Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 36 – Participation in the War
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 36 – Participation in the War

Participation in the War
Three days have passed since we departed.
We had been able to reach the marshes.
Since we couldn’t replenish our water reserves along the way, I had used the water from my stomach, but it seems to also have filled everyone with power.
Come to think of, since it constantly flows within my magic power, this just may be the water’s acquired effect.
When departing we focused on minimizing luggage to maximize speed.
Thanks to that, we were able to arrive sooner than expected.

Before we continue our advance we must confirm the current situation.
The meeting with the Lizardmen’s Chief is scheduled for tomorrow, and we have yet to have any cause for concern.
Thus, I ordered everyone to standby and take a break. Tension filled the air.
Now, for the reconnaissance…

[Rimuru-sama, I shall go.]

Souei immediately offered.
He was not wearing any armor. Instead, he was wearing a chainmail woven from my steel thread.
No questions about it—it was built for agility.
According to him, I won’t be hit, so there’s no need! Such were the smug and brisk words of this handsome guy.
I see… I somehow managed to reply.
This time too, I can entrust this mission to him with confidence.

[Okay then, Souei. Go, confirm the situations for me.
If possible, go check how good the ability of the pig boss is!]

Saying so, I sent him out.
Surely, he will discover many interesting things with his exceedingly high ability.

[Rimuru-sama, would you mind if we rampage as we liked this time?]
Benimaru had asked.
Frankly, since I had no idea about the situation I couldn’t say. Thus,

[Hmm? I don’t mind, but can you properly withdraw once I order the retreat?]

So I say.
Benimaru sported a fearless smile.

[That signal, I think it would be unnecessary? After all, it will be annihilation! Won’t it?]

Such self confidence. You too, huh! So I thought.
Good men are full of confidence, was it… if we win…
Was acting so smug but lost anyways! Were that to happen, the embarrassment would be intolerable.
This guy probably doesn’t worry about such things, right?
Oh well.

[Don’t be careless, okay?]

So I said, and ended the conversation with a shrug.
Shion was entranced, admiring her sword. Soon she would be allowed to rampage as she like! Such a smile appeared on her face.
Had she not been so ditzy, she’d be the cool Shion.
That girl, entranced with her sword, makes a really dangerous impression.
Let’s act like we hadn’t seen it, shall we. That’s the best thing for my mental health.
As expected from Hakurou, he was calm as usual.
Or should I say: as bright and clean as a stainless mirror, truly a dignified presence that comes from a skilled person.

[No opponents to sink my teeth in…]

He murmured, but my ears didn’t not miss it.

Seriously, I wonder if all Ogre people were this overconfident?
They had lost once against the same opponent, so I’d think they would be more wary in this situation.
Such worries caused me to let out a sigh.
But..... that my worries were completely unnecessary, was proven almost immediately later.

2 hours later.

(Would now be acceptable?)

Confirming the battle formation, I received a telepathic message.

(What? Did you find something?)
(No, just a single Lizardman, is running in our direction)
(What? Do you understand why?)
(Yes, according to the information from the clones, the war has already begun in the marshes, although I had warned them not to act alone...)
(Oh, is the one who leading them the Lizardmen name Gabil? That guy that was pointlessly overconfident....)
(That is likely. What should I do regarding the lizardman?)

Fumu. The war had already begun. But has the outcome been decided yet?
Rather, maybe we made it in the nick of time. Need to confirm the state of battle from above.
Well, about the Lizadman…

(Let’s hear his story. Whether it was the decision of the Chief or not, we need to confirm their intentions.)
(As you will!)

I cut the connection.
So, it had begun. I thought that we could enjoy a long awaited break but the circumstances seem to dictate otherwise.
So addressing everyone,

[Listen! The break’s over. The war has begun
From now on I will command from above!
You guys follow my command, prepare yourself for war!]

Hearing my words, everyone faces tighten.

[Understood. For honor and glory!]

Shion replies and Benimaru nods
Hakurou casually walks forward.
I sprout wings from my back. The wings open a hole in the clothes, but once the wings disappear, the hole would close.
At my pleasure the clothing would change its form. A truly convenient ability.

[It’s an order. I forbid you to die. This war is not a decisive battle. Make no mistake!]

Hearing my words,

[ [ [ Oooo~o~o~o~o !!!] ] ]

They let out a battle cry.
While nodding, I soar to the sky.

From above, I observe the battle.
What cannot be seen with naked eye alone is clearly visible with [Magic Perception].
Almost as if you were observing with a satellite far beyond the clouds.
The current situation was bad for the Lizardmen.
Clearly, the situation had degraded to where they could not do anything and were surrounded.
They somehow manage to hold the orcs back, which was caused, it seems, by the desperate encouragements from their commander. However, they clearly wouldn’t last much longer.
That commander looks familiar. It’s Gabil. I had thought that he was just a fool, but it seems I had underestimated him.
For a commander, it is fatal to not be able to see the bigger picture.
However, no one would expect a young commander who lacks experience to properly observe the entire theatre.
In any age and in any country, not every commander is an excellent one.
Should he, however, survive and learn from this experience, he just might become an excellent one.
It’s pity for him to die here. So I thought. then issued orders.

(Benimaru, hear my wish. First, the encircled Lizardmen. Help them!
After that, do as you like. The details you will hear from Hakurou)

Replying happily to my orders.

(Understood! Is it okay if I go there with Ranga?)
(I leave it to you!)

Thus, I have begun to change the tides of war.
In fact, above the clouds, thinking while observing the armies clash and being able to understand their every movement, gives me a sense of overwhelming superiority.
I must also note that through “Thought Transmission”, the aerial information can be transmitted to every soldier.....
Information tactics of modern warfare can be implemented in a fantasy world..
Unlike conventional armies, the amount of information provided is vastly different. With this, it is be possible even for an individual unit to maneuver well.
Actually, this makes individual movement possible.
When I was thus thinking, Souei called.

(Rimuru-sama, apparently their flank was taken. The Chief’s son, Gabil had caused a rebellion.
Furthermore, the Chief was confined in an underground chamber.
They have also been attacked by the orcs, and anxiety spreads among their forces.)

I see, so he was his son. Moreover, we shouldn’t let anything happen to the Chief
Thus I had an idea,

(Souei, can you leap to the former Chief with shadow step?)

So I ask him, since they met once, it should be possible.....

(It’s possible, shall I go now?)
(I leave it to you. Assist the Chief, and do with the orcs in the caves as you please!)
(I will! ・・・・・・Would you have another minute?)

Shadow step, let’s practice that when the war ends. As I was thinking so, Souei called out.
Seems like he had more to say.

(What? Is there something else?)
(Ay! The clones have reported suspicious monsters in every direction across the marshes…
They have decent magical power, high ranking individuals. How should I proceed?]

Could it be a trap? Even so, what kind of trap I—we wouldn’t know.

(How many have you confirmed?)
(Yes! I able to confirm, 4 individuals. Unfortunately, there could be more. However, I don’t feel any other auras.)
(I see...... Is it possible to dispose of them?)
(If doing it simultaneously, it may be possible with 2 clones… It may take time, but I can eliminate all of them!)

Truly an outstanding guy.
Somehow, I feel it’s best to dispose of them simultaneously.... Just what are they—that much is unclear.
But, would killing them be bad? I don’t know whether they are an enemy or not....

(Two clones at the same time, is it possible to neutralize them without killing?)
(Absolutely, it is possible)
(Send me the information about their position. I will send Shion and Hakurou)
(In that case, please have them contact me, we will neutralize the targets together.)
(I entrust it to you)

I told Shion and Hakurou about the situation.
Absolutely no killing, just knock them out! I ordered.
I don’t know who they are, and I don’t have any high class demon acquaintances.
Since they stand in every direction, they are either scouts or setting traps. They seem to haven’t noticed us, and are clearly not part of the Lizardmen’s fighting strength.
But this is too late for reconnaissance…so are they from the Orc army?
That also seems doubtful. Pointless, in my opinion.
A third party? Suddenly, I thought that.
Perhaps there are beings who are confirming the situation as we are.
Well, if they are successfully captured, I will ask them then. I don’t know if I can make them talk, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.
It’s unlikely that the demons came by the humans’ orders, since they are rather antagonistic.
Since thinking about it wouldn’t help, I decided to stop.
I issued orders and observed the situation.
Lizardmen side had begun to succumb to pressure.
They will surely fall soon. For all I know, the Chief was meeting a similar fate in the caverns.
Souei already dispatched his clones, but I wonder if his main body is unaffected?
My head as filled with many worries at this late hour.
I issued an order, they followed it.
Someone was incompetent if he takes more that he can do.
Once, when I was still a rookie in the company, the Chief often got mad at me and said. Do not take more work than you can manage yourself!
When the person in question stagnates, everyone will be affected.
Since then, I avoided reckless action, always taking on only as much work as I knew I could handle.
This time, the gifted one can’t understand. They wouldn’t know whether the job I gave them was possible.
I pray that they are not incompetent. And, that they do not call me an incompetent lord.
For now, I think I’ll just continue to observe the situation.
If they face trouble, I will immediately send help


After finishing the telepathy, Souei wears a thin smile.
He feels he was able to help his Lord.
For Souei, Benimaru who is son of the lord was not his Lord.
Similar of age, Souei treats him as a rival. Someday, he considered to serve under him, but it was not meant to be.
Instead, they began to serve a lord named Rimuru.
I am fortunate, he thought.
A time of peace had continued for a while. Symbolizing strength, the Ogres had no opponent in the forest.
Recently, even lesser dragons had not caused any commotions.
He had thought that the peace was a good thing. However, they also wanted to use the skills they have obtained, such was their earnest wish.
Then, they were attacked by the Orc army.
He could do nothing at all, and left without avenging his lord and fallen comrades...
I am fortunate, he thought.
Under the new Lord, he was given the opportunity to avenge his former lord.
Negligence born of pride. That he currently did not have.
For the Lord, he had polished his technique (skill), all to eliminate his enemies.
Being commanded filled him with the highest of pleasure.
Souei calmly creates two clones of himself.

(I will catch the two presences. Hakurou and Shion, go to south and west)

Confirming using telepathy, they acknowledged his request.
Each of the clones went to the north and east.
He himself sunk into shadows and disappeared. He was going to meet up with the Lizardmen’s Chief.
The high class demons were not his enemies right now.
He understands that much.

After receiving Souei request, Hakurou and Shion exchanged glances.
They nodded.

[So, I guess I’m off west.]
[Very well, I am going south]

After a short conversation, they run off.
They disappear from the spot with high speed.
Seeing their departure,

[Can’t be the last ones to leave!]

The main force led by Benimaru began to move.
Soundlessly like the wind, the Storm fanged wolves gallop into battle.
The goblins ride in enthusiasm.
They move in accordance to Rimuru’s order. So extreme was their joy, that they felt their very blood dance in delight.
You guys felt the same right.......
Benimaru thought so, he was aware of his carefree personality.
That’s why, he remember the hesitation he felt when faced with the need to take over the Ogre tribe village Chief. Right now, however, he had no such choice.
Thus, He liked his current position with Rimuru as the Lord he served.
As one of the military commander, he merely wished to rampage to his heart’s content.
Had he become Chief, he could not ride off to battle thus. But now was different.
He can participate without any concern.
Benimaru sprints.
He can’t stop his blood from boiling.


Souei, Hakurou, Shion, had confirmed that they had arrived at their destinations.
To prevent their presence from being noticed, they concealed themselves.
In front of each of them, a suspicious demon was visible.
They confirmed their observations, and found their opinions to match.
This demon was a familiar of a High Devil which specialized in reconnaissance!
Just in case, Souei conveyed to the two

(I’m going to report this to Rimuru-sama)

Our lord would surely be troubled if suddenly beset by three reports.
The two reluctantly agreed, as the one who with the best telepathy was Souei.
Clumsy Shion was only good at receiving. She swore in heart to continue practicing.
After receiving the two’s permission,

(Rimuru-sama, the presence of demons was confirmed. It is familiar of a High Devil, which specialized in reconnaissance, are you sure you want to capture them?
In my opinion, that we killed them will not be discovered, so there is no cause for further concern!)

To Rimuru, he sent such a message with telepathy.
I leave it to you! So was the response.
With the other two discussing the timing, they decided to simultaneously eliminate the four scouts.

Hakurou would signal.
At the same time as Hakurou commands,

His slash gleaming, the monster before Hakurou is cut down and disappears.
As if sucked into the shadows, as if consumed by the ground… two more demons are crushed. Souei’s kills.
After one thunderous slash, the demon was blown away without a trace.... Shion’s target.

All happened within the same second.

The slash that Shion had put all her strength into, after blowing the demon away, lost none of its momentum and continued onward.
So great was the momentum, that it had reached the outskirts of the marshes and cut down many orcs.
And that attack signaled Rimuru’s participation in battle.
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