our response.」

And he leisurely left.
Yet anger did not arise within them. For they witnessed that overwhelming power.
That single orc could have slaughtered everyone in the village himself.
Normally, orcs are a rank D monster.
Stronger than your average goblin, but not so overwhelmingly strong.
Upon hearing the report, the village chiefs fell into an ever deeper despair.
They should have chosen to serve under fellow brethren, at least…
The orc who promised to save their lives also demanded that they give up all their food.
“We won’t kill you, but die!” That’s what he’s saying.
However, even if all the goblins assembled, they would certainly be annihilated.
The goblins who could fight numbered slightly less than ten thousand.
Their brothers from the savage regions, those not included in their gatherings, could not be contacted.
So, they were out of options.

At that time, an urgent report arrived.
Lizardmen warriors have entered the village! It read.
Was this not a glimmer of hope?
So the village chiefs went to meet the Lizardmen’s Raid Leader; he was their only hope, they thought.
Moreover, he was a named monster! Surely he would become their savior.
And then, their messiah proclaimed

「Swear your loyalty to me! If you do, I promise you a bright future!」

We believe those words!
Thus, the village chiefs made their decision.

It was a mistake of the weak who had no one to depend on.

There were some who insisted on serving their kind rather than the Lizardmen.
However, they were greatly outnumbered, so the goblins chose to serve Gabil.
If only they knew that this decision would decide their fate…


Hakurou is a master swordsman.
Strength without a blemish.
Although he’s at the age to be someone’s grandpa, his spirit is clearly years younger.
Having taken my human form, I am learning the sword from him.
Although I haven’t held a sword since those kendo lessons in middle school…
My perception speed is a thousand times the norm!

Receiving a blow is a piece of cake!

I also had a time when I had thought that.
Since moving around in the child form was unpleasant, I changed to my adult version.
“Come at me, gramps!” I thought, watching Hakurou.
Then he somehow grew hazy. At that moment.


He landed a hit square on the top of my helmet.
I felt no pain nor took any damage. The helmet was made from wood, so didn’t offer any protection.
Since the point is to learn these movements, it’s best to hear when a hit lands.
But, really…
It wasn’t speed; it was skill. Completely a difference of skill.
His ability is probably higher than mine.
How unexpected.
I wasn’t planning on being conceited, but this completely took me by surprise.
So this is a swordsman! A power one can easily recognize.
Had this been an actual fight, well I have a few tricks of my own, but if this were a surprise attack, I would have lost.
Though even knowing this much, any mistake will certainly lead to my defeat.
Besides, there’s no way Hakurou has gone all out there.
Next to me, Benimaru has been knocked out (with a pleased expression?).
If I didn’t have the accelerated perception, I surely would have been in the same state. Not something to laugh about at all.
Two of us taken out at the same time.
Since this old man regained his youthful spirit he became truly dangerous.
And then,

*Karan, karan, karan, karan!!!!*

A strange sound resounded from the surrounding.
What is that?

That noise, apparently, was an alarm system the goblins had set up.
Of course, they’ve done that without my knowledge. Using the traps I had previously set as a clue.
Ending our practice, we head over to Rigurdo.
When he sees me, Rigurdo rushes over.

「There is trouble, Rimuru-sama! The Lizardmen’s messanger has arrived!!」

So he impatiently reported.
By the way, Rigurdo has pretty much established this panicky image, hasn’t he?
That aside… Lizardmen?
Sigh… I knew that annoyance would arrive someday, but seems like its finally here.

Well, let’s calmly listen like I always do!


Translator’s Corner

Clown: I usually try to avoid commenting about the chapter, but I feel this is necessary… Let’s offer a moment of silence for Gabil. A prayer, anyone?
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