Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 35 – War Preparations
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 35 – War Preparations

Translator’s Corner (Cast: an English Clown and a French Pierrot)

Clown: So people have finally acknowledged us as magical being?


Clown: Why, Pierrot? Why must you bring up Mahou Sho*jo of the End?!

Pierrot: MAGICAL!

Clown: What’s next? Will you start sowing seeds of enmity and destruction among the races of the world?


Clown: Or will you translate a chapter faster than expected?

Pierrot: Ain’t gonna happen.

Clown: …

Pierrot: …

Clown: Magical?

Pierrot: At least it seems our minds are out of this world…

Clown: Speaking of your insanity, you must have really enjoyed Gakkou Gurash* didn’t you?

Pierrot: That’s my kind of anime…



Forest Disturbance Arc

Chapter 35 – War Preparations

After sending out Souei, I had everyone else prepare for war.
However, it’s not like we were all going to set off. Since we don’t know our enemy’s abilities, we need to take it seriously from the start.
The construction of the city is proceeding smoothly, but we have not prepared any fortifications.
Thus, if we are attacked, relocating would be the best option. So I decided.
So what are we to do? In response to that thought,

「The decisive battle will occur at the marshes If we win, great. If we lose, we’ll retreat back here as fast as circumstances allow.
In that case, since fighting here wouldn’t increase our chances of winning, we will barricade ourselves in the Cave of the Seal.
While holding the fort, we will request help from the humans.
If we request through the guild, they just might help, so prepare yourselves to evacuate at a moments notice.
Regarding our attack,
I’m designating Benimaru as the captain in charge of the hundred wolf riders.
Shion, you indiscriminately slaughter at your discretion.
Hakurou will serve as my Adjutant.
I will create a network with [Telepathic Communication] for you all to join and issue orders as needed.
A withdraw order will be given by your commander–me.

Riguru will stay with the remaining goblins and see to the defense of the city.

I thus conveyed the plan.
Everyone nodded; no one disagreed.
I had thought that there would be some complaints about requesting help from the humans, but seems like I was mistaken.
I wonder if they have gotten over their aversion after spending some time with those adventurers.
As for the guild request, if I sell the demonic steel, we should have enough gold. And besides, the orcs are as much a threat to the humans.
If we hold a proper discussion, we should be able to gain their assistance. That much I probably shouldn’t worry about.
And besides, we’re already trying to figure out just how dangerous this Orc Lord is.
Anyways, completing the goblin’s armor takes priority.

I had ordered Kaijin to quickly produce 100 armors.
Benimaru, Hakurou, and Shion also need some armor.
Before Souei returns with their response, we need to finish these preparations. If they reject our alliance, we will move as soon as we ascertain Gabil’s motives.
If we can’t fight side by side, we should wait for the Lizardmen to deal the first strike.
Having thus decided, we concluded the conference.

After dismissing the group, almost all immediately left.
Only the three oni and I were left inside.
Do they want something? I looked inquisitively at Benimaru,

「Rimuru-sama, do you perhaps worry too much?
Even if You do not trouble yourself to ride onto the battlefield, Hakurou and I alone should manage, would you not agree?」
「As he said. Rimuru-sama is our lord. Commanding the battle can be left to us, if you so wish.」

So they said.
No, no, that won’t do at all. I mean, you guys have been had by orcs before!
But, of course, I didn’t say that.
We shouldn’t count that time before they had evolved.

「Well, that should be fine. I just plan to observe the battle from above, and leave the orders to Benimaru.」
「I see, so it was like that!」

They agreed with my words.
In the first place, I have never commanded a battle. While I’ve ran plenty simulations, I have no actual experience.
Thus, as I observe from above, I intend to devote myself fully to relay orders.

「That aside, you guys, get yourselves ready. Unless you are planning on fighting a war in the nude?」

Nodding at my words, the three oni.
And thus, we headed towards the production building.

Dedicated to the Department of Production,
A building as a large as a gymnasium made of wood. We had planned on reinforcing the walls with mortar, but have yet to get around to it.
Still, the building is the largest in its kind, and looks pretty impressive.
Upon entering, we are assaulted by the noise of hard labor. At my order, they are busy producing 100 sets of armor.
Well actually, only the dwarf Garm and Doldo are making things with ten apprentice goblins assist them.
The rest are preparing raw material and transporting completed products.
We proceed further in.
Recently, they’ve also warded off rooms for specialized products.
Only Shuna can enter that room–the rest are forbidden. She is far too skilled and teaching others will take too long.
Goblinas were also learning the textile craft, and are right now working under Garm producing hemp-linen clothing.
Gradually, they should move on to finer work with silk.
Since under the armor one must first wear linen.
We proceeded towards Shuna’s room, and, after I announced ourselves, entered.
Shuna greeted us with a smile.
I don’t know when it happened, but I suddenly found myself wrapped in a beautiful kimono.
Not pure white, but dyed in a pale crimson color; needless to say, it was cute.
Standing up from a chair,

「I had been waiting.
I wished to participate in the conference myself, but feared unable to contribute better than with a meal, I humbly ask your forgiveness.
However, I had finished preparing Rimuru-sama’s dress. And Onii-sama and the rest’s by the way.」
「”By the way” huh…」
「Ho ho ho. That’s only to be expected.」
「Well, considering Shuna-sama’s marvelous skill. I would presume mine to have been made as well?」

The three thus responded.

「Here they are!」

With those words, she brought out more dresses.
A pure white kimono.
Having received mine, I was guided to a room to change.
First, I entered and began changing.
Changing into my child form that wore the black fur coat.
Removing the coat, I wrapped myself in the kimono that Shuna had made.
A glossy linen. First class silk that feels wonderful to the touch.
Underneath, I’ll probably wear the pants I previously received. Putting the silk to my body, it immediately changed size to fit me.
This one also became a magic item, huh.
Seems like after mixing with my magic it becomes as if a part of my body.
Just to try, I change into an adult and, as expected, the clothing grows appropriately.
What a wonderful product she had made.
Wearing the coat over it, I finished with the clothing.
Then, I take out an item from my breast pocket.
It is a beautiful mask.
The one Shizu-san had forgotten, the “Anti-demon Mask”.
My body radiates a small amount of magical energy as aura.
If I focus, I can conceal it, but there have been times when I’ve let it spill.
Thus, I plan to use this mask to hide it.
It had broken once before, but I had Doldo repair it.
I equipped the mask. Strange, but it makes me feel calm.
Normally, since I don’t need to breathe, I don’t do it even as a human.
I could create lungs if I wanted to, but since I don’t see a need to, I haven’t made them.
However, when wearing a mask I can pretend to be breathing.
And it doesn’t feel strange.
Okay. When we head out into the world, let’s use this appearance.
Returning to my child form, I had so decided.

Wearing the clothing, I exit the fitting room.
Praising my looks for a while, Shuna continued to help the other oni.
This clothing. Absorbing the aura of its wearer, it can change its appearance.
My clothing turned jet black.
Benimaru’s blood red.
Hakurou’s pure white.
Shion’s, of course, turned purple. It’d be strange if it turned orange or something.
Seems like even if this clothing rips, as long as it absorbs our magical energy, it can repair itself.
Magic items completely specialized for our use.
Truly magnificent! And I must admit that I was surprised when I heard that we can change how the clothing looks at will.
Makes changing clothing seem kind of pointless. In the first place, had you bought this, you just might wear it for the rest of your life.
I don’t know how good human magic items are, but this one is worthy of an A rank appraisal.
A very high quality product.
Thus, I can probably expect some great weapon from Kurobee.
After saying thanks and taking Souei’s clothing with us, we took our leave.

The next place we stopped by was Kurobee’s smithy.
Recently, he has been so busy with production that he hasn’t even shown his face around the city.
That he’s fine in there, I know… he’s probably the type that gets engrossed in what he loves.
Seems like he’s been working in there without sleep the past few days.
Kaijin had mentioned it before the conference.
The door to his room was open.
Kaijin had provided him with a set of tools he took from the kingdom.
Next to his room stands a warehouse where I deposited the materials I kept.
The demon steel I held I also deposited there. As a material it’s also there, but I just help but think of iron ore as unreliable.
We had wanted to investigate the nearby mountains for any iron ore deposits, but planned it for a later day.
Because of ongoing construction, there have been too few hands around here.
From within the room the sound of clashing metal and the heat of the furnace leaked.
This is the only place with a high temperature furnace. Made with packed, backed clay, a furnace we had built.
Though it was made with my [Fire Manipulation] ability, it came out pretty well. I plan to later analyze this furnace, and increase the number of them in the village.
I have a ton of plans, but not enough hands.
That aside, having noticed us, Kurobee came out.
Showing his whole face…

「I have been waiting! By all means, come and behold!」

He greeted us with a face that wanted to boast of his products.

Two hours had passed.
We were listening to the explanation with eyes devoid of life.
It’s fine already! We get it, we get it! It’s amazing!
I had wanted to say those words many times, but just couldn’t bring myself to.
Seeing Kurobee’s happy face stopped me. What can I… I began thinking thus.

(Rimuru-sama, would now be a good time?)

Telepathically, I was asked. By Souei.
I had sent him to offer an alliance, but… did he encounter trouble? Could he be… lost?
After leaving looking so cool only to come back saying, “My bad, I have no clue where to go, where is it?” Even the benevolent me would get mad at that…
I had begun worrying slightly, but of course the worry was needless.
With a voice free of worry,

(I had met with the Lizardmen’s head. He accepted our offer.
However, he wishes for us to journey there…)

What did he say! To have arrived already. Isn’t it too fast?
Not even half a day has passed since the conference ended.

(That’s no problem. If anything, I was planning on settling it there anyways. And besides, you already arrived?)
(Ah, yes. By moving through the shadows I arrived at the marshes without great difficulty. If it were to someone I knew, I could have moved instantly.
That aside, when shall we hold the strategy meeting?)

That aside, huh? Isn’t it a damn amazing skill! That Shadow Step.
I can also use it, but was it that amazing? I haven’t used it that much yet, though…
That was a surprise… oh well.

(Yeah… preparations will take some time, and we’ll also need to account the time it takes for the wolf riders to travel there, set it five days from now.)
(Understood! I shall do as you command)
(After the negotiations end, come back. If you have to–as a clone)
(As you will!)

He handled the negotiations well. What a useful guy.
We are quiet a distance away from the marshes.
If marching by foot, it would take two weeks; the wolves could over it in three days.
That lizard Gabil came riding on some big monster.
But we shouldn’t arrive before him.
There’s a chance he will strike us in back; rather, observing the situation and seizing the initiative should be something that we will do.
After thinking about these things, I tuned in to the never ending explanation.

「I apologize for my belated appearance.」

Souei appeared from the shadows.
Just like a ninja.
Giving him his clothing, I asked him to change.
At Souei’s appearance, Kurobee seems to have came back from his own little world.
Ohon! He cleared his throat, and brought out a number of swords.
We finally see what we came for.
He showed us six swords.
Simple, straight sword.
An elegant tachi.
Shaped like a cane, katana.
A massive, odachi.
And two ninjato.
Pleased with his creations, he lined them up.
And thus said,

「For Rimuru-sama, I offer this straight sword. This is but a base, it is not yet complete. We wish to create a weapon from demonic steel as Rimuru-sama has suggested. That is our goal, but Kaijin and I are busy researching towards that end. Therefore, please wait some more! Until then, please keep the sword inside of you. 」

With those words, he handed me the sword.
I see, they are still continuing their research? Makes me excited.
Something to look forward to.

「Got it!」

With a nod, I deposit the sword into my stomach. To let it mix with my magic in there.
Kurobee nods once, and hands me another sword.

「This is a prototype among prototypes. Please honor us by using it as a replacement.」

I’ll happily put it to use.
Using the skills I have been learning from Hakurou recently.
Really wanted to have a sword. Thus, I hang it on my hip.
Somehow, it makes me feel strong.
And each one of us receives a sword.
Benimaru the tachi. Hakurou the katana.
Shion the odachi.
How will she draw it? It’s a freaking huge katana,

「Please fret not. The scabbard is made from magical energy, it will disappear when you wish.」

Is what he said.
It looks so heavy that a normal person couldn’t use it; even Kaijin would be hard to wield it.
The dwarfs also have some bizarre strength, but can barely lift it with both hands.
Shion, however, holds it easily with one hand.
Souei came back after changing and took the two ninjato. A two sword style, huh…
Somehow it fits him.
After we had taken our weapons, Garm stopped by.
He had finished oni’s armor.
Seems like he was running out of iron so. Thus, he was unable to create full plate armor.
Instead, he made it out of monster’s materials–scale mail.
Much like the one they had given to the adventurer Cabal before.
This too seems to have been affected by my magical energy. Created partially from the demonic steel I had, it is considerably strong than that test product.
To me, however, he gave Dark Leather Guards.
And thus, we finished preparing our equipment.

The following day.
The goblins have finished their preparations.
With one week’s worth of provision, they wait for us.
Next comes the decisive battle. Only bring enough food to get there and back. If we burden the troops with too much, we’ll lose speed.
Mobility is everything, if we fail, we must run.
I had thought preparing provisions would take two days, but seeing how they were ready already, we managed to finish early.
Well, though I said 5 days, there should be no problem with coming early.

「The enemy is the Orc Lord! Now, advance!」

I simply declared.
If we lose, then that’s that. We proceed as fate allows.
The simpler the goal the better.
To my declaration the troops responded with a battle cry.
A shout capable of shattering the enemies’ hearts filled the forest.
The goblins atop of the wolves are the main force.
Though there are many new members among them, the goblins that ride the storm wolves are the elite among them.
Morale is high.
And having thus seen their spirit, my own worries were dispelled.
We shall win.

Enjoying this too much is probably bad. However, riding into battle while imagining defeat is also no good.
Riding towards the marshes, towards war… we thus set off.
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