Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 38 – Devil Gelmudo
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 38 – Devil Gelmudo

Devil Gelmudo

A wide conference room.
The room were shrouded in silence.
Several shadows of men and women were sitting surrounding the large round meeting table.
A large crystal sphere was nested in the middle of the table.
From the lowest position seat near the entrance of the room, a man was casting some kind of spell towards the sphere.
The man dressed as a clown. His name is Gelmudo
He is the one who was entrusted with this meeting, and also the person responsible for certain project.
The project that he had worked for many years, and that project is to give birth to a new Demon Lord
For the sake of his own ambition, the project must not ended in failure.
And then, it was finally the last day of the project.
He succeeded in inviting the four whimsical “Demon Lord”
It has to succeed at all cost.
It’s impossible to make the Demon Lord move with money
You would need things that attract their interest, like a prey or a hard to obtain Magic Tool (Artifacts).
Anyway, it was necessary to pay a very valuable compensation.
This time, Gelmudo succeed in making the four Demon Lord move. In other words, the compensation he paid was enough.
When the time comes for the birth of a new Demon Lord, the other Demon Lord would not stay silent.
If a fool freely calling himself a Demon Lord, he or she would be killed because they invoked the Demon Lord’s wrath.Moreover, if there was such person that managed to turn the table against an infuriated Demon Lord.
Such person, if they had the ability,they would be recognized as a Demon Lord.
These past several hundred of years. There was no birth of Demon Lord with such ability.
The last born Demon Lord, the Human “Demon Lord” Leon Cromwell.
With his overwhelming Magical power he increased the number of Majin (Demonic person) that he controlled, he claimed himself as the Demon Lord of the frontier.
One of the Demon Lord, which was furious with him, the Magic King (Curse Lord) had waged war against him. But he was slain by Leon instead.
He was also defeated by Leon’s own hands.
In response to the situation, the other Demon Lord recognized him as a new Demon Lord.
But, Demon Lord with such ability was not a common occurrence.
Therefore to claim a stranger as a Demon Lord, it was necessary to get the support of at least three or more Demon Lord. If you messed with the new Demon Lord, the supporting Demon Lord will become opponents at the same time, that is what to be expected.
And following such procedures,for the sake of the birth of the new Demon Lord, Gelmudo become fired up because of his ambition.

This time, to make the Orc Lord as Demon Lord would require one more step.
For the bored Demon Lord, he prepares the stage for the birth of the Demon Lord as a spectacle. It was for them to have fun, which was one of the conditions for the support.
Of course it’s not just that, he would also gave them Magic equipment (Magic Item) and Magic tool (Artifacts).

For Gelmudo this was a gamble of a lifetime.
The Orc Lord had to eat the Goblins and Lizardmen, to evolve as Demon Lord.
Today was the day when it will all end.
To become a Demon Lord and getting the support at the same time, one must devastated human city.
In doing so, it will become the news of the birth of a new Demon Lord.
If such things happened, Gelmudo’s ambition will be achieved. With manipulating the Orc Lord from the shadow, he would be on equal standing with the other Demon Lords.
And yet....

There was no reaction from the crystal ball.
Gelmudo become impatient.
This is bad.
He doesn’t want to imagine what happened if he offends the Demon Lord that were looking forward to the play.
It won’t projecting! There’s nothing that can be done. At that moment, he wondered if he is going to become a minced meat.
Even, if he’s not killed, He might be cursed to become minced meat with only consciousness left.

It’s no use. I don’t want to imagine it anymore.
Gelmudo hurriedly cast the spell again, but there are still no reaction from the crystal ball. (TL: because his familiar was killed by Souei and co.)

[Hey...., what are you doing?]

A voice colder than ice echoes.
The room turns silent, the intimidation was enough to disturb Gelmudo’s spell.
Gelmudo was panicking with sweat leaking all over.

[Ple, Please wait! I will determine the cause right away!]

His instinct was saying, if he left it just like this it would be bad.


A sound of something that were creaking as if it was being squashed was heard. But no sooner than that, 

Baaaaa~~m !

On the right side of Gelmudo something big flew past by at high speed, it crashed at the rear door with thunderous sound.
One of the Demon Lord, a petite and beautiful silver haired girl, lifted and threw the big round table with her left hand.
It was without any skill.
The desk alone was several percent of state budget of a small country; it was a product of art from carved fragrant wood.
The heavy door in the back was decorated with elaborate decoration, Now it’s just a large hole in the building’s wall.
You can see it miserably destroyed, such thing happened.

[You...., are you treating me like a fool?]

The girl said.
Gelmudo cannot mutter his words well due to his fear.

[P, p, please forgive me!!! I will immediately confirm the cause myself!!!]

So he spoke.

[Really? Then made it quick. Since I’m generous, I’m going to wait!]

Which part of you are generous! Though he can’t even afford the time to think about it.
Gelmudo was trembling in fear, the door was destroyed by the table that flew outside from the now large hole in the wall.
The conference room was on the 3rd floor, but he can’t be picky about appearances anymore.
He leaps outside and starts chanting flight movement spell.
His ambition has all scattered away.
What occupied Gelmudo’s thoughts now, he doesn’t want to die, only that.
He was not making fun of the Demon Lord. It’s the truth
But, it had been seen as if he was making fun of them.
Gelmudo prided himself as being a high ranked devil. That’s why; he thought he was able to put a good fight against one Demon Lord.
But because there was four here, he worried that it was necessary to depreciate oneself and praise the listener, so he thought.
That’s wrong.
Demon Lord is Demon Lord, because of that they were feared. Because he afraid of them, he was not a Demon Lord.
He knows it, he was being too conceited.
To become equal with the Demon Lord, such thing like that were impossible for Gelmudo.
He was able to truly understand it.
Those who can’t fathom the Demon Lord, won’t be able to speak with Demon Lord.

With speed reaching the speed of sound, Gelmudo flew toward the marshes.
But it was not for sake of his ambition.
But for his survival, he needs to fix the blunder with all his might.


What the… What the hell is going on here?
While flying in the sky, I confirmed the situation of the war on the marshes.
A situation that I can’t understand, had happened in front of my eyes

What the hell is happening here!?
Like I’m gonna have any idea!!!

To my own question, I retort it myself.
I wish you can see it.
If seen from the above, a sudden flash was flashing from the corner, the bodies of the Orc soldiers were blown away along with a thunderous roar.
Hmm? When I observed at a certain direction… So Loud! A thunderous sound resounded.
Looking at it, there is a black sphere (Dome) appeared on the battlefield.
It disappears after a few seconds, leaving only the scorched ground.
The Orc soldiers that crowded that place had all been neatly erased.

What the h.....!!!?

I was able to understand the situation in that moment, but I feel my heart refused to admit it.
Not just that, a raging storm appeared suddenly in one corner of the battlefield.
Numerous thunders from the storm struck the Orc soldiers killing and grilled them all.
The orc soldiers clad in black armor on that corner;
Without any resistance they all turn into cinders by the power of the storm.
What the hell is going on? It was his honest thoughts.

With only a sword slash attack, Shion has mowed down many Orc soldiers.
The blade of the massive Odachi was emitting lilac lights. It’s wrapped in an aura.
Every time she swung her sword, flash of purple ran through, slashing and mowing down the Orc soldiers.
Of course, if someone received the direct attack of the blade they would not able to withstand it and be slashed into two.
The range of the blow was about 10 m. An attack that kill all in a straight line.
The graceful beauty, sprouting a slight smile, dancing around slashing all.
With bottomless stamina, she attack without any interruptions, all the Orc soldiers around her cannot come close.
It’s was an overwhelming strength.

But however, there are some guys that overshadowing Shion.
It was Benimaru and Ranga.
First Benimaru, what the hell kind of joke was that previous black sphere (Dome)?
No, I was able to vaguely understand the mechanism after I saw it for a moment.
In other words, It was a composite skill of [Barrier] [Fire Manipulation] [Black Lightning] I have.
First, the space is secured with [Barrier], He accelerate the molecular motion inside with [Fire Manipulation]. So it will produce a high temperature.
Finally, the magical power inside the space acts as fuel, and the [Black Lighting] will turn it into Plasma that would burn whatever is inside it.
It can be said that the skills had become the composite skill [Black Flame Manipulation].
I wonder if a degenerated version of the Unique skill [Shapeshifter] was passed down to Benimaru.
Because I had [Great Sage] there won’t be any mistake on its judgment.
That skill, unlike a nuclear explosion, its characteristic was not causing any damage outside of its radius.
The proof was, even if the boundary is released, there was no shock wave that went outside.
Range specification can be performed, it seems the purpose for increasing the inside heat synergistic-ally was to make the heat inside unbearable. So once confined inside the boundary, there will be no hope for survival.
The problem was, I don’t feel I want to freely use that kind of extremely dangerous skill.

And, one person or one animal.
It was Ranga.
I was surprised by this guy when he suddenly evolved into Black Storm Star Wolf (Tempest Star Wolf).....
The skill he use immediately after evolving was something to be astonished.
Evidently, if you used the [Black Lighting] without any imposing restrictions, the result will be AAAH.
It seemed what used just now was the strongest output, it seems like he can’t use it twice.
I was surprised that it had devastated the enemy forces on that corner with just one shot.

I can unconsciously or consciously put brake in my mind, but those guys weren’t like that.
Because It’s dangerous don’t use it, they didn’t have such thoughts.
The opponents will not hesitate to use such thing. It was the law of the jungle in this world, it was the natural course of action.
Maybe the strange one was me.
I was hesitating to use it, because I don’t want any allies to get any injuries.
Living in that world, there was an unspoken rule that powerful weapons cannot be used.
There was no meaning for weapons to only be used as deterrent. But, was it really just that?
It doesn’t make sense to spent money on weapons that can’t be used. So, how can money be spent for the development of weapons?
Was it going to be used when things going hairy?
At the very least, if it was used by a civilian it will be considered evil, then is it considered justice if it’s used on the battlefield?
On the other side, using weapon to kill was not counted as a crime.
And thus… To hold a power that can be used as a deterrent, perhaps showing off a power that used to coerce them, are not a mistake.

Since the fighting began, two hours has passed.
Benimaru shoot off another four black spheres (dome) shaped attack.
As I expected it can’t be fire rapidly, but it seems it didn’t require a large amount of Magic power (Energy).
Ranga only shoot on the first attack.
I thought the power was too high.Still, it was an AoE attack.
Thus, with just that single attack, it seems to have made the opponents recognized the feeling of fear.
All the Orc soldiers that were trying to escape were eviscerated by Shion.
I renew how I felt, and calmly mobilize the battle progress
It’s strange, my feelings were calm.
The first blow was dealt by Benimaru, but the rest of the attack point was on my commands.
It was aimed at the crowed areas, to cut down the enemy’s forces.
Shion was successful in finishing off her enemy, she continued to strike the place as ordered.
Hakurou was taking care of the enemy’s commander, he precisely kill the general class.
It can’t be called a battle. Approaching without any sound, and in an instant he cut them all down.
Because the effect of the Unique skill [Starving ones] is to increase the power of an individual under its influence after devouring corpse. So, it was a good idea to destroy the corpse of the one that was cut down.
Is it some kind of Hakkei (Internal power emission)? A ghastly aura was released from the palm and it cremates the corpse.
Rather than cremating,its closer to the image of being dissolved...
I locate where the Orc general was and they were instantaneously killed by Hakurou after I communicated with him.
The current situation, the losses of the Orc soldiers reached about 30%.
And then, the Orc Lord finally began to show movement.

Once the time to reorganize the forces of both sides comes, they shifted from confrontation to glaring at each other.
The free me, was calmly observing the situation.
The pigs were tense after they noticed the superiority they brought here was lost.
The Orc Lord comes out to the front.
A monstrous and ugly pig.
Suddenly, the two surviving Orc Generals were cut from head to toe and devoured.
The dull yellow colored eyes were filled with hostility, and he releases his aura.
In response to the aura, all of the orc soldier’s forces seemed to brimming with power...

(Benimaru, can you cast Black Flame Prison (Hell Flare) again?)
(It’s an easy victory if I cast them!)

(Ranga, how about you?)
(My Lord! About thirty percent of my magic power has recovered. It won’t bring out power like the previous one, but it’s possible to shot it one more time!)
(One shot is enough. Beside, that strike at the Orc was an overkill. Just half of the power was enough to kill them.
Cast it with the same range as earlier, but decrease the power when use it!)
(With pleasure!)

(Shion. This time I want you to strike the Orc Lord with a flashy single slash!)
(Yes! I will use all of my power this time!)
What...? Up until now she didn’t use her full power!? Well....
(O, ou! Do your best!)
She was brandishing her Odachi joyfully with full power, or trying to slashing with it.
This fellow might be holding a strange strength after all, or so I thought.

(Hakurou. You also want to kill the Orc Lord? But not this time. Please endure!)
(Whew, understood. You want the young people to blossom....)
(I’ll be counting on you!)

This way, I finish the preparation for the interception.
The Orc Lord was no longer a threat.
That fellow ability was still uncompleted. I offer him my prayers. At the time I was thinking that


A harsh sound was heard.
My [Magic Perception] had perceived someone that comes flying at supersonic speed from a distance.
That person was in the middle of the marshes, and landed in the middle of the two confronting armies.
I feel a pretty strong aura from the strange men that dressed like a clown
Perhaps, it was a high ranked Devil.
I followed after him, and then I landed on the ground.
At that moment, both Ranga and Benimuru come next to my side
The man that looked like a clown glanced at me.

[What the heck is all of this!? To dare to ruin this Gelmudo-sama plan like this!!!]

So he shouted loudly.
Gelmudo. The high ranked Devil, the mastermind of this war.

And the first Devil I met in this world.

TL: Sorry Guys, the FINAL version
ED : This time it’s a rewrite version. For some reason a lot of stuff had the spacing broken.
TL: Don't worry Defend-san, you doing great!
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